Scars And A Daisy - Chapter Sixteen

Dinner with Tyler! (Picture is of Tyler)
"Tyler was in town and he offered to come with us tonight, so you aren't a third wheel!" Anna says cheerfully. Of course, she's cheerful. She doesn't know. I plaster a smile on my face.
"Great." I say. "Just give me a minute, I have to use the ladies room."


His lips are rough, his tongue dominating. He doesn't seem to notice the tears streaming down my face. Or he just doesn't care. One of his hands holds my mine above my head, the other is against my neck just a bit too tightly. I wince as his fingers press against a bruise, sending shooting pain through my neck. "Tyler, stop." I whisper. My voice is hoarse and I sound weak, even to myself. He doesn't stop.**

I take my time in the bathroom, trying to give myself time to figure out what to do about this. My first thought had been to call someone to get me out of here. But that won't work. I don't have anyone to call. Nobody knows about what happened between me and Tyler. Andrew isn't going to let me get out of this easily. I can't just fake sick and have him believe me. My heart feels like it's trying to pound its way out of my chest and I start hyperventilating. I pace back and forth by the sinks, trying to calm myself down. "It'll be okay." I finally tell myself. Anna and Andrew are both here. I'm not going to have to be alone with him. Everything will be fine. I press my hands against my temples, rubbing gently. A headache is forming. I don't want to take too long. I roll my shoulders, trying to loosen the tension that's already forming in my shoulders. I can do this.

A large part of me is worried that he'll be standing beside the bathroom door when I get out, and I let out a huge sigh of relief when I realize that he's not there, waiting for me.

I take a deep breath and head back to the table. Our waitress is standing there, taking drink orders. I falter in my stride when I realize my seat is beside Tyler. I'd been hoping to be across from him at the very least. I sit down and immediately his hand finds its way to my thigh. I'm instantly grateful that I chose to wear pants instead of a dress.

"What can I get you to drink?" The waitress asks.

"Uhm, a lemon water, please." I say. I try to focus on the menu in front of me, but his finger is tapping against my thigh. Tyler wants me to look up at him. I try not too, but over a year's worth of instinct wins over and I turn to face him.

"It's been awhile." He says with a smile.

I just nod my head, hoping I don't look as scared as I feel. "I know."

"Where have you been?"

It's a loaded question. He really wants to know who I've been with. "Just around." I say. "College, work, those sort of things." Anna and Andrew seem immersed in their own conversation.

"I thought you didn't want to work." He says and there's an edge to his voice that I remember too well.


"What the hell do you want a job for?" He isn't screaming but his voice is just as loud. I back into the corner.
"I need to start making my own money." I whisper. "I'll never get out from under my mom's thumb if I don't have money of my own. I want to get a place for myself."
"You don't need money. I told you, you can move in with me." His voice turns sweet and I find myself stepping towards him.
"I'd really like my own place. Besides, having my own money means more things I can do for us." I say, wrapping my arms around him.
"You won't get a job." He tells me. "I can buy us anything we need."


"You're remembering wrong." I tell him, my heart racing in the worst way possible. "I've wanted to work for a long time now." I know what he was trying to tell me. But I pretend that I don't. He was the one who didn't want me to work, or to go to college.

"And college?" He asks. "Do I have that wrong too, Brooklyn?"

If we were alone I'd be panicking. It's bad enough here in public. "I'm just taking some liberal arts courses at the community college. It's nothing big, but I wanted to get a jump on classes instead of just waiting until I know for sure what I want to major in. Doing it this way will save time." He doesn't look happy.

"Are you all ready to order?" Our waitress is back, her cheerful voice breaking through my thoughts. I glance up at her in shock. I haven't even had the time to look at my menu. I scan it as quickly as I can and order something with chicken in the title. I usually like chicken.

"You're getting that?" Tyler asks me. Both Anna and Andrew look at us at that question. He smooths it over easily. "It has mushrooms in it. I didn't know you ate mushrooms."

He's lying. I look back at the menu to see the calorie count beside it. That's what he really meant. "I really enjoy the taste of mushrooms with my chicken." I tell him, too afraid to cave and change my order. Anna and Andrew might suspect something if I do. Andrew knows that I actually do like mushrooms. "No, silly." I force myself to appear calm. "It's clams that I don't like, remember?"

Anna looks back at the menu, pointing out what she wants to our waitress. Andrew smiles and turns to his girlfriend. Tyler glares at me.


"You should come to the gym with me." We're sitting on his couch, his head is on my lap.
"Are you telling me I'm fat?" I fake an upset voice, but laugh to let him know I'm joking.
He doesn't laugh as he looks up at me. "Well, you know, you could stand to lose a bit."
"Wait, what?"

