Scars And A Daisy - Chapter Fifteen

Brookie attempts to make up with Andrew and Anna by going to dinner. Pic is of Andrew and Anna! (They need a couple name. Any ideas?)
"Just a reminder, finals are next week." Professor Jacobs' voice drones on and those are the only words that manage to stick out. It's been a little over two weeks since Cameron and Anna tricked me into seeing Jeremy at the club. Surprisingly, Andrew had little to no part in it all, but I've distanced myself from him too. It's just easier if I avoid everybody right now.

Finals? Already?

"It's not exactly 'already'." I don't realize I've said the words out loud until the boy sitting beside me answers me. "Where have you been all month? Professor Jacobs has been going on and on about everything we'll need to remember for nearly the entire month now." He's grinning at me, like I should've already known this.

I groan. "Great. Just great. One more thing on my mind. I feel like I've missed way too much of everything he's been teaching." I don't know why I feel so behind. I only missed one class this semester. And that was on accident. It was the day Chris showed up. I'd completely forgotten about class. I made up the assignments that had been given that day too, so I really have no reason to feel like I'm missing something.

The boy beside me chuckles, bringing me back from my thoughts. "Too much going on?"

I don't remember having seen him before. I'm clearly so observant. I nod my head. "Yeah, you could say that. At least finals will give me an actual excuse to avoid everything that I'm trying to avoid."

"Finals, good for avoiding your problems, if nothing else."

I laugh. "They really aren't good for anything else. Unless of course you enjoy high stress levels, headaches, and stress-induced junk food scarfing while late night cramming."

He chuckles, lowering his voice as Professor Jacobs glances in our direction. "We should study together sometime. Maybe there will be less headaches involved."

I almost immediately decline, but then I think, he might be the distraction I need right now. I smile. "Maybe. How well have you been paying attention the past month or so?"

He beams at me and holds up his notebook. "I happen to take copious notes. I might be a bit of a worrier about failing things."

"I could definitely use someone who's paid attention recently." I admit. "I haven't been the best at that lately."

"I'm always willing to help a damsel in distress." He says and I laugh.

"You're hired." I say.

"I didn't realize that I'd applied." He says.

I roll my eyes. "What would you say that bit about your 'copious notes' and being willing to 'help a damsel in distress' were?"

He grins. "My application apparently."

"Exactly." I say with a smile. "And you were the one who suggested we study together."

He nods. "This is true."

"Now, all I need is your name before I can hire you."

"I thought I was already hired." He says, a grin evident in his voice.

I glance up at the front of the room to make sure we aren't going to be scolded for talking too much. Thankfully Professor Jacobs seems busy with helping a few students at one of the front tables. "Well, you were, but I can't have an employee if I don't know his name."

He smiles. "I'm Dimitri."

"It's nice to meet you, Dimitri.' I say, shaking his hand. "I'm Brookie. You're hired."

He grins. "Shall I give you my phone number? You can text me whenever you're ready to study."

I smile and pass him my phone. "Go ahead and put your number in."

"I'm going to pass out these review sheets. I want them filled out and passed in before the final next week." Professor Jacobs breaks through our conversation as he starts to hand out packets to each of us.

Dimitri hands me back my phone after texting himself from mine so he'll have my number, and I tuck it into my purse, taking the review sheet and sliding it into my folder. Class will be over in just a few minutes so there's no point in trying to start it right now anyway. "Everything that will be in the final is in this packet." Professor Jacobs says, drawing my attention to the front of the room again. "So I strongly advise you to fill them out. They won't be graded, but like I said, everything you need to remember is in it." He pauses, glances up at the clock and dismisses us. "I'll see you next week."

I pack my stuff away and head out to the parking lot. I'm working in a few hours and I want to get home and relax before I need to get ready. I wonder if Jeremy will be at work. Somehow I've managed to have very few shifts with him, and the ones I do have with him are always really busy. But it's a Thursday. Thursdays aren't usually our busiest days. I'm home before I know it and I collapse onto my bed, already stressed out at the thought of working a slow shift with him.

A knock on the door pulls me from my thoughts. I glance up to see Andrew leaning against my doorway. "Hey, there sunshine." He says with a grin. "Your dad let me in."

I hadn't even realized my dad was home. "Oh." I say, sitting up.

"What's with the avoidance lately?" Andrew asks, coming over to sit beside me.

"I haven't been avoiding you!" I deny it, knowing that I'm lying to him.

He scoffs. "Liar."

"No, really." I lie directly, feeling slightly guilty. "I've just been working a lot, you know I'm trying to get out of here. And finals are next week, I've been studying." That last sentence is a complete lie. I'd totally forgotten about finals. If it hadn't been for today I would have gone into school next week completely unprepared.

