Another poem about stolen love. I can't read or right music, but try singing this one to the tune of Greensleeves, a bit of the inspiration for this one.
We stole away to a forest glade,
Where we lay down and I kissed your face,
We spent the day in the warm sunshine,
And shared our love for the first time.

We enjoyed the embrace that nature gives,
And took a moment to enhance our lives,
Away from the restrictions of normality,
We engaged in our secret fantasy.

The warmth I felt within my soul,
Encouraged me, if truth be told,
To engage in the secrets of my desire,
And to let my love for you transpire.

The sounds of nature all around,
Enhanced our love as we lay on the ground,
Warm wet kisses and a fond embrace,
The memory forever remains.

The peaceful calm felt in each others arms,
The knowledge of being safe from harm,
And a natural feeling of tranquil freedom,
Had endorsed our love, so awesome.

No regrets of doubt within our minds,
Could take away the love we'd found,
No remorse for the love we stole,
The secret safe within our souls.

The gentle breeze that touched our skin,
And cooling effect of the summer rain,
Combined with the love we'd stole away,
Brought a perfect end to a perfect day.

But alas it's time, we must return,
Before our secret love is learned,
The mists of time will hold our fate,
Until we meet again in secret.
Published: 7/2/2010
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