Scars And A Daisy - Chapter Seven

Quality time with the brother! (Picture is of Alyssa - remember, she's one of Jeremy's sisters- she's not in the chapter but I figured I'd put her picture up anyway - as it is one of the few characters I have a picture for!)
"So how was your little sleepover?" Chris is lounging on the couch when I get back. It's almost noon. Sleepover? For a split second I'm sure he knows that I spent the night with Jeremy, but then I remember my little lie last night. 'Girls night with Anna'.

I rub my forehead and try to look as though I haven't just spent the night in some boys bed. Not that we did anything, but I don't want Chris to find out anyway. My head is pounding a bit, but after drinking a bottle and a half of water, it's feeling better.

"It was great. Lots of girl talk, sappy movies and crying. The usual." I force a smile. "I'm going to go shower now, and probably take a nap. Girls nights are emotionally and physically draining." I pass by him as quickly as I can, hoping I don't smell like beer or weed.

"Not so fast! I need to talk to you!" He whines and I groan.

"I know I've said this a million times, and will say it a million times more, but honestly, how on earth are you the older sibling?"

He frowns at me. "I'm much more mature than you."

I raise an eyebrow but stay silent and he rolls his eyes. Right, because he's definitely the mature one. "What do you want to talk about?" I lean against the wall, trying to stay distant from him. I'm certain I reek of 'party stench' and I can't let him find out.

"I'm leaving tomorrow."

That comes as a bit of a shock. "What? Already? Chris, you've only just gotten here!"

He shrugs. "I know, that's why I wanted to hang out last night."

"Why didn't you tell me you were leaving so soon? I would have canceled to hang out with you!" I'm not quite sure that I really would have, but I can say it now without feeling guilty.

"I didn't want to ruin your night once you said you had plans after work. Besides, I'll be back." He pauses and then a grin crosses his face. "With my fiance!"

"Oh, Chris! That's wonderful! I can't wait to meet her!"

His smile widens and he stands up, like he's about to walk over to me. "I'm really happy for you! But, I probably smell like tears, popcorn and chocolate. I'm going to rush and shower and we can finish talking after, yeah?"

He nods and drops back down onto the couch. "Can we go to that taco place?"

I nod my head back at him. "Sure, give me an hour."

He groans. "But I'm hungry now!"

I roll my eyes. "Seriously, Chris, how can you be the older one? It'll be an hour at the most." And I dash up the stairs, making it to my bathroom before either Chris or mom can stop me.


I bite into the huge burrito as my stomach grumbles. Chris is stuffing his nachos into his mouth like his life depends on it. "I can't help but wonder how you'd be acting if I'd actually take the full hour to get ready." He came pounding on the bathroom door only ten minutes into my shower begging me to hurry. When I was done showering, ten minutes after he stopped rushing me, I'd barely had time to get dressed, put on some makeup and throw my wet hair up into a messy bun before he was pulling me towards the door.

He sighs, pitifully, and, with his mouth full of half chewed cheesy chips, he says, "I probably would have starved to death had you taken another five minutes. You're lucky I lasted as long as I did, or you'd have a dead body and a possibly angry fiancee to deal with."

I roll my eyes and realize how 'Chris-like' this trait of mine is. "Maybe she'd be grateful that I killed you off and she wouldn't have to go through with the wedding after all."

He makes a face at me and stays silent for a minute, munching thoughtfully. "You don't really think she doesn't want to marry me, do you?" He sounds so worried that I hold back the laugh that threatens to burst through my lips.

"Of course, I don't think that. She wouldn't have said yes if she didn't want to marry you!"

He nods his head slowly and shoves some more food into his mouth. "Eat slower, and less.. well, grossly. I doubt your fiancee is going to want to see you shoveling food into your mouth like that."

"She already has, she doesn't care." He manages to keep the chips from falling from his mouth and I mentally applaud him for that, considering how many threatened to tumble out the moment he opened his mouth.

"What's her name again?" I'm sure he must have told me at one point, but I can't remember it. I'm expecting something fancy. For some reason, from everything he's said about her, I'm expecting to her to be from some rich Californian family. Maybe she's an actress, or a singer like Chris. I should have really paid more attention when he was telling me about her.

"Lottie." He says with a smile. I was right, I think to myself. Lottie. It's definitely a fancy name. Probably short for - "Charlotte" My thoughts match his words perfectly and I stifle a laugh. I try not to judge her too harshly on her name though, I mean, my name is Brooklyn. How much snobbier sounding can you get? "I know what you're thinking, and no, she isn't some spoiled little rich girl."

I think about fake gasping, like how dare he think such things of me, but I just go with a sheepish smile. "You know me too well, big brother."

