Serenity - Ch 14

This chapter Maleki translates the books he found on blood stones.
Blood Stones:

When the world was young and without magic; the Unicorns had each race find a stone from their land that represented their race. The Elvin's were the first race to return with a stone. The stone was a dark purple with green flecks surrounding it. The Unicorn had the leader of the Elvin race touch his horn; as the leader touched the horn he pricked his finger and a small amount of blood trickled down. The Elvin leader was then told to grab his stone. As he grabbed the stone it instantly began to glow and hovered around the Elvin leader. The Unicorn then told the leader that gift to the Elvin race was Weather; he was told to go back to his village and have every Elvin stand by the blood stone so they too could receive their gift.

The King of the Amegen's was the next race to bring a stone to the Unicorn; the stone was covered in moss. The Unicorn Pick the Kings finger with his horn and had him touch the mossy stone. The stone then began to glow and Circle the King; the King was told that his race would be able to control plant life. The King was then sent home to share his gift with his people. The leader Mochuen's had returned with a small stone about the size of a pea; it was brown with gold stripes. The Unicorn then pricked the leaders finger and had him touch the stone. As it glowed and hovered the Unicorn told the leader that his gift might be seen as a curse. The Moschuen leader looked confused but then slowly began to shrink. He was told that his gift would be to control animals and that the animals of his land would also have special gifts.

Next up was the leader of the Trader's; he came with a slimy green-brown Stone. After the Unicorn pricked his finger the leader was told that his gift was the gift of sight and illusions. The Trader was also told that the fate of his race was determined by the choices that would be made in future generations. The Leader of the Norletsion's was the next to arrive; she brought a stone that looked as clear as water. The Unicorn did the same as the others and pricked her finger and had her touch the rock. She was then told that she would change the location of her village. The Norletsion was a little confused until the Unicorn told her that she would be able to breathe under water and was able to control water and anything that lived in the water. Soon after the Firen's leader come before the Unicorn; she brought a stone that was bright red with swirls of yellow almost making it look like fire.

As the Unicorn pricked her finger; the Firen's body burst into flames yet she felt no pain. She was told that she would be able to control fire. The Minden's leader would soon follow the Firen; he brought a stone that was so crystal clear that you could see right through it. Again the Unicorn pricked his finger and as his stone glowed and circled him he was told his gift. The Minden was told that he would have to use his powers wisely as he was given the power of reading thoughts. As dusk began to approach the Leader of the Dragon's came to the unicorn with a stone that was a rough green color that almost looked like scales. Before the Unicorn pricked the leaders finger he gave him a choice. The leader was told that his gift might be seen as a curse and that if he went through with this, his race would be changed forever. He was told that he would look like the stone that he brought; his skin would turn to scales and he would grow to the size of a whale.

The leader of the Dragons was not frightened by this and agreed. As the Unicorn pricked his skin and his blood hit the stone his body began to rapidly change. He grew to the size of a whale, he had green scaly skin, and enormous wings. He was told his gift would be flight. The leader of the Goborc's was next; he carried a stone that was as big as his head. The stone was different shades of brown. Again the Unicorn told the Gaborc that his gift would result in a change in his appearance. Just like the Dragons; the Leader agreed. As his blood touched the stone his body began to expand and his skin turned a rough brown. The Unicorn told the Gaborc that his power would be strength and fusion. That his race would be able to combine with each other and form a bigger stronger Gaborc.
The last page of the book was ripped out.
The Book of the Creator: Same text. Last page ripped out

The Book of Time: : Same text. Last page ripped out

Serinity's Pov

"Thanks for translating those for me; I wish we would have gotten more information. At least we know what most of the stones look like." I said as stood up. Maleki grabbed the books and headed towards the book rack. He lost his grip on one of the books and it fell. I quickly rushed over to pick it up when I noticed a tiny scroll poking out of the binding of the book. " Hey what's this," I said as I unraveled the scroll. Maleki, Armon, and Scar all huddled around me. " That's English not Elvin," Maleki said as he saw the words"

The Letter:

Blood Moon
I know you won't believe me. You won't even believe that I wrote this and I can't even begin to explain how, because I still don't understand it. I am a Slave and I know it is forbidden to speak and a crime to write but I need to tell someone. Three suns ago I was walking through the forest collecting plants for my master when I saw a cloaked figure crouching down. As I got closer I could see it was drinking the blood of a Unicorn. I didn't know what to do so I began picking up rocks and threw it at the Black Shadow. It turned towards me and I could see a pale face with blood red eyes. It never came towards me it just disappeared. I rushed over to the Unicorn and tried the best I could to patch it up but all I could do was soothe it and clean it's wounds. I am telling you this so you know that it is not the human that is hunting the Unicorns it is something else. Please help them!


"Blood Moon was over 10,000 years ago!" Maleki said with amazement, "The moon turned red 9,846 years ago for one night. It is documented in the Elvin History book. Even our greatest leaders still haven't figured out why."
Published: 7/27/2010
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