Seeds of Redemption

A fictional account of the trials of a Vietnam family.
After the war the soldiers went home leaving behind thousands of mixed race kids who were treated less than hospitable. To Nguyen was one of the thousands of Vietnam woman who gave birth to children of mixed race, most of the woman abandon their children or sold them into the black market, To was the exception, after being ridiculed for raising a child whose brown skin seem to darken with each passing day so she choose to move to a remote island off the coast.

Cat ba had a population of just a few hundred people who depended on the mainland for most of there needs, to reasoned this was a better environment to raise her young son Mike, To named him after his father before the war ended but never imagined that she would be an outcast in her small village. When To and her young son arrived on the island most of the inhabitants couldn't care less about To's son, most of the people on the island were outcasts in various forms among them was Chung ly a 53 year old who had been on the island for 28 years, his crime was having parents who were accused of spying by the Vietnam government, they were tied and hanged while their son was sent to the island of Cat ba.

Chung was very bitter towards the Vietnam government, Chung put his frustrations into martial arts, he mastered martial arts from different countries including an obscure Brazilian jujitsu that was deadly. Chung received manuals from around the world and had dedicated his life to mastering all forms of martial arts for the last 28 years. To knew about Chung's family and what happened almost 30 years ago on the mainland, stories of Chung demonstrating his martial arts on Cat ba traveled to her village, to wanted her son to be able to defend himself against what she knew would be a life long struggle to overcome the prejudice in the minds of many of the Vietnam people.

Chung took Mike on as a student after some convincing from To who understood that it could possibly save her son's life. Mike was 5 when he started training, he practiced with a fierce intensity day and night, Mike developed a close relationship with Chung who taught Mike the hidden secrets of a style of fighting that Chung had developed himself. Chung's style of fighting was a combination of everything he had learned along with his own moves, he incorporated into a deadly style. Mike was home schooled by To in the morning and studied martial arts the rest of the day for the next twenty years.

Mike had grown to an astounding 6 feet 3 inches of pure muscle, his 220 lb. frame was the perfect fighting machine, he was amazingly graceful and acrobatic for his size, he was now 25 years old. There was no need for the aging Chung to continue teaching Mike, his skill level was equivalent to, if not exceeding his former teacher. Mike had grown tired of the island and wanted to see more of the world so he moved to the mainland and took a job in a restaurant owned by an African-American who also own a dojo in the city that catered to tourist. Mike would visit the dojo often and stand around watching the various fighting matches going on daily.

After 6 months of working at the restaurant Mike's boss ordered him to place some fryers around town as well as the dojo. Mike took the flyers without a second thought and made a beeline to the door, he much preferred being outside in the fresh air. Mike placed the flyer in several locations under scornful eyes, he was down to his last few flyers when he approached the dojo. For the first time Mike read the flyer, one thousand US dollars to the winner of a martial arts tournament. Mike ran full speed back to the restaurant to sign up for the contest all the while thinking of his mother and how proud she would be.

On the day of the first match Mike destroyed the competition in a dramatic fashion causing three competitors drop out of the competition, by the second fight word had spread to the city about the highly skilled fighter from the country side. People came from all around to witness what was being talked about in the local markets in town. A few promoters made the drive to the outskirts of town to try to cash in on Mike's talents.

The 5th fight was viewed by the governor of the province as well as several dignitaries who persuaded mike's boss to hold the remaining matches in the city. He was promised a handsome fee for his compliance, Mike was able to negotiate Chung's release back into society. Mike won every match and received the prize money, he was a local celebrity. The day after the match Mike returned to Cat ba to find his mother had passed away the night before, Mike fell to his knees screaming while tears streamed down his face.
Published: 9/19/2011
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