Scars And A Daisy - Chapter Twenty Nine

Brookie spends another night with Jeremy.
I know that I’ll need to go back home and explain things to my parents. But that doesn’t mean that I want too. I spent the morning with Jeremy, curled up in his bed watching old cartoons and just talking. We haven’t talked about last night and though the largest part of me doesn’t want to, the more sensible part of my brain tells me that eventually we’ll need to have a talk about it all. Especially after Jeremy’s revelation last night, it feels surreal that Tyler is the one who beat up Jeremy, because of me.

I look up at Jeremy to see that he’s nodded off. He always looks so peaceful when he sleeps. I can see the faint scars from the brass knuckles and my blood is boiling at the thought of Tyler being the cause of them. Jeremy’s right. I can’t just sit and expect this all to go away on it’s own. Tyler needs to be taken care of. Jeremy rolls a bit and he sleepily cuddles up against me more and I smile. Tyler needs to be taken care of. But not right now. I lay my head back down and close my eyes. Right now, I need to enjoy Jeremy’s cuddliness.

His eyes slowly open and he smiles at me. "Well, hey there."
I smile back. "Hi."

The smile fades off his face and I know what’s coming before he says it. "Are you going to talk to your parents today?"
I sigh quietly. "I don’t know. I know that I should, but I have to work tonight and I don’t really feel like talking about it before then. I just.." I pause and shrug, "It’s so overwhelming, all of this.. I’m not working tomorrow, I will talk to them then." He just nods.
"What time do you work tonight?" He asks.

"From two to ten." I say, rubbing at my eyes. "What time is it now?" We both fumble for our phones and I groan when I see that it’s noon. "I need to get home so I can shower and get ready."
"Cameron’s probably downstairs, I’ll get him to drive us to your place."
By the time I can thank him, he’s already at the door of his room and he gives me a fleeting smile before disappearing down the stairs.

I sit up and get my things together, trying to make myself look slightly more presentable before heading down to find Jeremy and Cameron. Cameron agrees to bring me home and when we finally reach my house, he turns to look at me. "I don’t really know what was going on last night, or why you had to leave, but just know that if it ever happens again and you need to get out, you can call on me, anytime, day or night. Alright?"

I lean forward and hug him, awkwardly since I’m leaning over the seat and he’s wearing his seatbelt but the gesture is heartfelt and I know he feels that. "Thank you, Cam." I pull back and turn to Jeremy.

"And thank you. For coming to help me last night. It means so much to me that you were there for me."

Cam coughs and I laugh, turning to him for a moment. "That both of you were there for me." He grins and I look back at Jeremy. He’s smiling at me and leans forward to press his lips to mine in a brief peck.

"I told you not to thank me." He says and I smile.
He rolls his eyes and chuckles at me. "I told you not to apologize, too."

I grin. "Sor- wait, no." And he laughs again. "Thanks for the ride Cameron, and thank you too, Jer. I don’t care if you don’t want a thank you. You deserve one. You guys are the greatest." I plant a kiss on Jeremy’s cheek, wave goodbye to Cameron and hurry inside.

I barely have two hours to get ready, so the first thing I do is hop into the shower. Thankfully, both mom and dad are gone, so I have the house to myself and I don’t have to worry about them interrogating me about last night. I change into my uniform and I don’t want to bother with my hair so I put it up into a high ponytail and then swipe some make up on.

When I’m finally ready, I have about a half an hour left so I rush to the kitchen to make myself some lunch.

After a quick sandwich and a fruit roll up that was hiding in the snack cupboard and probably belonged to my dad, I head out to work, hoping that today will be an easy day.


I guess I’ve had too many easy days. Tonight we’re slammed with customers, so many that we have over twenty minute waits on people who want a table. Some of those guests end up leaving five minutes into their wait but the majority sit on the benches we have for waiting and somewhat patiently wait for their seats. It’s loud and busy but at least I don’t have time to think and worry.

Don calls in three more line-cooks for the kitchen, including Jeremy. They all use the back entrance so I don’t see Jeremy until nearing the end of the night when I have to bring back the plate of an unsatisfied teenager. He rolls his eyes but starts to make a new plate without complaint. By the time the last guest finally leaves, it’s forty-five minutes past close. The other waitresses and I clean the dining area in record time. Cameron and Jeremy come out front when they finish up with the kitchen, minutes after we’re done with the dining room. "I need a drink." Cameron says, rubbing his face with his hands.

