Serenity - Ch 11

Serinity goes to her final class of the day, she goes with Maleki and they run into trouble.
Serinity's POV

The gong rang and I began heading to my Potions Class; I told Myla I would meet her after school to shrink her back down to size. Maleki walked with me; it was nice that he was in all my classes. We entered the door leading to Potions and I was a little shocked to see a woman burst into flames as I entered. "Class this is the last time I'm going to warn you! Get to your seats now!" She said as little flames jumped off her. She must be a Firen; as she calmed down her skin began to turn a pale white, her hair was a fiery red, and she had freckles all over. I introduced myself and she gave me some textbooks and told me to take the open seat next to Maleki. "Ok class...This is Potions 101; please open your book to page 63 and pair up for lab partners." Miss. Blaze said in her soft voice. I didn't even have to ask Maleki to be my partner; as soon as I looked his way he gave me a slight nod. "Alright class you have twenty-minutes to make an Iron spell. Begin!" She belted out. "Ok Serinity will you gather the ingredients and I'll get our supplies." Maleki said giving me a slight grin. I nodded and headed towards the other kids surrounding a large wooden table with different herbs and liquids.

First thing on the list was Dehelder Toes; I scanned the table and found the silver toes. Next, was Steel Tears; I found a small vile with a silver liquid. I quickly grabbed the remaining items. I headed back towards Maleki; he already had our Cauldron over the fire. "Ok Serinity use the motor and pestle to crush down the Dehelder toes to a fine dust." Maleki said as he passed me the mortor. I began crushing the silver toes until they were as fine as saw dust. I began watching him pour a canister of water into the cauldron. " Water is the main ingredient in all potions, next we have to add the Steel Tears and stir until the liquid is a light pale silver blue color." He said as he poured in the tears. The liquid slowly began to change from a silver liquid to a pale silver blue. We waited for our potion to bubble and then pored in the toe dust. A huge puff of smoke busted out of the cauldron.

Maleki told me that was normal and we began mixing in the final ingredients; when we were finished we pored a small amount into a veil. The liquid was a pale blue with little silver bubbles. "Ok class times up, I want one person from each group to come to the front of the class and we'll find out how well you all did. Maleki grabbed the veil and headed towards Miss. Blaze. I was a little nervous when she chose him to go first. He put the veil up to his lips and the liquid began poring into his mouth; he made a face and then his skin began to change to a metallic sliver. Miss blaze held a magnet towards him and in an instant it was stuck to his skin. "Maleki and Serinity you get an A for your potion!" Miss blaze said as she wrote down our grade. Most of the other kids got the spell right except for one group. When the girl drank the liquid she changed into a small puddle of silver liquid. "Ok class does anyone know what went wrong with their potion?" Miss Blaze said as she scanned the room.

No one answered. "If the Dehelder Toes are not ground up to a fine powder it will result in not keeping you will end up a small liquid like Miss. Greden." As she finished her statement she walked over to the silver puddle and sprinkled some sort of powder and the girl's body began to take back form. We spent the rest of the day going over Potion terms. As the gong rang I walked with Maleki towards the Motchen entrance where Myla was waiting. " So how was your first day!" Myla said with excitement in her eyes. I began telling her all about my day; when I was finished she asked if I could shrink her down to size. I concentrated and pictured her the size of a mouse; her body began to convulse and slowly shrink. We said we would meet back up tomorrow before school and I would make her grow again. " So... do you still want to come over to my house and look for those books?" Maleki asked as he headed towards the Elven entrance.


Maleki's POV

"Yes of course ummm but Gladimer will be waiting for me." She said as she gave me a small pout. I saw Armon walk towards the Amagen entrance , "Ask Armon to tell him for you!" I said as I flagged Armon down. All Srenity had to do was give him her puppy dog eyes and he would do anything. She smiled as she walked towards me. " Ready!" she said as she waved her hand over the Elvane Flower and the tunnel to Elshire Woods opened. As we walked into my forest I couldn't take my eyes off her she was taking in all the beauty around her. If she only knew that the forest couldn't compare to her beauty; not only the beauty that is on the outside but the inside. " It's quite a hike to Elsire; I'd say about a thirty minute walk." I said grabbing a stick from the ground. One thing about Elvens is our hearing...I could hear a Fly fart a mile away. " Hold on there's something coming," I said as I put my arm out keeping her from going any further.

From behind the tree line I could see the body of a Gaborc; his over sized head peered out with his beady red eyes. His skin was a muddy brown with scares all over. He pulled out a sword almost the size of Serinity and charged towards us! I rushed in front and summoned the lightning from the sky; the bolt hit his sword but didn't faze him. He didn't take his eyes off Serinity; I quickly chanted, " Raorad, blatorad, summon the sword." As I finished my chant a glowing sword appeared in my hand. I rushed towards him; he trusted towards me and I jumped back barely missing his giant sword. I quickly retaliated with a right cross. As my fist hit his large face he just smiled and tossed me out of the way like a rag doll. I tried to regain my balance as fast as possible. As my eyes focused I saw him raise his sword about to slash down at Serinity; I became the wind and appeared in front of her and stopped his sword with mine just in the nick of time. "Lonely Creature I've had enough of you! Stay!" the Gaborc shrieked and just then I froze I couldn't even speak my body went stiff. I could just look in fear as he got closer to Serinity.
Published: 7/9/2010
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