Scars And A Daisy - Chapter Two

Please re-read chapter one before reading this chapter. Brookie's parents aren't very happy with her. Picture is of Jeremy.
I roll over and blink against the bright light that pours in from the uncurtained window. The walls are covered in graffiti paintings. I freeze for a minute, this isn't my room. Last night rushes back to me and I sigh with relief, remembering that nothing bad happened. Jeremy nuzzles his head between my neck and shoulder and his arm wraps around me a bit tighter. I can tell by his breathing that he's still asleep. I wonder if he's used to snuggling up against someone; if this is a normal thing for him, if it's just out of instinct. I start wondering how many other girls he has slept with like this. I know the answer is probably quite a few, and that thought hurts a bit.

I don't want to wake him up, but light is streaming in from the window and I need to know what time it is. I carefully sit up and look around for an alarm clock. There isn't one, but his phone is set on the ground by his head. I cautiously reach over him and tap on the home button. The phone flickers to life and the clock on it says it's ten thirty.

"Ten thirty?" I'm going to be late. As much as I wish I could just lay there for at least another five minutes, being late makes me anxious and panicky. I push myself up off the bed as carefully as I can, I don't want to wake him up. I find my clothes lying on the floor and I'm searching through the pockets of my work pants for my phone when I hear him roll over and I watch as he sits up, slowly waking.

"What's going on?" He asks, with a gruff, sleepy, morning voice. I want to 'aw' at how adorable it sounds coming from him, but I don't.

"I've got psychology in an hour. And it's about forty minutes from here."

He just stares at me while I tie the laces on my shoes. I barely remember even taking my shoes off last night. I rub at my forehead, thankful my hangover isn't too horrible. "You're in college?" He asks.

"Is it that surprising?" I ask, glancing around the room for my jacket. "Uhm, do you know where my coat is?" I've never had a one-night stand, but I'm wondering if I would feel as awkward after one of those as I do right now.

He shrugs. "Downstairs probably." He swings his feet out of the bed and onto the floor before pushing himself up and rubbing his hand over his face. He rolls his shoulders and I hear a faint crack and then he heads to his curtain-door.

"You coming?" He asks, when he realizes I'm just standing there.

"Yeah." I say, tucking my clothes under one arm. I've found my phone and I'm glad it's not dead yet. I've got fourteen missed calls and I don't even glance at the number of texts I have before shoving the phone into the pocket of Jeremy's sweatpants that I'm still wearing. I hope he doesn't mind, but there's no way I'll have time to get back to my house and change and still make it to class on time, and I don't want to go to class in my vomit-covered work uniform.

He doesn't say anything as we search the disastrous rooms downstairs. I finally find my coat, slung over a stool by the beer pong table. I grab it and tiptoe back through the living room. It's full of sleeping drunk people, they're all sprawled out in the strangest, most uncomfortable looking positions. I guess I'm lucky to have been able to sleep in an actual bed last night.

When I get to the door, I realize Jeremy's just followed me over awkwardly and we stand there for a second. "Well, thanks for letting me crash in your room last night." I finally say.

He nods. "Yeah, no problem. Thanks for not making me sleep on the floor."
I smile and just nod, copying his words. "Yeah, no problem."
He smirks and then reaches up and rubs his face with one hand, still obviously sleepy. "Go back to bed." I tell him, still smiling slightly. He chuckles and nods again.

"Yeah, I probably will."
"I guess I'll see you later, then." He says.

I nod. "Yeah, see you later." I fumble with the doorknob for a minute, before tugging the door open. It sticks a bit and creaks loudly when it finally does open. I hear the door shut behind me as I head over to my car.

I toss my clothes onto the passenger seat, glad that nobody parked behind my car. I've got just under fifty minutes to make it to class. It'll be the first time I'm make-up-less and not dressed in actual clothes since I started the class. I hope nobody says anything to me about it. I'm already imagining the judging thoughts people might be thinking about me. I try to tell myself no one will even care what I look like, but it doesn't work.

I pull the visor down and check for bags under my eyes when I reach a stop light. Thankfully, I don't look too awful. When I finally pull into the parking lot, I swipe some concealer on and it works enough to make me feel slightly better about my appearance.

I rush through the hallway and collapse into a chair beside my friend Andrew. He looks as exhausted as I feel and he scowls at me as I drop my books onto the desk. "Is your phone broken?"

