Serenity - Ch 6

Serinity Starts her first class and learns about the world she lives in. Sorry this is another short chapter!
Serinity's POV:

I looked at the schedule that Mrs. Tripenel had given me. "So where's World history at," I said but before Mrs. Tripenel could answer me a map slowly began to appear on the paper. The bold red lines began mapping out the hallways and rooms within the castle; a little red X showed my position and the room where World History was held began to glow. "Oh, never mind Mrs.Tripenel I see it now; thanks again!" I shouted as I headed out the door. Just as I got into the hallway I was startled by a loud gong." Oh crap, I'm going to be late!" I said out loud as I dropped my schedule. "Here you dropped this," said a deep voice from behind me.

I turned around to see a good looking Elvin boy with dark purple hair that fell to just above his shoulders, he had piercing crystal blue eyes, slight build, and a smile that could put you in a trance. "Oh, you have World History too!" He said waiting for a response. I couldn't talk; I couldn't take my eyes off him. "You don't talk much do you? Well here take my hand!" He said extending his muscular arms towards me. Again I didn't speak or move so he took my hand and in less than a second we were the wind; that's the only way I know how to describe it. We flew threw the hallways until we ended at the room where World History was being held. "Maleki, your late as usual; and who is this?" the short old man replied. Finally I snapped out of my trance, "My name is Serinity," I stammered. "I'm Mr. Dundermif your World History teacher. There is an empty seat next to Myla, so take a seat and I'll begin." He said in a raspy tone. I smiled as I walked over to where Myla was.

Since she was so tiny they had made her a desk just her size and had a bull horn looking plant attached to the front; I figured this was so she didn't have to strain her voice for everyone to hear her. She gave me her tiny little smile as I took my seat. "Okay class since we have a new student this year we are going to go over everything we've learned so far. Now who can tell me how many races live in this world?" He said looking around the room. "Maleki, I think I'll let you explain this one for us." Maleki's face became a coral pink color as he stood up. "There are a total of eleven different races of those eleven; seven attend this school." "Very good, now please explain the races and their inherent powers." Mr.Dundermif said with a smile. "Elvin's are one of the oldest races their inherent powers control weather; Amegen's control Plant life, Moschuen's control animals, Trader's control sight, Norletsion's control water, Firen's obviously control fire, Minden's can control thoughts.

Of the four that do not attend we don't know much about! Humans we know for sure have no magical abilities, Dragons, Goborc's, and Nagite's we know very little about they do have magical power's however we do not know their inherited powers." Maleki said as he let out a huge sigh of relief. "Very good! Yes we don't know much about those other races; now who are the creator's of all races? Myla." Mr. Dundermif said motioning towards her. " The Unicorn's, It is told that the light of our world will die out when the last unicorn is no more." Myla said as she gave herself a funny little pat on her back and smirked. "Yes, The Unicorn's gave each of the races one magical ability; from what we can gather is that the humans hunted down most of the Unicorn's probably from spite.

When their numbers were low the Nagite's formed an alliance with the Dragons, and the Goborc's. They hunted down the unicorns and the King of the Nagite's drank their blood to make him more powerful. The last unicorn's used their powers to separate the lands to make it harder for the Nagite's to enter our lands. What we do know is that there is only one Unicorn left in the world. Our greatest leaders are on a quest to find her; as long as the Uniflower blooms we know that she is still alive and from the color we can tell that it is female. From that he began discussing the features of the different races and describing the lands which they came from; we were just discussing the various plant and animal life when the second gong rang.
Published: 5/29/2010
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