Secretly Crushing

Have you ever secretly crushed on someone? Take a read of this poem, it's fun!
Secretly crushing,
I met you through a friend,
On that night, to me, transfixed was lend,
For totally hypnotized was I,
By your assuring smile and diamond sparkling eyes.

I found it quite easy to talk with you,
In that one night of chatter, you proved yourself so true,
Now here I am totally mesmerized by your gentle ways,
Perhaps I'm the drooly type or else extremely encrazed.

But I care not, I care not!
For you brightened my darkened mood that night,
When I felt overthrown,
You brought me back to the spotlight.

I think I'm falling,
I am falling for you,
This is no infatuation,
This is the harsh truth.

Ever since you comforted me that night,
Ever since you made things right,
I must begin blushing,
As I come to the realization, that I'm secretly crushing.


Hey guys,

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Did you enjoy my poem?
Naah, Lame.
Are you kidding me? It's really nice.
Good work.
Published: 12/24/2012
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