Secret Thoughts

A love poem. Why hide it?
Choose your thoughts carefully,
Every thought has a frequency,
Let your heart rule your mind,
Let your soul dominate,
The feelings you have for me,
And I'll make a masterpiece of your life.

Let me share your spirit,
Let me reflect what's in it,
I want to share your universe with you.
Is it so very wrong,
For me, to want to share your song,
When your melody is full of cosmic truth?

Shift your awareness,
And employ my tenderness,
To bring joy into your world.
Let me into your dreams,
And I'll take you to the extremes,
While the secret love I have for you unfolds.

Never fear for tomorrow,
Fear can only bring sorrow,
Be optimistic about what we can be,
And when that day comes around,
All your tensions, I'll unwind,
You can always depend on me.

So let us open up our love,
And shrug our secrets off,
Let us advertise our love in the sky.
But be sure it's what you want,
And let yesterday be gone,
And cast out the remaining doubt in your mind.

Love me, love my reality,
But be sure of its finality,
The chance is ours to take.
For if our love is in equal balance,
Then we can have solace,
And if not, then it can only end in heartache.

It's time to end the secrecy,
To see if you love or lust for me,
I can no longer hide my love for you.
So be careful with your thoughts,
Be sure they're from your heart,
And be sure your love for me has been thought through.

Published: 6/11/2010
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