"No, just practically dead." I whisper to her as the professor stands up from her desk.
"Where were you last night? Anna said you said you'd try to swing by. Tyler was there. He was a little pissed when you didn't show up."

Tyler. The name alone makes me flinch. Anna still thinks something could be happening between me and that awful man. If only she knew.. I force the thought from my mind. Spending the night with Jeremy was without a doubt a lot more fun than anything that could have happened with me and Tyler at Anna and Andrew's. "I ended up hanging out with Cam and another guy from work after we closed last night."

He seems to be noticing the clothes I'm wearing for the first time and his eyes widen. "Oh my gosh, Brookie! Did you-"

I cut him off before he can continue, hushing him. "Be quiet! We'll get in trouble. And no! Of course I didn't! I'll explain everything after class."

Professor Harris is passing out papers and as one lands on my desk, I groan. "Crap! I forgot about the test."

Andrew looks over at me, frowning. "So did I. I'm so going to fail."

"No talking please!" The professor calls out, looking pointedly in our direction. I shrink down in the seat a bit and turn my attention to the papers in front of me, wishing I had remembered to study.

I'm one of the last ones to pass in the test, and I leave right after. Professor Harris already said that we wouldn't have anything we needed to do after we has done the test so we could leave as soon as we finished. Andrew's waiting in the hallway, leaning against the wall, half asleep. When he sees me walk out, he perks up slightly and waits, still leaning on the wall, for me to reach him. When I do, he launches into interrogation mode. "So what's up with the 'I look like I just had sex and I'm wearing some random boys clothes' thing you've got going on?"

I roll my eyes and follow him towards the vending machines. "It's not a big deal." I say. "After work last night, Cam told me I should tag along with him and the new worker, Jeremy, to Jeremy's brothers party. So, I did."

"You?" He doesn't believe me, and I don't blame him. It's not something I'd normally do. I decide not to tell him that I only went so I could prove to Cam and Jeremy that I can be, well... whatever it was I was trying to be by going to the party with them. I don't even really know why I decided I had to go. I just know that I wanted that 'there's-no-way-she'd-go-to-a -party-with-us' look on Jeremy's face to go away. And saying I wanted to go had wiped it right off his smug little face.

"Yes, me. It wasn't that bad really. I got really, really drunk though and ended up puking, and I got some on my clothes, so Jeremy let me wear some of his. And then we slept."

"Slept? Or 'slept'?" He's grinning, and I know he's hoping for the latter so he can tease me about it forever.

"We slept! As in, went to sleep, that's it, end of story!" I squeak, loudly, laughing a bit as my voice echoes down the hallway and a few students turn to look at us. Andrew gets an energy drink and a KitKat from the machines.

"I want more details later!" He says. "I've got anatomy next. Are you working tonight?" I shake my head. "Good. My house at seven, then?" I nod and he says goodbye, waving glumly before turning and trudging off to his next class. I'm thankful I've only psychology today as I turn and make my way back to the parking lot.

I'm home in under half an hour and I grab my work clothes from the passenger seat before heading inside. I'm going to have to get these washed before tomorrow. I decide that a shower and then a nap are more important than laundry and I'm almost to my room when mom walks into the hallway.

"Where were you last night?" She asks, crossing her arms over her chest as she stalks over to me.
"At a friends." It's not exactly a lie. Jeremy and Cam are both friends.
"You weren't with Andrew. Anna stopped by, looking for you. She said you didn't show up at the party."
"I didn't say I was at Anna's or with Andrew."
"Then where were you?"
"I have other friends, you know. Anna and Andrew aren't the only two people I know."

"Who was it?" She asks, looking like she doesn't believe me.
"I was with some friends from work. You haven't met them yet."
"And you just assume that you can stay with them, all night long? You didn't come home last night, and now you show up, in some boys clothes? And you think that's okay? You look like a trashy slut, right now, Brooklyn. Did you go to class like that?"

I close my eyes and try to stay calm. Clearly, wearing sweat pants and a t-shirt are what 'trashy sluts' wear. I keep my voice calm and even as I reply.
"Yes, I went to class like this. It was either this or my uniform. Do you have a problem with that?" I can't help my question from coming out a bit snarky.

"Do not use that tone with me, young lady. I'll be speaking to your father about your behavior last night, and now, when he gets home from work tonight. You can go to your room and stay there until he comes home. You are not allowed to go out today, and probably not tonight either."

"But I promised Andrew we'd hang out tonight!"

