Serenity - Ch 5

Serinity starts mage training and finds out what classes she will be taking.
Hi everyone well It looks like I will be working on two story's. Sarina18 Thanks for the comments you seem to be the only person that comments and I appreciate that! Sorry this is such a short chapter. I started softball so I don't have as much time to write but I hope you like this chapter!!!
Armon's POV:
"Get out get out hurry get out!" she screamed as her eyes grew wide and she motioned for me to leave. I can't believe the spell didn't work maybe I was supposed to say amendon not amelton. Serinity was so mad at me; I was going to walk her to class and show her around but maybe I should give her some time to cool off. I hope she doesn't stay mad at me. I rushed out the wooden door without even looking at Gladimer in the face; hopefully he could fix her dress. I headed down the long stone corridor to find the secret entrance to Mageaton where the mage training was held. I studied the wall looking for the magelon flower; every race has their own flower planted somewhere along the east wing of the castle.

I found the flower and waived my hand over it; the wall sounded as if it was crumbling as the roots separated a small entrance for me to fit in. "Armon, wait!" screamed Serinity as she ran down the corridor towards me; Gladimer hovered slightly behind her. Her blonde hair danced in the breeze as she ran. "Hi Serinity, I'm so sorry about your dress." I stammered. "Oh don't worry about that Gladimer fixed it." Serenity said staring deep into my eyes. "Well my dear this is where I take my leave; when you get home I want you to tell me all about your day," Gladimer said in his deep husky voice. They gave each other a quick hug and then she followed me threw the entrance; her eyes grew as she saw the whole new world that was hidden within the castle walls. "How is this possible!" she said with excitement. "That's easy magic! You see this part of the world is actually on an Island off the banks of Tripentel, you can't see it though it is protected by a barrier slash invisibility spell. The only way to reach it is threw the castle walls.

If you notice there are different flowers along the bank; each of those flowers is for a different race. Just as I said that and Elvin kid just came threw and helped her see what I was trying to explain. Well we have to hurry I have to get my first class; but I will take you to Mrs. Trumpleton, she will decide your school schedule." I said as I lead her to the huge stone Castle. As we walked threw the doors; other kids were rushing around us trying to hurry to classes before the first gong. I watched her every expression as she studied the building and everyone inside it; I lead her to Mrs. Tripenel's room and said my good byes.

Serinity's POV:
I knocked on the door and waited for a response, "Come in," responded a sweet high pitched voice. I walked in to revel a tall beautiful woman, with soft pink hair, light purple eyes, and slightly pointed ears; I believe she is an elf but I still don't know all the races of our world. "Ahh you must be Serinity I've heard all about you! I'm Mrs. Tripenel; I oversee all the classes that are held her and help you find out where your place will be. Her room was cluttered with tons of books,scrolls,and plant life I've never seen before. The only clean spot was in the center of the room which was a circle made out of stones. "Ahh I see you've noticed the blood stones, good eye." She said as she walked over to the circle. " Each of these stones has the blood of all the different races that go to school here.

Now there are other blood stones but we do not allow their races to attend; you'll figure more of that out in History Class. Anyway how the stones work is pretty easy; you stand in the center and whatever magical blood runs threw your veins will hover and start to circle you helping me know which classes to put you in. So let's get started; please stand over here in the center of the stones." She said directing me in to the center; she began chanting the all of a sudden every single stone began hovering me.

As they began to circle around me I noticed gaps as if there were stones that were supposed to be there. "In all my years I've never seen anything like this! The most there has ever been, has been two stones and that was from a child that was half Elvin and half Amgen. We are going to have to run more tests this can't be right." Mrs. Tripenel said scratching her head. "For now I will start you off in the basic classes World History, Defensive Magic, Herbology, and Potions to start off with." She said as she waived her hand and passed me the paper that appeared out of thin air.
Published: 5/28/2010
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