Serenity - Ch 7

Serinity finds out if she truly has the blood of the seven races flowing threw her veins. Sorry short Chapter
Maleki's POV:

As the second gong rang I couldn't take my eyes off Serinity; she is so beautiful. She went over to Myla's desk and talked with her for a minute and then headed to the door. I quickly became the wind and flowed threw her soft sunlit hair and placed myself in front of her. "You startled me!" she said with a jump. "I'm sorry it's a habit; we have all the same classes and I was wondering if I could walk you to Defensive Spells?" I said with a grin. She smiled and gave me a slight nod; I quickly grabbed her hand and we were off. We flew threw the crowded hallways with ease; we had ten minutes to get to class and I could get us there in one minute so I decided to make a quick stop in the courtyard.

As I let go of her hand our shapes began to take form. "This isn't defensive class." She said as she took in her surroundings. "I know I just figured you might want to see the Uniflower; it's almost as pretty as you!" I said looking her up and down. Her face turned a light pink as she blushed. We walked over to the center of the courtyard where golden stones surrounded the beautiful Uniflower. Its petals changed within seconds from a beautiful glowing pink to a light lavender. "It's beautiful; does its petals change often?" Serinity asked as she touched the petal. "No, I've actually never seen it change!" I said as I scratched my head. "Well I don't want to be late so we better go." She said as she walked away.

I noticed the lavender color begin to fade back to the coral pink color; odd maybe it does change colors. I followed her to the entrance and grabbed her soft hands and we were the wind again. I got us to Defensive class right before the gong rang. I was still holding Serinity's hand as our bodies began to take form. I couldn't help but notice the look Prince Armon was giving me; if his stare was daggers I would be dead. "Maleki, you're actually on time for once, and who do we have here?" Miss. Wentersbe said from behind her thick glasses.

I used to think she would be horrible teacher because of those thick glasses but boy was I wrong, she's one of the strongest Minden's in the world; she would have been on the quest to find the last unicorn but she is needed more in Mage Training. "This is Serinity today is her first day." I said as I walked over to my seat. " Ahhh Mrs. Tripenel told me all about you before we start I would like to speak with you in the hallway." Miss. Wentersbe said as she headed towards Serinity. "ooooowwwww," the class said in unison. " That's enough! Lience, Trience,Silence" Miss. Wentersbe said with a glare. As she pinched her fingers towards her mouth everyone's lips shut, that is a spell Miss. Wentersbe uses quite frequently.

Serinity's POV:

As I followed Miss Wentersbe out to the hall I began to get nervous. I know I did noting wrong but I was still on edge. "Don't be nervous you're not in trouble; Mrs. Tripenel wants me to confirm that the blood stones are correct; if they are then I might ask that Gladimer works with you at home on some more advanced spells now take my hand" She said as she stared into my eyes. As I took her hand my head began to spin the colors of the hallway began to blur together faster and faster as the colors began to slow I noticed we back at the banks by the flowers that lead to castle walls. "Ok my dear, just to confirm that you have the blood of the seven races we are going to see if you can open the entrances." She said as she pointed to the flowers.

First I went to the Magelon flower that I saw Armon use; I waived my hand over it and an entrance appeared out of thin air. "Well you're defiantly an Amegen." Miss Wentersbe said smiling. "Now try the Elvane Flower," She said as she pointed towards the dark purple flower that matched Maleki's hair. I walked over waived my hand and another entrance formed. "Not bad now let's try the Moculu Flower!" She said pointing to a tiny yellow flower not much bigger than a blade of grass. As I waived my hand a tiny entrance no bigger than the size of my hand appeared. "Amazing let's continue to the Tradent flower," She said pointing to an ugly muddy looking flower.

Same as before I waived my hand and an entrance appeared. "Great now the Norlet Flower!" she said pointing further down to a flower that looked like it was pure water. As before the entrance popped up just after I waived my hand. The same thing happened with the Fire Lilly and the Miden Lilly. "I can't believe it this is amazing after centuries no one has ever had the blood of the seven races, Mrs. Tripenel will be very pleased."Now let's hurry back before the class gets restless!" She said as she took my hand and we teleported back to the defensive class. "Ok Locken, Frocken, Talken," Miss Wentersbe chanted and soon the class was humming with chatter. "Serinity you can take a seat next to Yomora. Yomora please raise your hand." She said as she motioned to Yomora.

Yomora raised her hand and I took a seat to the open desk to the right of her. Yomora is a Trader; as I took a seat she mumbled something under her breath. "Excuse me," I said as I took my seat. "I said you reek of human blood! You might have everyone else fooled but your sent sells you out! I know what you are you filthy human!" Yomora said between her jagged razor-sharp teeth. "Don't you ever talk to her like that again, you hear me Trader; you're lucky your kind is even allowed in this school!" Armon said coming to my rescue. "Armon, you might not be able to tell that she's human but the stench of her human blood is making me sick." She said as she rolled her eyes. "Ok class I would like you to open your Spell books to page forty five.

Serinity your book is under your desk." Miss Wentersbe shouted for me to hear. I reached under my desk and grabbed the thick book and began to open it up to page forty-five. As I reached the page all of a sudden hundreds of nasty bugs and spiders began crawling out of the pages and up my arms. "Ahhhhhhhhhhh!" I screamed as I began slapping the nasty creatures off me. "Serinity are you ok," Miss Wentersbe said as the whole class began staring at me. "The I mean uhh I'm sorry I didn't mean to disrupt you class." I said as I noticed that there was nothing crawling on me or the books. I could see Yomora smirk and that's when I realized she used her inherent power of sight to make me believe I saw creepy crawlies all over me. I had to come up with a plan to get her back. Because if there is one thing I learned is that if you let someone walk all over you it's never going to stop until you put an end to it.
Published: 6/8/2010
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