Serenity - Ch 13

Serinity and her friends go to Maleki's house to look for books about the blood stones. Scar goes threw a huge change.
Serinity's POV:
As my friends began to move Scar and I separated; each of our bodies slowly began to take form. For a second there we were still connected to each other somewhat like a two headed monster. As I stared over at Armon I could see the worry in his eyes; I almost lost myself in them. His huge blue eyes with long eye lashes got me a little weak in the knees. I had butterflies in my stomach when he shot me his sexy smile. I've never felt like I had to choose before but I knew that Armon and Maleki both had a crush on me. I never really thought about relationships before but I knew in the future I would have to choose Maleki or Armon.

I just meet Maleki but I knew deep down he would do anything for me; he was funny, good-looking, and a little bit of a rebel. On the other hand there was Armon.....oh Armon he's been my best friend ever since Gladimer took me in; he is kind, passionate about anything he does, good-looking, and like Maleki would do anything for me. I don't want to hurt either of them but I know I will end up hurting someone's feelings so for now I will keep my head on my quest. "Serinity are you ok?" Armon said snapping me out of my thoughts. "I'm fine but what are you doing here?" I said but before I could finish Maleki was rushing towards Scar. "Maleki Stop he's my friend!" I protested as I stuck my hand out and accidentally froze him.

I quickly raised my hand and he looked at me puzzled. "Sorry I'm still getting used to my powers. But yes he's my friend and he's going to help us on our quest." I said staring back at Scar. " Ummmm.... So where is he going to stay? Everyone throughout the lands will try to harm him." Maleki said as he lowered his sword. "We could do a spell to make him look like a human slave. No one would really pay attention to him." Armon said as he looked towards Scar, " I mean if that's all right with you Scar?" Scar paused for a long time, " Well if that's the only way I can Protect Serinity then let it be so." He said in his rough voice. " Umm ok I guess I'll try to change him," I said as I stared into Scar's eyes; I began picturing him as a human. He obviously would be a huge muscular man, brown eyes, short shaved hair, and a Scar on his cheek. As I finished my though he instantly began changing form; it was as if I were watching a Chameleon.

He shrank down in size although he was still very large; I doubt any one would try to lash him,he was quite intimidating. "Ok now don't look anyone in the eyes and don't talk or anyone that finds out will either lash you or ....hang you." Maleki said with a gulp. "Ok now back to our quest... like I said before it's about a thirty minute walk and since were a little behind so I suggest we all hold hands and I'll turn us into the wind," Maleki said as he quickly grabbed my hand and gave me a seductive grin; out of the corner of my eye I could see Armon give him glances like he was going to jump on him but then he took a deep breath and took my other hand as well as Scars. We quickly flew threw the forest until we ended in front of Maleki's house.

Armon's POV
As we ended at Maleki's house I noticed that he still hadn't let go of Serinity's hand; I tried not to let it bother me but it was hard. The Elvin people live in hollowed out trees with winding branches that lead to each room. Maleki's home was a large Levin Tree; its purple leaves had just emerged. We followed him in to his home where his Father was waiting for us. I couldn't quite make out what they were saying; Elvin is a very complex language to learn. It took Gladimer ten years before he was fluent. His Father smiled towards us the lead us up the winding branches all the way to the last floor. When we emerged I saw hundreds of old books; I recognized some of them but others I had never seen before. Elvin people are one of the oldest races in the world so it makes sense that they would have books my father only dreamed of having. "Ok well do any of you read Elvin?" Maleki asked I know he knows that no one does but he was trying to rub it in.

Everyone shook their heads so he began scanning the book shelves. Scar began picking up books from the rack I noticed that if he found ones with pictures he'd hold on to it longer and go threw every page staring at each picture. "Scar, do you know how to read?" I asked as I gave him a reassuring look. He quickly put the book down. It is forbidden only the Nagite race is allowed to read. " That's horrible, I totally know how you feel. Gladimer taught me in secret and I couldn't live without it now. I love to read!" Serinity said as she softly touched his hand. " I can teach you. That is if you want." I said studding his face and in an instant he light up. " Really! I mean yeah if you don't mind." Scar said excited then trying to hold back the excitement. As long as I could remember Serinity seems to find the good in all creatures; she was right about Scar. Once you got past his intimidating exterior you saw depth.

I could tell he was a lot like Serinity; he want to know everything know that he is no longer around the Nagite's. I figured it would take a while before Maleki found the right book so I looked around the room for something to write on. In the corner of the room there was a small desk with tons of blank scrolls and pens. " Maleki can I use these," I said as I grabbed a scroll and a pen to show him. "Yeah sure." He said peering from behind a tall book shelf. I wrote down the alphabet in lower and uppercase letters. I sat down next to Scar. " Now this is going to be hard at first and you're going to have to practice a lot but I have a feeling in no time you will be reading stories you've only imagined." I said as I put my hand on his shoulders.

First I went over the different sound each letter made and I had him repeat them. He smiled a crooked smile each time he said a letter. After it seemed like he understood a little I started quizzing him; he wasn't doing to bad but he would get so frustrated when he got something wrong. "Scar don't be hard on your self reading is not an easy thing to learn right off the bat. It takes practice but I know you will learn in no time!" Serinity said reassuring him. Just them Maleki came from around the corner, " Ok I found three books that talk about the blood stones. So I will translate for you." Maleki said as he sat down next to us and laid the old dusty books down.
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Published: 7/13/2010
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