Sayonara, My Lovely Friend

They said it's the saddest word ever said. I've not said it yet, but I'm already feeling the pain and sorrow that comes with it.
In slow ticks time, marks the end of this race,
Slowly, the cow herd matches his cattle from graze,
As the setting of the sun brings mankind to sleep,
So does it call the hen to gather her chicks beneath,
As a baby spreads his tears to brief his arrival on land,
So does time stiffen the adult in a mound without yielding plant.

Departure is here, beloved,
So tearful we have to say goodbye,
Until we meet again,
We will not have to share the laughter we've bred,
Never shall we have our eyes piercing each other's soul,
Never will I see the glow in your eyes when you smile,
Nor shall we spend the precious time to gossip and make fun.

When you call and hear not my crooked voice on the line,
When your messages go and bring no reply,
When you shout from the streets, and get no response,
When you wait all day, and I do not pass by,
When all efforts to reach prove futile.

Do not be annoyed,
Do not curse me beneath your breath,
In your sorrow, do not call me names,
For I'll never forget the love and care we shared,
I'll also be at the other side feeling your pain,
I'll be at a corner soaked in tears as I reminisce,
I'll be praying, nature brings us together once more,
Sayonara, my lovely friend.
Published: 4/18/2014
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