Self Harm Poems

Deliberate self harm, self injury...does that sound right? Ask yourself, is self injury a solution to your problems? Is self harm a way out of agony and depression? Who gave you the right to harm yourself? The next time you think of any kind of self injurious behavior, ask yourself just one question; “will self injury help?” Your honest answer will be “No”. Learn to love; love yourself.
Typical Friday, but not for her.
Aftermath of Bullying
My experience with bullying. Only a little bit though.
Are You Happy Now?
My best friend was going through a rough time. She said that cutting was the only way to be in power of herself. I guess she got to power hunger because next thing I know, she's gone. I dedicate this to her.
Cutting Addict
Stop cutting.
Self Harm
A poem about self harm and its effects.
5 Months
5 months no cutting...
It Hurts
A Body Of Scars
A girl with scars. Her marks are proof that some can take life but they hurt themselves to relieve the pain they feel inside.
Cutter's Angel
A poem self harm, it's really long but please read to the end.
Death of the Perfect
What happens when the ending of a relationship turns into self injury..
Blade and Skin?
A poem of someone who make me turn my back on the world.
Girl In The Mirror
I strongly suggest you read and find out... It's about self harm, by the way.
The Sensations Of The Blade
I quit cutting and these are the withdrawals of the addiction that I'm going through..
My New Best Friend the Razor Blade
This was written on February 8, 2010. It was right around the time that my dad was incubated on life support. I am better now than I was then.
Her Blood Weeps
I like to write poems about cutting because when people ask me why i cut it is just so hard to explain it...with poems it becomes easy
My Attempt
My attempt to...cut myself....enjoy.
I wrote this for him, after he broke my heart and apologized too late.
Silent Beach - Suicide
If you are going to laugh, tell me now. I mean everything I say here.
Silent Cries Are Not Heard
About a girl who cuts c of her parents but they don't seem to realize so she kills herself...plz comment.
My Friend, Mr Blade
A little something I thought about after reading the book Red Tears..It's a great book highly recommended.
I wrote this when I was still self harming and felt that nothing could ever help me.
Cutting Is A Sin..
For You
Cutting.. Sadness..
The Note
Thanks for reading peeps!!
Do You Like My Canvas?
This is how I feel when I used to have a cutting problems. Please, get help if you do. It ruined my life for the longest, and still affects my life till this day.
Self- Inflicted Pain
This is a song that I wrote back in may. Hope that you like it.
Cutting Off Life
I'm not like this anymore...this is just an old poem so I just thought I would share it with you guys.
No One Understands
I'm emo and no one gets me
What I felt like when I cut...
Cutting Myself
This is about my pain and what I do to end the pain inside, even for a second...
Do You Believe?
In the end all that matters is whether you believe or not; is there something in life to strive for or not? But now it's time to ask yourself: Should I or should I not run this knife across my wrist?
Lies that Make Me Bleed
These lies creating pain and deep, incurable hatred embedded deep within my mind. This blade cutting my wrist is better than thinking of her.
Blood of a Blade
Blades - Stroking the blade like your lover...
Cry Of Blades
I try to fight it...
Infliction of Pain
Hmmm.... it is what it is.
My Last Breath
I slowly slit my wrists...