He sits up and adjusts himself on the couch so he can face me. He takes my hand in his and smiles. "I'm just letting you know. Obviously, I don't care what you look like. I love you. I just thought you might want to know. Besides, going to the gym together would be fun." He leans forward and presses his lips to mine briefly. "I've got to get ready for work."



I glance up at the sound of my name. "What?"

Anna's looking at me, curiously. "I asked you how classes were going. Andrew's been whining non-stop about finals coming up."

I force a chuckle. "Yeah, it's crazy right now. I was actually going to ask Andrew if he wanted to help me study for psych sometime this week." I turn to Andrew, directing my stated question to him. I hope that drawing Anna and Andrew into our conversation will keep Tyler from saying anything that will draw me back to our previous relationship.

Andrew nods. "Yeah, but it might have to be more of you helping me study. I'm a bit lost on the last couple chapters."

"You two take classes together?" Tyler asks, his eyes not leaving my face.

"Yeah!" Andrew says with a smile, not realizing how much Tyler dislikes him.


"So, that Andrew kid and you hang out a lot." He's lying on the couch, his feet up on the arm of the couch.
I nod. "Yeah, he's my best friend."
"I don't like him."

I step over his legs, up onto the couch and sit down. He lifts his legs up a bit as I settle beside him and then lays his legs over my lap. I set my bowl of popcorn on his legs. "Why don't you like him? He's great."

"He flirts with you, constantly. I think you should hang out with him a bit less often."
I frown slightly. "I really like spending time with him."
"So you're going to choose him, over me?"

"That's not what I said." I pick up a piece of popcorn and stare at it.
"That's what it sounds like you said, to me. I asked you not to spend time with him and you basically said that you don't care what I think."
The TV is still on, but its merely background noise now. "Ty, you know that's not what I said or meant."
"Then what did you mean?" He spits the words out and jerks his legs off my lap, knocking the bowl of popcorn over in the process. I watch the kernels tumble to the ground before looking over at him.

"I meant Andrew's my best friend. I don't like him and he doesn't like me. Not that way anyway."
"You're not making me feel any better about this."
I sigh and brush pieces of popcorn off my lap. "What do you want me to say, Ty?"
He gives me a frustrated look. "Is that a serious question? I've just told you what I want you to do. I want you to stop spending time with that guy."
"He has a name." I grumble.
"See? That's what I'm talking about! You're defending him, and not me. Why don't you just date him?" He stands up, towering over me.
"I'm not defending him Tyler! He's my best friend. That's all!"
"It's me or him." He says, his jaw twitching as he clenches his teeth together.

"What? Are you serious?" I stand up. We're so close that I have to crane my neck to be able to look at him, but he doesn't back up and I'm right against the couch so I can't back up either.
"Obviously, I'm serious." He says. "If you're going to gallivant around with Andrew I won't be with you."
"I'm not having this conversation." I say, pushing past him to head to the bathroom but he grabs my arm and spins me around.
"You will have this conversation, right now. You're going to stop seeing Andrew all the time." His grip on my arm tightens and I wince. "Right?"

I nod. "Yeah, I'll stop spending so much time with Andrew."
"No, I mean don't see him at all."
His other hands wraps around my other arm and I nod again. "Okay. I'll stop hanging out with Andrew."
"All the time?"
"All the time."
"Thank you." He says with a small smile. "I love you, Brooklyn."
"I love you too." I smile back and he pulls me into a hug. I wrap my arms around him and while he strokes my hair I wonder how I got myself into this.**


I fake smiles and laughter for nearly half the dinner, before my phone beeps. I glance down at it and raise an eyebrow in mild confusion. It's from Cameron. I turn my full attention to the text as I open it.

'Jeremy may or may not have gotten quite drunk tonight and may or may not be slurring your name throughout the house - that is, when he's not vomiting and drinking even more. Any way you can get here? You might be able to fix this.'

My heart hammers in my chest and I look up to see three sets of eyes on me. "I have to go." I say, planning my lie already.

"What? Why?" Anna sounds more upset than Andrew looks. Actually, the look I'm getting from him is less upset and more disappointed but I pretend not to notice.

"My cousin just went into labor." I try to keep a straight face, even though I'm wondering where this lie came from.

Andrew raises one eyebrow, looking unconvinced. "Your cousin. Is in labor? I didn't know you had any pregnant cousins."

I nod. "Yeah, well, she carried the baby well. You could barely tell. Anyway, I really have to be there for... moral support. I'll see you all later." I pull a twenty from my wallet and slide it over to Andrew. "This should cover my meal, if not, just tell me how much I owe you when we meet up to study." I grab my things and rush outside, after waving a quick goodbye to Anna and Tyler.

'Be over as soon as I can.' I text Cameron back, thankful for his help in my escape from dinner.


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