"Well, you should've thought about that when you disappeared off to some boy's house last night instead of coming home. Now, go to your room before I decide to ground you longer." She turns and starts click-clacking her way down the hallway in her heels. I know she's probably heading off to some stupid meeting with the other rich women in town. I can only imagine the gossip they spread when they meet together.

I hold back the snarky comments, I want to lash out at her with and quietly go to my room. I want to slam the door behind me, but that'll only make me seem more childish in her eyes, so I gently shut it and then collapse onto my bed. I haven't even been awake for more than four hours and I'm already completely ready for the day to be over. I was expecting her to be upset with me for not coming home, but I definitely didn't imagine she'd call me a trashy slut to my face. I get up and head for the bathroom, hoping that a hot shower will soothe me.

"What do you mean 'you're grounded'?" Andrew asks. I can hear his frown over the phone.
"Just what I said. I came home after class and she flipped because I didn't look perfect. She basically called me a trashy slut."

"What?" He's outraged. "I should send that Missy girl over. See what she thinks about that, once she's seen an actual trashy slut."

"Yeah, that really wouldn't help, mom would probably just ban me from seeing you and Anna once she found out who sent the whore over to the house."

Andrew laughs. "At least you've got your phone." After a brief pause, he sighs. "You have got to move out, Brookie. I can't believe she still treats you like you're five."

I start to nod my head, but remember that he can't see me. "I know. But you know what she says to that."
He joins me in mimicking my mom. "Her house, her rules." He sighs again. "I know, I know. But still. Sneak out if you can, okay? I gotta go, my break is over."
"I'll text you if I can get out, okay?
"Okay." He says before hanging up.

Dad should be home any minute. I'm hoping I can convince him that mom is being irrational and unfair. He's typically more level-headed about letting me do my own things. I jump up and run to the window when I hear his car pull in. I wonder what mom's going to tell him. With any luck he'll override her decision to ground me and I'll be able to go out tonight.

I fall back onto my bed and start to count the glow in the dark stars that cover the ceiling. I'm trying to pass the time until they come to talk to me. I know mom's going to talk to him alone first, and then I'll either be called down for the end decision or dad will come up and talk to me without mom. I'm hoping he'll come talk to me, so I can try to explain myself. I'm a bit afraid that mom's spouting of some crazy story about me and how I came home in clothes that weren't mine.

I'm nearly certain that I'm about to be grounded for life when there's a knock on my door. I know its my dad. Mom wouldn't have knocked. "Come in." I say, sitting up on my bed, feeling hopeful.

He steps inside and just stares at me for a minute. "So your mother says you didn't come home last night. And you showed up, after your class got out, in some boy's clothes." He chuckled slightly, almost nervously.

"No! It's not what you're thinking." I say, immediately knowing why he seems so nervous. He sits down as I start to explain myself. "I didn't have sex! We don't need to have that awful 'talk'. Mom's just losing it. I told her what happened. I hung out with some friends after work, at a Saint Patrick's Day Party. No, I didn't drink. But my work clothes got dirty. I ended up falling asleep at their house, nothing happened! But one of the guys let me borrow his clothes so I wouldn't have to go to school in my dirty work clothes." I lied a bit on the details. He would flip if he knew I'd been drinking.

He nods his head. "I assumed it was something along those lines. Your mother does tend to exaggerate when it comes to you and boys. You know we can't allow you to stay out all night, though. You do have a curfew and you didn't even think to try to contact us last night. Your mother and I were worried."

"You knew I was probably going to go to Anna's house though. I don't see why it matters that I went somewhere else instead."

"It matters because Anna came over here to tell us she couldn't get a hold of you and that worried us. We didn't know where you were and you didn't answer your phone. We had reasons to be as worried as we were."

"Mom certainly didn't seem worried when she talked to me earlier." I grumble.

"It's just the way she is, you know that." He says. "You aren't grounded though. Your mother and I talked about it. We do want you home by curfew tonight, or you will be grounded for a month at least. Alright?"

I nod. "Yeah. Fine."
"Good." He stands up and awkwardly pats the top of my head. I know it meant to be him trying to show his love for me, but it's just a bit weird. "We love you, Brooklyn. We only want what is best for you."

"I know." I whisper.
"Let us know if you decide to go out tonight."

And then he's gone, shutting the door behind him quietly. I pick up my phone and text Andrew, letting him know that I'm free tonight. At least I'll be able to get out of here and try to find some sense of normalcy tonight.
Published: 3/25/2014
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