Scars And A Daisy - Chapter Thirty Eight

Disc golfing with Jeremy!
"Are we still going disc golfing?" Jeremy asks. I look up from my bowl of cereal and raise an eyebrow. He takes that as a sign to clarify. "A couple of nights ago you said we should go disc golfing on Tuesday. It’s Tuesday."
He’s right. I shrug. "Yeah, I guess we might as well. I’ve got the day off and you, well.. you’ve got the week off."

He smiles a bit. "I needed a vacation from work anyway."
"You’re ridiculous." I say and he just grins at me.

"I get that a lot. Come on, let’s get dressed and go discing!" He grabs my hand, pulling me up from my seat on the couch, nearly causing me to spill the milk in my bowl. "You’re so lucky that didn’t spill!" Jeremy just shrugs and looks at the bowl like it’s nothing. "You would’ve been cleaning it up." I tell him and he frowns.
"Oh, well in that case then I’m glad it didn’t spill."

I roll my eyes and pass him the bowl. "Here. You can go put it in the sink." I grin at him and turn, running up the stairs, making sure to avoid falling into the hole near the top. Someone has got to fix that one of these days.

I’m only upstairs for about a minute before I hear Jeremy come barreling up the stairs. There’s a loud crash and a hushed couple swears before I hear, "I’m okay!"
I can’t stifle my laughter and he pouts at me when he walks in the room. "Not funny. I could’ve died. The basement goblins would have eaten me."

I roll my eyes again, still laughing. "Basement goblins. Right. I forgot about them."
He sighs. "Still not funny."
"Get dressed, goblin. Disc golf awaits!"


After ten minutes of begging Cameron until he agrees to drive us, because I no longer have a car and can’t drive myself, we finally pull into the parking lot. "Call me when you finish up and I’ll pick you up." Cam says, waiting for us to get out.
"You aren’t playing with us?" Jeremy asks and Cameron shakes his head.
"I’ve got errands to run and I’m supposed to have lunch with my mom and sister sometime today. I’m too busy to disc today. Next time for sure though."

We hop out of the car and watch Cameron leave. Glancing around at the empty parking lot, Jeremy grins. "It’s empty today. That’s the best." I don’t question him, I just follow him inside where he pulls out a few discs for me to rent. "We need to get you your own discs." He tells me, once we’re heading outside to the start of his favorite course.

"Why do I need my own if I can just rent some whenever I come?"
Jeremy gives me a look that tells me I should know the answer. But I don’t. He shakes his head a bit and then tells me, "First, because it’s cheaper in the long run and second, because it just makes it better when they’re your own discs. It’s just better."
"Okay. I’ll believe you. You’re the disc golf expert. After I’ve bought my own car and figured out an apartment situation, I’ll buy myself some discs. Sounds good?"
Jeremy hesitates but then nods. "Yeah, sounds great."
I smile, ignoring his early hesitation. "Alright, let’s play some disc golf."


We’re somewhere in the middle of the course when Jeremy interrupts my throw. "Oh, hey, what was that call last night about? It was Chris, right?"
I nod, looking at him instead of the metal disc cage in the distance. "Yeah, it was Chris."

"What did you want to ask me? Before I fell asleep on you?"
I’m nervous to ask him this. I’ve never asked someone to be my date to a wedding before. And I’ve never asked someone to fly across the country with me. It feels like an important step and I’m afraid of what his answer might be. I pull my bottom lip between my teeth while trying to choose my words. "Chris and Lottie want me to fly out to California to go to their wedding."
He doesn’t look surprised. "Okay."
"And I was hoping you would be come with me? Chris wants you there, he said so, and he’s paying for both our tickets and for our stay."
"To California?"

Jeremy nods his head and I can’t tell what he’s thinking. "Well, we’ll have to talk to Don about getting the time off-"
I cut him off. "It’s this weekend, and you’re already on suspension so you wouldn’t have to get much time off. And I barely ever ask for time off, Don has to let me go. Wait, is that a yes? You’ll come with me?"
Jeremy raises an eyebrow, a small smile on his lips. "Did you expect a different answer?"

"Yeah, well, I wasn’t sure.. I mean, asking you to fly across country with me seems so…" I don’t know the word I want to use. "I don’t know. It just seems like a lot to ask."
He walks up to me on the wooden planks that make up the first throw spot and gently kisses me. "Out of all the things we’ve been through, this is the smallest thing. But I know it’s important to you to be at Chris’ wedding and I want to be there with you for this event."

I smile and kiss him happily. "You are the best." I say and he grins back at me.
"That’s you, actually. Now come on, throw your disc. We’ve got to finish up so we can go figure out our flights and where we’ll stay."

