Scratched CD Remedies

Imagine that your CD gets stuck in the middle of your presentation! It is because of the scratches on your CD. The following article tells you about some simple ways to get rid of the scratches on the CD.
CD is considered to be an important means of data storage. You can store your favorite movies, songs or even your college project and assignment related information on the CD. Though, we all preserve CDs with utmost care, it is impossible to prevent them from getting scratched. There are machines like polishing machines and refinishing machines for scratched CD repair. However, these machines are quite costly. You can substitute these machines by certain homemade products which can be quite helpful in repairing the scratched CD.

Tips to Fix Your Scratched CDs at Home
  • The first step you should implement, is to clean the disk. Sometimes, dust and other pollutants can affect the CD and it might not work properly. To clean the CD, you can run warm water over it to remove the dust. You can also clean it with the help of liquid soap, detergent or even alcohol.
  • Always clean the disk towards the edge starting from the center to prevent any further scratches. Then, let the CD dry on its own. Do not keep it in the sun and do not use a towel to dry it.
  • If the CD does not work properly even after cleaning it then try playing it in another CD player. It is a possibility that the CD might work when played in some other player (computer drive or car audio system) which can deal with scratched CDs in a better way.
  • Scratched CD data recovery is possible. You can burn the CD on your computer and make another copy of it. It really does not matter if the CD is working on the computer or not. However, it takes a long time to burn a damaged CD.
  • Locating the exact scratches which are affecting the playing of the CD is an important step. The scratches which are perpendicular to the CD coil (from the center to the edges) do not really affect the CD as compared to those that are along the CD spiral.
  • Disk polishing is another way to improve the CDs playing quality. You can use products like baking soda, toothpaste, isopropyl alcohol and Brasso (metal polish) for polishing your scratched CD. Apply these products on the damaged areas and rub it with a cloth in circular movements. Using a soft cloth like eyeglass cleaning cloth will be better. Then, wash the CD with water and let it dry. You can also use products like liquid car wax or neutral shoe polish to clean the disk surface. It is known as the wax method.
  • After polishing the CD, check its surface. You will notice that the surface of the CD is looking shinier and may have small scratches. But, if you do not notice any difference even after polishing your CD then the scratch is big and deep. As a means of prevention, you can make copies of your CD immediately after noticing minor scratches on your CD.
  • You can opt for a polishing machine or a refinishing machine as the last option. But, before that you can refinish your CD professionally by giving it for repairing to at some DVD store.
These were some quick and simple ways to fix your scratched CD. So try these tips to mend your CD and prevent the loss of your important data.
By Mubasherin Sayed
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