Say Goodbye... How?

Parting ways with a lover...
How do you say goodbye when your heart still wants to stay,
Even though the wall between you is getting higher and higher,
How do you force your lips to utter the words your mind refuses to form,
How do you stop your tears from falling,
When the only thing that could do that is saying goodbye.

The world does not make sense if we are apart,
Love would truly lose its meaning,
As the meaning behind the word we are moving on,
Without my founder of peace will surely put my life on stand still,
Try I should as fate has already made its decision,
Hope is reluctant to stay but who dares questions,
My destiny, I still insist you are,
But now 'goodbyes' are the word to be said,
I cannot blame myself nor you or even God,
But some kind of a force I have to put blame on,
Cause no one or even nothing should go blameless.

How did this situation come to be when the envy of our peers,
And the center of our happiness we were,
All deeds of emotional pleadings I did, go unnoticed,
I guess it was all in vain,
Even strength for another day or believe for possibilities,
Just slips out with every breath I take,
How do I live when my soul is disengaged from my body,
How am I expected to be human,
When all that makes me alive dies with saying goodbye,
Published: 7/17/2012
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