Serenity - Ch 9

Mrs. Wentersbe puts her two cents in. Armon is hating on Maleki! Seritity makes a huge change for Myla.
Miss Wentersbe's POV:
A wizard that doesn't need spells is unheard of; there's more to Serinity than meets the eye. After class I must talk with Mrs. Tripenel about what I've seen; she can help figure things out. "Ok Serinity, that's enough practice for one day. Everyone go back to your seats and begin reading from Page 60. Leyos Please keep an eye on the class I will be back before you know it, so no monkeying around." I said before I teleported to Mrs. Tripenel's office; as the cloud of smoke dispersed I caught Mrs. Tripenel off guard. "Shelest, you really need to stop doing that I was in the middle of a new potion and one false move and I'd be green for the rest of the semester." She said as she was fidgeting with potions. "I'm sorry I needed to talk to you about Serinity; in class she used the inherent power of sight on Yomora and didn't have to use chants for some of the spells we are working on. It's as if she only has to think of something and it happens!" I blurted out. " Ahhh yes, I'm still trying to figure her out; lucky for us she has a pure heart.

Keep an eye on her in class and let me know if there is anything else about her that is out of the ordinary. I'm sure the elders are going to want to know every detail by first quarter." Marqueta said as she twirled a small veil in between her fingers. I nodded and said my chant and in an instant I was back in my class. It was anarchy ! The kids were bouncing off the walls, books were thrown every where, and the only one that was still in their seat was Serinity. Besides the Yomora incident , she was very respectful. I chanted a growing spell and grew three times my size. "That's enough! I'm giving you all ten seconds that get my class room back the way it was before I left!" As I counted down the kids quickly straightened the room; Serinity got out of her desk and helped as well. I began giving out homework and gave Serenity some more advanced spells to work on. "All right class, I will see you all tomorrow; today I'm letting you off easy tomorrow I won't be so nice." I said as the third gong rang and the kids pored out of my class.

Maleki's POV:
Serinity was still in her seat looking over the work Miss W. had given her; I slyly turned into the wind and rustled threw her hair appearing in front of her. "Can I walk you to lunch?" I asked giving her my sexy smile. She stared into my eyes as if she was looking threw my soul. "Of course but can Armon walk with us too?" She said giving me a little pout. From that moment on I knew I would do anything for her; I wasn't ecstatic about Armon coming with us. I could tell by the way he looked at her that he liked her too. "Sure, so what's the big deal with the Prince anyway?" I said a little too sarcastically. She bit her bottom lip and gave me a slightly harsh look, "Well I've known him ever since I was little. When I was a slave he was one of the few people that treated me kindly. Why what do you have against him?" I paused and thought about what I was going to say; I didn't want it to come out wrong. "Nothing really; I don't really know him it just... from my experience those with a noble blood line are stuck up and look down on everyone else." "Oh no he's nothing like that at all.

I think you two are going to get along really well!" She said smiling ear to ear. I seriously doubt that because we both want the same thing "Serinity" I thought to myself. " Serinity would you like to join me for lunch," Prince Armon said from behind us. " No," Serinity said smiling. For a mere second I was relived but then she finished her sentence. "But you can join us!" She said with a cute soft laugh; the kind that would make anyone smile. " Do you know Maleki?" she asked motioning towards me. " Ahh the rebel, yeah I know him; Serinity can I talk to you in private for a second" Armon said in a quiet whisper. I already knew what he was doing; he was going to tell her all the bad thing I've done. Well they're not really bad; I'm just kinda a class clown and loner sometimes. She began staring back at me then began pointing her finger sternly towards him. "You don't even know him! He's my friend and until he wrongs me I don't care what people say about him! Now are you coming with us or not?" is all I could overhear.

Serinity's POV
I was a little upset on how Armon was talking about Maleki; he doesn't even know him. I mean I don't really know him that well either but I don't go off what others say. I judge people on how they treat me and Maleki has been nothing but nice to me and so what if he's the class clown; I like to laugh! I started walking towards Maleki; Armon followed quickly behind. "You ready?" I asked Maleki. " I was born ready!" he said as he raised him eyebrows. We walked into the cafeteria kids were yapping and goofing around at every table. I saw one empty table outside, " Quick let's get that one." I said as I pointed to the table outside. I an instant Maleki was sitting there staring over at us giving me a sly look. " Show off." Armon said under his breath. We walked over to the table and I heard someone calling my name; I looked around to see no one. "Down here!" I heard again almost too soft to hear. "Myla!" I said as I bent over and picked her up. "So how's you first day going?" she asked staring up at me. "Not bad, what about you?" I said as I finished walking over to the table. "Well, it could be better. I almost got stepped on seven different times!

Luckily, I have a steel spell that my father taught me when I first started mage the people that are limping on one foot....yeah that was me." She said laughing. "I just wish I was big."Myla said looking around at everyone else. "It might not be so bad if I wasn't the only one of my kind here...but what are ya going to do... I guess it's just something I just have to accept." She said tugging at her clothes. I felt bad, I knew what she was feeling; I remember when I wished that I could talk and wasn't born a slave. I know it's not the same thing but they are relatable. I imagined her big.. She would be beautiful and wouldn't have to worry about being stepped on. As I was thinking I felt a huge weight in my hand; as I looked down she was growing so I set her on the table as fast as I could.

The only problem was her cloths weren't getting any bigger; I imagined her invisible as well and slowly as she grew she began to fade into nothing. " Serinity what's happening to me!" she screamed. "ummmm.... I think I made you grow but your cloths didn't so I think I made you invisible too." I said trying to figure out where she was. " Oh... that's why it's drafty" Myla laughed. I thought about what size she was and envisioned little silkworms making her a beautiful green dress. Just as I finished my thought Maleki pointed at the ground. Seven little silkworms were spinning an emerald green dress; in ten minutes it was finished. "Myla! Myla here, put this on "I shouted holding the dress out. "You don't have to shout; I'm right here." Myla said and then I saw the dress hovering in the air. I began to take Myla shape so I imagined her visible again; she slowly began to come into focus. " Serinity, this is amazing! I've always wished there was someway I could be big and you did it.

Moschuen's have tried growing spells but they don't work for us....your just going to have to make me small again when schools over. My father would kill me, I can picture it now. Myla, you should be proud to be a Moschuen! Are you ashamed of your race!" Myla said making her voice deep trying to sound like her father. "Serinity that was extraordinary!" Armon chimed in. "Are you hungry?" he said as he waived his hand over the ground and a small tree began to grow. As it got bigger I could see the green apples begin to form. " I love green Apples!" I said a little too loud; as the kids from the other tables began to stare. Armon quickly grabbed a few apples and waived his hand. The tree began to wither right in front of my eyes. "That's an amazing talent!" I said as I grabbed one of the apples from the table.
Published: 6/16/2010
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