Scars And A Daisy - Chapter Thirty Two

Jeremy cooks for Brookie.
I wake up without a hangover, surprisingly. Jeremy groans loudly when I sit up. "I think I’m dying." He says slowly and I try not to laugh.

"Sorry babe." I say when I do laugh at him and he cringes. "Tylenol?"

He shakes his head. "Nah. I found out that because your liver is still trying to absorb all the alcohol and stuff adding tylenol to it doesn’t help. Alyssa told me that. I just want to lay here. With you." With the hangover I’m sure he has, I’m surprised to hear him talking so much. He tugs on my arm until I lay back down and curl up with him again. It’s still early, so there isn’t much sunlight streaming in and with Jeremy snoring lightly in my ear, I fall asleep again quickly.

I wake up again to a ringing sound and I reach for my phone, pulling it to my ear after swiping it to answer blindly. "Hello?"

"Brooklyn, we need to talk."

It’s Tyler. I sit up quickly, glancing at Jeremy who is thankfully still sleeping. "No. Screw you. I don’t want to talk. I told you that. Leave me alone." I hang up on him, place my phone on silent and set it on the little table beside the bed, placing it screen down. I lay back down carefully, trying not to disturb Jeremy.

"What?" He mutters sleepily, blinking at me.

"Nothing, go back to sleep." I say and he just nods, his eyes drooping closed. I close my eyes, focusing on the sound of his steady heartbeat to calm myself down. Jeremy shifts against me and knowing that he’s here beside me calms me more than anything else can.

I’m almost asleep when Jeremy rolls over a bit and I hear him yawn. He moves slowly, carefully, like he doesn’t want to wake me. He presses a gentle kiss to my cheek and I try not to smile. I’m not sure if I want to be awake yet. The bed creaks slightly as he gets up and I hear him leave. Probably to go to the bathroom. The bed feels immediately colder without him in it. I wrap up in the blanket and reach for my phone. I might as well see what time it is. My phone shows that I have four missed calls and ten text messages all from Tyler.

I decide to ignore the texts. I don’t want to stress myself out before work today. Jeremy comes back in and when I look over at him he smiles at me. "Good morning beautiful." He says and I smile back. "I like this." He tells me.
"Like what?"
"Knowing that I get to wake up next to you all the time now." He hops onto the bed and surprises me with a kiss. "And that I can kiss you all the time now too."

My phone starts ringing and when I reach for it, Jeremy’s starts to ring too. He grabs his phone and walks out into the hallway, so I answer mine. It’s Chris.

Before I even have the chance to say anything, he starts blabbering. "What on earth is going on? I just got off the phone with mom and she is freaking out at me. You moved out? And in with a boy? And it’s my fault? Brookie, what did you do?"

I roll my eyes. "Calm down, Christopher."
"Don’t call me that." He grumbles and I laugh slightly. We both got saddled with names we don’t like. I still hold to the fact that mine is the worst of the two of them.
I focus on the pattern of Jeremy’s blanket while I answer Chris’ many questions. "Yes, I moved out. Yes, I moved in with a boy, it’s Jeremy. No, it’s not your fault. Mom is just crazy."
"You moved in with Jeremy? The not boyfriend that came to dinner with us? That Jeremy?" He sounds confused.

I sigh. "Yes, that Jeremy."
"So, are you guys like together now?"
"Yeah, we are." I tell him.
He’s silent for a few moments. "Please tell me that you two aren’t moving in together and all that because you’re pregnant."

That was not what I was expecting. "What? You think I’m pregnant?" I can barely spit the word out, it sounds so odd. "Me? Pregnant? What is wrong with you?" I try to keep my voice low. This is such an awkward conversation to have with Jeremy just outside in the hallway.

"So you’re not?"
"Of course I’m not!"
He hesitates and then awkwardly asks, "Are you sure?"

I groan. "Of course I’m sure you idiot! We haven’t even done... that... yet." I must be blushing, my face is so hot. Why are we even having this conversation?
"Oh, thank God." He says quietly. "Well, when you do just be careful. Okay? I can’t have a pregnant little sister."

I roll my eyes and cover my face with my free hand. "Alright, whatever, just change the topic now, okay?"
"Okay, yeah, good." He sounds like this was just as awkward for him as it was for me. "So why exactly is mom blaming me for you moving out?"

"Don’t ask me. I never understand anything that woman does. It’s probably because you moved out first, which, in her eyes, must mean that I’m following you."

