Scottish Tattoos

Scottish tattoos are very popular with people around the world that symbolize the Scottish descent. Here are some examples of famous Scottish tattoos that might just inspire you to get one for yourself.
For centuries, people of Scotland have been huge fans of tattoos and have established a wide variety of symbols with hints of their heritage. The Celts and the Vikings who came to Scotland were popular for drawing tattoos as body art. As they began trading with the Scandinavians, tattoos started to get more recognized as well. With Celtic tattoos being the favored one till date, its intricate detailing with knots and spirals has still kept tattoo lovers hungry for more.

Tattoos and Their Meanings

As mentioned above, the tattoos have been around for ages due its long history of body art and body decoration. Celtic tattoos, mixed with Scandinavian body art has always influenced larger than life tattoos for the world to admire.

Celtic Knot Design: There are many different types of Celtic know designs that are used as Scottish tattoos. You can get Celtic cross, animals, birds, and many abstract designs that suits your personality. Not only do they look pretty, Celtic tattoos and their meanings go hand in hand. These tattoos are drawn to show that there is no beginning and no end to reflect the different seasons and life.

Clan Designs: These tattoos have initialized the theme of getting your clan's or family's name tattooed on yourself. When someone asks, "What's in a name?", you say, everything. And if it's a Scottish name, then it comes with a huge chunk of myths, legends, and battles. These clan tattoos have specific designs of swans, unicorns, boars, and stags. Examples of these could be firefighters and/or members of the military and navy, who proudly engrave such tattoos. Speaking of clan tattoos, did you know that Sean Connery also has such a tattoo.

Zoomorphic Design: With intricate detailing with knots and spirals, zoomorphic designs are popular among both the sexes. These tattoos are designed in such a way that animals (usually more than one) have intertwined limbs that melt into one another. It takes you a while to understand where the tattoo begins and where it ends. Basically, it keeps revolving around like a circle; I guess that's the beauty of it.

Scottish Lion Design: As Scotland is a land of myths and legends, Scottish lion tattoos are also a small part of it. The "Lion Rampant" is Scotland's second national flag, with the red lion standing out on the yellow background with red borders. Today, the Scottish lion tattoos have evolved and a new variety of such tattoos has become popular among tattoo lovers.

Heraldic Designs: The most common heraldic tattoos are of animals and weapons. There are various heraldic tattoo designs like arrows, axes, chains, dolphins, dragons, gauntlet, harp, etc. All these and many more designs have specific meanings behind them. You can select one or more for yourself that touches your heart and speaks on your behalf.

Scottish Thistle Tattoos: The thistle is a plant that grows in places where there are less vegetation chances, while covering itself with thorny spines. It has gorgeous purple flowers that indicates royalty and nobility. Thistle tattoos are very Scottish that are closely related to their pride, ruggedness, hardship, and aim in life.

Perhaps you have some Scottish tattoos ideas and where you would want them to be marked permanently. Research on which kind of tattoos would you like to choose from and what it should look it. There are tons of choices and many professional tattoo artists can create complex tattoos for you to choose from. Don't be hasty and make the decision wisely.
By Sheetal Mandora
Published: 2/20/2010
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