He looks unconvinced. "Anna thinks you're avoiding me because of her. Because of how she set you up to see Jeremy."

I sigh. "I just told you I'm not avoiding you. And I told her I'm not mad at her about that." Maybe I'm not as good at lying as I'd thought.

"Well, prove that to her. And me. Come out with us tonight."

"I can't. I have to work." At least that's not a lie.

"What time do you get out?"

"Late." I say. I don't actually remember if I'm closing tonight or not. I'll check when I get there.

"Tomorrow then." He looks up at my calendar, where I scribbled my schedule down in bright green ink. "I see you have it off. No excuses."

"Alright." I say, knowing I can't get out of this one. "Yeah, tomorrow night it is."

He smiles and heads for the door. He pauses by the doorway to look back at me. "No excuses. No cancellations. I don't care if you get the plague. You'll be at my house, tomorrow night, at six. Right?"

I roll my eyes. "Right."

"Okay, good. I'll see you tomorrow."

"See you tomorrow." I say with a loud sigh. He grins, waves, and leaves.


"If I get one more complaint about the food tonight, I'm going to start spitting in everyone's meals." Cameron groans as I bring yet another plate back to him from an unsatisfied customer.

I laugh and wait as he starts remaking the order. "I'm so sick of working here." He grumbles. I stay quiet, just letting him rant about everything he hates about this place. By the time the order is done, he's muttering about how the color scheme of the restaurant doesn't fit the theme.

I laugh again. "You're just looking for anything you can to diss this place, aren't you?" I ask as he passes me the plate. "The color scheme is fine, and you know it."

He frowns. "Whatever." I just laugh again and turn to head back into the dining area. The door swings open just before I can reach it and the force of it swinging knocks me over. I try not to drop the plate and someone manages to catch it. I land on my butt and jar my elbow against the floor. I groan loudly and push myself up. A hand wraps around my arm and helps me up.

"Are you alright?" Of course, it's him. His voice almost makes me shiver. I look up, straight into his blue-gray eyes. For a second, I'm afraid that I won't be able to answer. But then I remember that, until this point, I had done a great job of avoiding him. I wasn't going to stop that just because he was here, almost breathing in my face.

"Yeah, I'm fine. You should be more careful opening that door. Cameron would have murdered me if he had to remake that order, again." I manage to get a laugh out of Jeremy. It's only been a little over two weeks but it felt like a lifetime since I last heard him laugh. "I should get going. The customer won't be happy if it takes too long for his food to get to him."

He must have set the food on the counter when he reached to help me up, because he takes the plate from the counter and passes it to me. His hand brushes mine and I swear I feel tingles. I think I've watched too many romantic comedies. I force a smile and leave the room. I think I handled that fairly well. I couldn't avoid him, but I tried to act like seeing him didn't bother me at all. I'm feeling slightly proud of myself.

"I'm so sorry about that." I say as I set the new plate down in front of the customer.

"It's fine." The man says curtly, tucking into the food.

"Anything else I can get you guys?"

"We're all set." One of them says, so I head off to check on my other tables.

***The Next Evening***

I don't know what to wear. I've torn my closet apart searching for the right outfit. I can't find anything. I decide on a pair of white skinny jeans and, because it's still chilly outside but I don't want to have to wear a jacket, a black and white nordic print sweater. I grab a pair of red knot flats to give my outfit a bit of color and then dig through my purses for something small to bring the few things I need with me. I settle on a small black bag and shove my phone, wallet, keys, some make up and chapstick into it.

I go neutral on my makeup, not really feeling up to doing anything major. Besides, I'm not going to try to impress anyone with my looks tonight. I brush through my hair and decide to curl it. It's almost six, so I decide to head over to Andrew's.

Anna's in their room, still getting ready and Andrew is just lounging on the couch watching TV. I flop down beside him and groan loudly. "Stop whining. It's going to be fun."

"I doubt it." I grumble.

Anna comes out finally. "Are you guys ready?" She asks.

"We've been ready." Andrew says.

Anna rolls her eyes. "Yeah, yeah. Let's go. He's probably already there."

"He?" I ask, getting up from the couch.

Anna steps closer to the door. "Well, you know, I didn't exactly want you to be stuck as a third wheel."

"I didn't hate you for tricking me into seeing Jeremy then, but if he's the one waiting at the restaurant I will probably never talk to you again."

"I'm not an idiot. Don't worry. It's not Jeremy."

I sigh but follow them out the door. We decide to take one car, which means Andrew gets to drive. We reach the restaurant, Andrew gives the reservation name and we're led to our table. Sitting there, looking almost exactly like he did roughly a year ago, is Tyler. Oh this is much worse than it'd be if it was just Jeremy.


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