He smirks at me, thankfully he's finished off his nachos. I take another large bite of my burrito, chewing carefully. I can't eat like a pig after scolding him for it, I'm not a hypocrite. He's staring at me, and I swear he's nearly drooling. I sigh and hold the burrito out towards him. "Do you want to finish this?"

His eyes light up, almost as much as they do when he talks about his fiancee - Lottie, and with another loud sigh I drop my burrito into his hands. I'm clearly not as hungry as he is. Within seconds he's scarfed it down, even though I'd barely eaten more than a few bites. "You're ready to go?" He asks, the last bite still stuck in his mouth.

Instead of commenting, again, on his awful eating habits I just nod my head and push myself up from the table. "Do you work tonight?" He asks.

"What day is it?"


"Crap. What time is it?"

He laughs and pulls out his phone to check the time as we head to his car. "Just past two."

I groan loudly. "I have to work in three hours. Can you get me back home? I'm going to need to do some laundry, my work clothes really need to get washed."

He laughs. "Oh yeah, you have to wear a uniform. Because you don't have a cool job, like mine, where you can wear anything you want, like me."

In a perfect world, I'd have a wonderful, snarky comeback. But my world isn't perfect, and I barely manage to come up with, "Oh, shut up." So sassy. I grumble to myself as I get into the car, wishing I was better at verbal wars.

Chris is just giggling to himself. "I win." He says, grinning over at me.

"Such an accomplishment." I say back, with a sneer.

He laughs again. "Sore loser much?" I turn and stick my tongue out at him before sinking into my seat, pouting a bit. "You have not changed a bit since we were kids, Brookie." He sounds almost wistful and I know how he's feeling. Nearly everything has changed since were little, and now, finally spending time with him again, is bringing back the old memories.

I smile a bit. "You used to call me Keke instead of Brookie, remember?"

He snorts a bit. "Yeah, back when I had a bit of a speech problem and couldn't pronounce hardly anything. You used to call me Cwis."

I roll my eyes. "Yeah, when I was two."

"Shut up." He grumbles and I laugh.

"Now who's the sore one?"

We're nearly home and we're both laughing. If only I didn't have to go to work. Who knows when something like this will happen again? It's been so long since we've really spent actual serious time together. "I'm going to run over to the hotel." He says.


"I couldn't very well stay alone with mom and dad when mom so clearly hates me and dad goes along with it. It's different when you're here, you're a bit of a buffer, but alone..." He shudders. "I decided not to risk it."

Guilt runs through me. "I'm so sorry." I hadn't thought much about him being alone with mom and dad.

"You should be." He says, with a smirk, but then he shrugs. "It really wasn't a big deal, don't worry about it."

"So you're leaving tomorrow?" I hesitate to get out of the car, wondering if this is the last time I'll see him for a while.

He nods and I sigh. "Don't worry though." He adds. "I'll be back within a week with Lottie, so you can meet her. She's dying to meet you. I've told her a lot about you, considering you're the only family member I have, who doesn't want me dead."

I can't help but laugh. "Mom and dad don't want you dead, they just want you to be a doctor, or a lawyer, or something."

He rolls his eyes. "That's practically the same thing."

I push the car door open, still laughing a bit. "You're ridiculous, Chris."

"And you're ridiculous-er, Brookie."

I roll my eyes, and realize how similar we must look when we do that. "I love you," I say. "Promise you'll visit more often? Mom might not want to see you right now, but I do."

A small, sad, smile crosses his face for a minute. "I'll try, Brookie."

I'm sure the same smile hits my own face as I shut the door and watch him drive off. I know he says he'll be back with his fiancee but I can't help but worry that he won't. The last time he said he'd be back to visit soon left me without seeing him for over six months. I know he can't help it most of the time - with his career he's nearly always in the studio recording or prepping for the small tours his band does - but still, it'd be nice if he could drop by just a bit more often.

"Brookie?" I hear mom's voice, sounding tentative, like she's afraid to upset me or something and I turn to face her. She's looking at me, concerned, and I begin to wonder how long I've been standing here. "Are you alright?" She asks, and I nod.

"Yeah, I'm fine, why?"

"It's just, well, you've been here for about ten minutes now, not moving or anything really. Anyway, there's a phone call for you in the study."

I raise my eyebrow up slightly, but follow her inside, wondering who on earth would possibly be calling me on the house phone. I only ever give out my cell phone number to people so I can avoid having mom snoop on my conversations as much as possible.

By the time I reach the study, where mom hovers by the door, I still have no idea who could be on the other end. The phone is lying on the desk, where mom must have placed it before coming to get me. I hesitate, my hand lingering just centimeters from actually touching the device. I glance over at mom, and she's just staring at me with this odd look on her face.

I look back at the phone and pick it up, placing it to my ear and cheek. I wish I'd thought to clear my voice before picking up the phone because I'm feeling slightly hoarse. I wet my lips and swallow hard before speaking into the end. "Hello?"


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