Scarred Love

Love, strength, and together.
I know you have been hurt darling,
Felt small, of not being enough,
Wanting to give it all but hiding at the same time,
I know you feel scared too,
Although you may never say it.

I don't even have to tell you at times,
I don't even have to start,
You know it when you go back to memories,
Of the lessons you learned,
People who held it against you, you being you.

I see it in your face, your eyes,
I wish I could take it all away,
I wish I could make your eyes smile.

We have a long way to go love
We have to heal and know that we are enough,
We are all that we have,
I know you try, oh I do, not from the flowers you send,
But the breathlessness and tenderness of you.

I know you have been tired my love,
I will give you my arms and shoulders,
I know you are in pain my love,
I will kiss those scars in your soul,
Just know that you are not alone,
I know you are not perfect, neither am I,
I know we are not perfect all the time.

Please know you are my perfection just as I am yours,
I see everything, darkness and pain,
Your good things and bad, all of you,
I just want you to know my love, that I love you,
In your dark times and through it all too.
Published: 7/15/2016
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