See the Day Through

A political attack on the small percentage who like to think they control the world.
Be mean, be stealthy,
Run with the shadows,
They'll keep you healthy,
Be alert, ready to pounce,
It's mean out there,
And it's full of hounds,
A dog eat dog world they say,
You gotta learn to kill,
If you wanna live through the day!

I see a thousand men stand in line,
Ragged, disheveled, caked in slime,
Hands cupped, begging for some tea and a slice,
And maybe a few bob to buy turpentine,
If only to keep them warm through the night.

I see an Army man dishing out soup,
To warm the cockles in a moment of hope,
His face is despairing, he knows it's not enough,
And he wonders which one will be found dead in the dirt,
As the chill morning air spreads light over the park.

I see kids run through puddles in toeless shoes,
Scruffy little urchins with little to do,
'Cept to run through the market, steal an apple or two,
It's the food on their table, something to chew,
To sustain the misery they live through.

I see politicians argue the moral melee,
What's good for you may not be good for me,
The richest among them are firmly agreed,
Let them eat cake they say, just like Marie,
Then they light fat cigars and sign their decree.

I see arrogant pigs beat up a sinner,
Another piece of meat to serve up at dinner,
Well, you have to be strong to be a winner,
For if you don't eat, you'll only grow thinner,
And you must fatten up for the winter!

I see poverty here and poverty there,
I hear wailing and crying, it moistens the air,
It darkens the city with clouds of despair,
Misery is left to rain freely here,
To wash under the bridge, because they don't care.

I see monuments standing tall and proud,
Commissions to them who wish to stand out,
But not in the open, they're afraid of the crowd,
Their master of puppetry, the ceremonious clown,
His pomp and circumstance is crumbling now.

Be stealthy, be mean,
Run with the shadows,
Turn the tables on them,
Sneak up on their strongholds,
And flush them out,
Break their stranglehold,
It's a dog eat dog world, that's true,
They showed you how to kill,
To see the day through!
Published: 6/17/2015
Bouquets and Brickbats