Sample of Graduation Speech

Here is a short sample of high school graduation speech that I think of.
My dear fellow graduates, beloved teachers, parents, and people who are here right now. Thank you all for coming in one of the historic events in our lives - our graduation day!

There are times I feel like giving up, but I have friends, relatives, and family who always give the courage and strength that I need. They help me in every step of the way. They are truly my inspiration for this success.

I know all of us have experienced failures in life, but I embrace the challenge. I face them bravely, and I just look up above and seek guidance in heaven. That's why I have not actually failed, but rather, I have succeeded because I believe in myself and most importantly in God Almighty.

Time has come so fast that we are entering in another chapter of our lives. Perhaps, years from now, I would say some of us will become professionals such as doctors, lawyers, engineers, nurses, and teachers or whatever you want to be in life.

My fellow graduates, go and get your dreams. Do whatever makes you happy. Climb the peak of the mountain no matter how far the distance. Because in the end, we will reach the top of it to see the stars and moon that we are aiming for. These stars and moon, are no others, but the fruits of our labors - our dreams.

Once again, thank you so much...
Published: 3/6/2014
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