He sighs. "At least you’ve started college. She should be happy about that."
I laugh once. "She’s never happy about anything I do. Because it’s not good enough for her."
"You know that she does love you, us, right?"
"She sure shows her love in the strangest ways." I grumble.
He agrees and is silent again for a bit. "But, you do know that she does, right?"
I sigh. "Yes, Chris, I know. Okay?"

"Okay. I love you, Brookie."
I smile and lift my head up. "I love you too."

The bed dips and I look over to see Jeremy just staring at me. I hold up one finger to Jeremy and turn my attention back to Chris. He’s just said goodbye. "Okay, bye, Chris." I’m still looking at Jeremy and he looks almost relieved when I say my brother's name. I shrug it off and hang up. He kisses me, peppering my face in little pecks. His lips are soft on my skin and when he presses them to my nose, I pull his face down so I can kiss his lips.

I feel him smile against me and I lean back, smiling too. "I like this." I say.
He nods. "Me too. Now, I need breakfast before I die."
I chuckle. "Don’t you mean lunch? We kind of slept past breakfast."
He sighs. "Oh breakfast. I guess I’ll have to settle for brunch."
"I think it’s time for you to make me that something spectacular." I say with a grin.
He looks up at the ceiling for a minute and then looks back at me. "Alright. I’ve got an idea. Come downstairs with me."

He makes me sit in the room by the kitchen so we can talk, but I have to have my back to the door so I can’t see what he’s cooking. Whatever it is, it smells amazing. "Are you almost done?" I ask for the hundredth time when my stomach grumbles for the hundredth time.

He chuckles. "Not yet. Stop asking."
Five minutes later, I’m about to ask again but he comes up behind me and kisses my cheek. "I’m done. Close your eyes and I’ll bring the plates out."

I grin and close my eyes. My stomach rumbles again and I giggle quietly. "Keep your eyes closed, and your expectations low. I think I put too much into telling you it’d be spectacular and not enough into the thought of what to make. So prepare yourself, it may not be as amazing as you expect. Okay, open your eyes."

I open my eyes and look down at the plates. Crepes, with strawberries sliced to fan open, drizzled in chocolate sauce. It looks absolutely delicious. "This looks so good!" I tell him, grinning. "And it smells heavenly. You had me a bit worried when you told me to have low expectations. I started to expect a bowl of cereal or something."

Jeremy laughs and picks up his fork, smiling at me still. He cleaned off the pong table so we can eat it at. He’s sitting across from me, a plate in front of each of us. He grins at me. "If you hadn’t wanted the something spectacular to be a brunch type of meal, I would have made you a chocolate lava cake or something."

My stomach grumbles loudly at the thought of the cake and I put on my best puppy dog face. "You could always make me that sometime anyway." I say, fluttering my lashes.
He laughs and the nods. "Alright, alright, I’ll make you the lava cake some day."

I grin. "Good." And then I pick up my fork to dig into our brunch. My first bite nearly melts my taste buds. It’s even better than it looks. "You worry too much." I tell him. "This is definitely something spectacular. But that doesn’t get you off the hook for making me that lava cake."
He smiles but just nods his head. "I figured."

Derek wanders into the room and his head immediately turns to our plates. "I’d ask if you had any for me to steal but I’m assuming you didn’t think about me when you made them. Jerks." He heads into the kitchen and starts cooking some eggs, after stealing a strawberry off Jeremy’s plate.

"I definitely see what you meant when you told me a while ago that making food here is hard." I tell him when Derek comes back to steal some more.

Derek sticks his tongue out at me and flips me off but leaves us alone after one last bite. "Yeah, this is why I avoid cooking here most of the time." Jeremy says. "But I don’t mind letting Derek pick off my plate, because he usually cooks food for me when he’s cooking for himself. It’s only fair if I let him have some of mine."

I smile. "I like how you and your brothers are. Like how you all just watch out for each other."
He smiles a bit and shrugs. "Why wouldn’t we?" I shrug back and go back to eating my ‘something spectacular’. "I think you should make me pancakes tomorrow." Jeremy says after stacking the plates in the sink.

"Maybe." I say, watching as he cleans up the stove top. "But it depends."
"Oh, yeah?" He asks, his chin jutting out slightly as he tips his head up to look at me. "On what?"
I grin. "On if you actually have syrup this time."

Jeremy takes my hand and pulls me closer to him, kissing the tip of my nose. "Good. Because it just so happens that I went out and bought some syrup just a few days ago."


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