I kiss him again first, and then turn to frisbee my disc across the playing field. I manage to get it closer than ever and Jeremy cheers for me, congratulating me on the throw. Right now, I don’t think things could get better. I watch Jeremy take his turn and my eyes linger on the rippling muscles on his arms as he curls his wrist in and flicks it forward with a little running jump - a move I haven’t even tried yet.

With a look back at me, a smile gracing his mouth, he hops off the wooden square and heads towards the discs. I pick up my mid-range and putter discs and follow him out, and I can’t keep the smile off my face.


I flop onto the bed and groan loudly. Jeremy just laughs. "Shut up." I grumble, kicking my shoes off.
"Babe, you’re getting the blankets wet and gross." He says and I sigh, pushing myself up and off the bed.

"I’ll wash them with these clothes then." I look down at my muddy shorts and soaked shirt. At the very last round of the course, there’s a pond and my disc landed in it. It was floating pretty close to the edge. There’s a ten dollar fine if you lose a disc so Jeremy told me that I could probably reach the disc if I got close to the water. I reached the disc. I just fell in first.

Jeremy laughed for nearly ten minutes straight until I tacked him in a muddy hug. "Turn around." I tell him. "I need to change, and you might as well too. Then we can just throw all of this into the wash and hopefully nothing is too terribly stained."
Jeremy starts to laugh again and I glare at him. "This is your fault you know. You shouldn’t have told me to try to reach for the disc."

He stops laughing but smirks at me. "Hey, don’t blame me. You’re the one who fell in. Besides, you got the disc and avoided the fine. You should be happy."
"Happy? Jer, I’m covered in mud and that water was cold! And Cameron barely let me in his car. I might’ve been happier just paying the stupid fine."
"I’m covered in mud now too, thanks to you."

I roll my eyes but laugh a little. "You deserved it." I say. I pick up a towel and reach for a clean pair of shorts and a tank top.
"Dibs on first shower!" Jeremy shouts out, realizing what I’m doing and he takes off down the stairs.
"That’s not fair!" I shout out, rushing after him. He trips at the bottom and I jump over him, managing to reach the bathroom first and I shut the door in his face, grinning triumphantly. "I told you I’d get you back for that last time!" I turn the water on hot and strip out of my cold, muddy clothes.

The hot water feels amazing pounding against my back and even though it makes me want to take my time, I hurry up to clean off so I can let Jeremy have the shower before the hot water runs out. The blue house has an awful water heater. You can barely squeeze two showers in before the water turns cold.

When I walk out of the bathroom, Jeremy’s sitting on the couch on the phone with somebody. "Tonight? Around seven? Sure, sounds good. I’ll probably be there." There’s a small pause and he nods. "Yeah, I’ll ask." And after a few more minutes he hangs up. When he looks up he smiles at me. "All clean now?"

I laugh and nod. "Yeah, actually, I am. Hurry up and shower so I can throw a load of laundry in."
"Did you leave me any hot water?" He asks, smirking at me.
"Of course I did." I tell him, passing by on my way to our room. It’s colder than I expected and I want to go put on some yoga pants instead of these shorts.
Once I’m upstairs, I change into pants and then gather the blankets and sheets, along with my dirty clothes, and take them to toss into the washing machine.

I can’t start the load because Jeremy’s clothes aren’t in it, so I decide to blow dry and straighten my hair, just because I can. And the warmth of the hair dryer feels good on my cold skin. It’s nearing the end of spring and things should be warming up, but it’s Maine. The weather never really warms until the end of June. Today’s been a fairly nice day, but the house is still cold. I brush my hair out again when I’m done blow drying it and Jeremy walks into the room in just a pair of shorts. He’s rubbing the towel through his hair and I try to keep from staring. It doesn’t work. My eyes seem to be glued to him.

"Take a picture. It’ll last longer." Jeremy says teasingly and I grab my phone, open up the camera app and snap a picture.
"That works for me." I say, grinning at him and he laughs. "Come and take a picture with me."

Jeremy grumbles a bit but I finally get him to sit beside me and take a few pictures. He makes a weird face in each of them and I finally accept the fact that he’s just not going to smile for me right now. I move over to the mirror and start to straighten my hair. Jeremy flops onto the stripped bed and sighs. "I put my clothes in the wash and started the load up." He tells me, watching me work with my hair for a bit.

"Thank you." I smile at him and he nods, turning on his tv and Xbox. I turn my attention back to my hair, listening to the sounds of his action game and the faint noise of my straightener when it clamps on my hair. When he’s not paying attention, I glance over at Jeremy. He’s got his tongue stuck out, between his teeth as he concentrates on shooting whatever it is he’s shooting at. I lean against the bureau when I’m done my hair and just stare at him, a smile on my face. I love this boy, so much. I push myself towards the bed and sit down beside him, planting a kiss on his cheek. "I love you." I say and he glances at me quickly, trying to still pay attention to the game.

There’s a slightly quizzical look on his face but he smiles back anyway. "I love you too."


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