Serenity - Ch 8

Serinity give Yomora a taste of her own medicine! Armon sees what Serinity is really made of!
As I took my seat I remembered my encounter with Ketsuen in the hidden valley. When she used her inherent power against me I used the same power; I wonder if I could make Yomora see what I want her to see? Miss Wentersbe was going over the Defenses spells from the book and I knew I should have been paying attention but I could take my eyes off Yomora. I remember when I was little and Gladimer told me a Traders one fear....Cats! That's why Traders usually keep dogs around them. I thought it would be funny if a couple kittens jumped on her desk. I visualized a little fluffy gray kitten pawing at her leg.

Then a cute little calico kitty jumping on her desk and showing his little tummy pawing up at her. Just as I finished my thought I saw them appear in front of her; her face began turning a light olive green as she screamed. "Ahhhhhhhhhh cats get them away from me!" she shrieked and began to tear up just as they disappeared. "Yomora! Is there a problem here?" Miss Wentersbe said as she scrunched her nose trying to get the point across that she was not happy. "You know what I am not going to deal with this! Do you two honestly think I don't know what's going on? I wasn't born yesterday; I know you're using you inherent powers. And Serinity on your first day!

I'm very disappointed in you! Now I think the best thing is for you two to find out what the issue is between you, and don't even think about saying there is no issue! Now go out in to the courtyard and resolve this now! Galoraten fra la Hortgaurd, Salatorton mre ze Zortsmard, Teleport to the courtyard!" Miss Wentersbe chanted as she waved her hands towards Yomora and me. I felt as is I was a cloud of smoke and then I felt nothing then smoke again. As the smoke cleared I could see the Uniflower glowing in the sunlight; the scent of roselillies filled the air. I was trying to take in more of the scenery when Yomora interrupted me. "How can you do that you filthy human!" she said as she wiped the spit from her slimy lips. "Look I don't really know yet and stop calling me a human! All I know is that I have the blood of all the seven races; maybe I have human blood too.

Hell I don't know I'm still trying to figure out." I said as I thought about everything that has happened. "All I know is I smell it on you! Either you roll all around humans or it's in your blood; I still don't like you! You make me want to puke every time I get a whiff of your scent. Know Miss Wentersbe wants us to play nice so in class will play nice but that's just an act. Outside the class you better watch your back for that cat trick Human!"Yomora said clinching her jaw. "Look why don't we just resolve this I mean you did the same thing to me and come on it was just a couple kitten!" I said laughing to myself. "I hate Cats!

And I don't care we'll never be cool! Ok! Even if you didn't pull that stunt things wouldn't change; I don't like you mutt! So let just get to class and live in a fantasy where I can tolerate you. Ok?" Yomora said not even letting me answer. She headed towards the west wing leaving me behind; I had to run to catch up with her! I caught my breath just as we reached the open door. "Ahh girls just in time! Now you ladies don't have the liberty of practicing the spells we've been learning; here are the chants now get in line." Miss Wentersbe said pointing to the long line of student. I was a little relived when I saw Armon.

Armon's Pov
My heart began to race as Serinity walked towards me; the light hit her just right. It was moments like this that I would give anything to be a ray of light; kissing her soft cheeks making her look more radiant. She looked relived to see me; I couldn't believe Miss Wentersbe was disappointed in her. Everyone knows Yomora needed a taste of her own medicine! I couldn't help but wonder how she has all these powers and what else can she do? "Wow Serinty! How could you use the power of sight and Myla told me about the flying lion stunt?" I said studying her. "Well I still don't know exactly; all I know is that all blood stones circled me and I could open any entrance and I've been able to use two of the inherent powers."

As we kept talking the lines kept getting shorter and shorter; now I could talk to her all day but she hadn't even looked at the spells once. "So.... Are you ready for this test? You haven't even looked at the spells once!" I said pointing at the chants she had in her hand. "Ohhh... yeah I just got caught up in the moment." Serinity said fidgeting with the chants. "It's basically a lighting, fire, snow, or acid spell. You basically have to say the right chant when Miss W. throws her chants at you." I said explaining and pointing at Miss W. She nodded and began studying, poor girl she doesn't have a chance she didn't have enough time to study.

As I reached the front of the line I glance back at Serinity; she was scanning threw the various chants. Just like I figured I aced the test! Miss W. didn't catch me off guard once. I headed towards the other students and watched Serinity nervously. She stared at Miss W. studying, her every move; just then Miss W. chanted and a snowball the size of my head flung straight towards Serinity. I didn't even see Serinity's mouth move when snow instantly began forming around her stopping the snowball right before it hit her. "Serinity you have to chant a little louder; I couldn't even here you." Miss W. shouted. "Uhhh... Ok!"

Serinty shouted back as she scratched her head. Miss W. quickly chanted again and lightning shoot out of her fingertips. "Prleto letoning, Sereto xeitning, Repel lightning!" Serinity yelled just as lightning shot up from the ground. Miss W. let Serinity catch her breath and then chanted again shooting small fire balls at her. Again I didn't see Serinity's mouth move and flames shoot down from the sky engulfing her in flames. "Serinity I said you have to chant louder!" Miss W. said getting frustrated. "Well that's the thing; the only chant I remembered was the lightning one?" Serinity said looking puzzled herself.
Published: 6/9/2010
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