Self Harm

A poem about self harm and its effects.
Self harm,
Is what is visible on your arms.

You started off doing it for fun,
But then soon it became quite addictive.

Cuts after cuts,
But that's not enough.

You have become so used to the pain that you don't realize,
The blood splattered on your arm.

In the Summer people begin to notice,
They gossip about you.
They sometimes even have the nerve to say stuff to your face.

You try not to show you care,
But in the end it becomes too much to bear.

You become so used to keeping things to yourself,
That you find it hard to go call for help.

One day a friend of yours, sees you all broken down,
So she gets you mentoring sessions.

The mentor advises you to eliminate all your sorrows,
And pray for a better tomorrow.

That one advice was a wake up call for you,
Now five years later,
You help make a difference to those who are in a similar position,
That you were once in.
Published: 5/16/2012
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