"Oh, that sounds like such a good idea." I say as we walk towards the break room to clock out. Don is still in his office so Cam stops by to let him know that everyone’s done and we’re heading out.
"Do you want to spend the night again?" Jeremy asks, his hand sliding into mine as we walk outside.
"Sure." I say.
We reach my car and he pauses. "Can I ride with you?"
"I’m going to run home and change, but you can if don’t mind waiting around for a bit."

He tells Cameron that he’s riding over with me and we all head out, with Cameron going straight to the blue house. My parents are already sleeping since it’s so late, and I’m grateful as Jeremy and I sneak quietly into my room. He waits on my bed while I get ready. I pull on a pair of black skinny jeans and a purple and blue aztec printed tanktop. I let my hair down but there’s an awful bump in my hair from having it wrapped in an hair-tie all evening. So I brush it out and braid it, hiding the bump from sight. I fix up my makeup, leave a note on the kitchen table for my parents and then we’re finally on our way to the blue house.

Because it’s a Tuesday night, there’s no party going on, but Cameron is already high when we get there. Jeremy leads us to Russell’s room and they start up a bowl. Cameron spills a beer on Jeremy, so he runs upstairs to change and instead of the typical wife-beater style tank tops he’s been wearing lately, he’s put on a plain black t-shirt. As plain as the shirt is, it somehow looks amazing on him. When he sits back down, he kisses me for the first time in front of everyone.

Cameron starts cheering, grinning wildly. "I knew it!" He shouts. "I so knew it."

Jeremy throws an empty ashtray at Cameron. "You can shut up now." He says, but he smiles slightly and my heart lifts.

The bowl passes around enough times to make me start feeling it. Cam leaves and comes back in with a beer for Jim and a Redd’s Strawberry Ale. "I don’t know if you like ale, but this doesn’t taste like beer so I thought you might want it." Cam says, handing the ale to me. "It really tastes like strawberries." His words are starting to slur and I wonder how many beers he’s had for himself.

I take the ale, twist the top off and take a sip. Cameron’s right. It tastes exactly like strawberries. Before I can realize it. I’ve drank the entire bottle. "Are there more of these?"

Cam laughs. "Yeah, in the kitchen."

I hop up to go look. "Fives!" I call out when Cameron moves to take my seat. He groans and sits back in his seat. "Grab me a beer."

I grab the beer and my drink and Cameron shouts for me to get the bag of doritos in the cupboard above the stove, so I pick up those and head back to Russell’s room.

Jeremy wraps his arm around me when I sit down and pass him the beer. Cam opens the chips and starts passing those around. They follow the second bowl around and I open up my ale. Jeremy steals half of it so I get a third in about ten minutes. The ale is stronger than the normal drinks I drink and I’m feeling quite tipsy on my way to grab a fourth.

When I finish that one, Jeremy is ready for bed, so we head upstairs, saying goodnight to everyone on our way up. We collapse onto the bed and I start giggling for no apparent reason, other than the fact that I’m pretty drunk. He laughs at me and pulls off his shirt. "You look hot in that shirt." I tell him, and he laughs, chucking the shirt at me.

"Oh, really?"
I nod. "Yeah, really."
"Maybe we should see how you look in it."

So I pull off my tanktop and slip his shirt on. It smells like him and I want to just wrap up in the scent and fall asleep. "I think you look pretty hot in it yourself." He says, walking over to me. His bare chest nearly glistens in the low lighting of his room and when he gets close enough I pull him towards me so I can kiss him.

His lips move against mine in the most wonderful ways and his fingers dig into my waist slightly. I’m sitting on the bed and he’s standing so he’s craning his neck and back to reach me. I pull back a bit and move further onto the bed, pulling him with me until our lips meet again.

We lay, cuddling, after a while and he strips his pants off. I do the same after a bit because I don’t want to fall asleep in my skinny jeans. His breathing slows as he falls asleep. I curl up against his side, wondering how I managed to become the one who gets to see him at his most relaxed. He rolls towards me, pulling me tighter and I revel in being so close to him. Especially still, now that he knows nearly everything about me.

For whatever reason, he’s putting up with my baggage and dramatic problems and it makes me like him even more. He starts snoring, very quietly, and only once in a while and I manage to keep myself from giggling about it. Everything about this boy is adorable and I’m so happy he’s mine.


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