Scars And A Daisy - (Character Guide)

My sister suggested I make a character guide to help you all remember who is who in the upcoming chapters!
Character Guide:

Brooklyn: (Brookie)
Main character.
She has long brown hair and blue eyes.
(I imagine her as Zoe Sugg - the youtuber 'Zoella')

Brookie's older brother.

Lottie: (Charlotte)
Chris' fiancee!

Manager and Owner of the Central Street Grill.
Don has a wife named Michelle and a baby daughter named Jennifer Rose.

Carla: Assistant Manager at the Central Street Grill.

Brookie's long time best friend.
(I imagine him as Joey Graceffa - also a youtuber)

Andrew's girlfriend and Brookie's friend.

Works at the restaurant with Brookie - they've talked before but never hung out outside work before the St. Patty's day party.
Cam is Don's nephew.

Jeremy's older brothers: (In order of oldest brother to youngest)

Jack is the shorter (but not too short) stocky one. He has dark blonde hair (like Jeremy) but a red-orange beard. He's incredibly muscular and appears intimidating, but he has a friendly vibe to him that clashes with his appearances. He has three tattoos.

- a Celtic Knot on the back of his right hand.
- a Celtic Cross on the inside of his left arm.
And one other tattoo that will come into play later on in the story.

Jack works at an Automotive Operations place, where they store car parts. He operates the heavy machinery in the storage areas and takes care of inventory for the parts.

Tyler is the tallest, and he's weirdly skinny. He has a pitiful alcohol tolerance and is easily drunk.
He has dark brown hair, so dark it almost looks black, and he doesn't look much like the other brothers.
Tyler works at a family-owned pizza place/convenience store. He goes to school part-time for computer tech.

Cam's high school best friend and Jeremy's older brother.
Derek is slightly larger - but not really in the fat-way. He has dark blonde hair and beard that also hints at being red-orange - but not as much as Jack is.
He also works at the same family-owned pizza place and is one of the best workers. He has the highest alcohol tolerance of the family and doesn't usually drink to get drunk.

And then there's Jeremy:

The youngest brother of the bunch. (He'll be turning 20 later this year).
Jeremy has dark blonde hair and eyes that change colors - they vary from bright blue to a gray-blue to even looking somewhat hazel/green on certain days.
Jeremy's alcohol intolerance is somewhat better than Tyler's but can't compete with Derek and Jack's tolerance.
(I imagine him as Max Thieriot)

His sisters: (in age order oldest to youngest)

Jeremy has six sisters in all. I know they haven't been introduced yet (and may never be - but I wanted them on here just in case and to give a bit more background on Jeremy)

Marlie is the oldest sister. She's younger than Jack, Tyler and Derek, but is older than Jeremy (by 18 months)
She's 21. Her natural hair color matches Jeremy's but she tired of the color and after experimenting with a few colors, settled with a brown. She has gray-blue eyes.

She's younger than Jeremy, by two years. (making her almost 18)
Her hair, like Marlie's was a dark blonde but in recent months was dyed a brown.
She has hazel eyes.

The next in line. Just turned 16. She has naturally brown hair and blue eyes. She's more violent than the other sisters, having been teased by so many older sisters all her life.

Rachel is 14. She has blonde hair and blue eyes.

Emily is 12. She has light brown hair and gorgeous blue eyes.

Usually known as Kat, or Katie-Kat. She's the baby - barely 10 years old with curly blonde hair and bright blue eyes. She has pink framed glasses and is short and skinny. Most people assume she's only 6, but she has strength beyond her years. She runs a 6 minute mile and can do more pull ups than any of the boys in the school- including the ones in higher grades. (She's in fourth - the school ranges from Kindergarten to sixth grade.) She's the tomboy of the bunch. She idolizes Jeremy.

Friends of Jeremy's and his brothers:

Cam - Already described earlier.

Russell - aka Slutsell - lives with the boys in the blue house. He has dark brown hair and a dark brown beard. He's obsessed with vodka and getting everyone around him to do shots. He really enjoys giving Jeremy too many shots and watching him vomit.

Allan - No longer lives with the boys. He was the one at the St. Patty's Day party who was sober enough to get Brookie and Jeremy up to Jeremy's room in case the cop came to investigate the party.

Adam - Has a major crush on Marlie - who doesn't reciprocate the feelings. They're just friends. He hangs out at the blue house nearly every night and is usually the one to carry around the vodka that Russell enjoys so much. He carries his weed around in one of his sister's old makeup bags, and because of that, Jeremy began asking him for 'makeup' whenever he wanted to smoke with him.

If there is anyone you think I've missed/anyone you want add on to this guide, just let me know!
Published: 4/21/2014
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