Serenity - Chapter 15

Sorry I never finished this story. It's been a long time since my last post, but I will continue the story. Serenity just found books explaining the exchange of magic between the Unicorn's and the races of throughout the land but the last pages were ripped out.
So many thoughts were running through my mind, things just didn't make sense! What's the significance of the moon turning red? Why are the last pages, that obviously talk about the Human's and Nagite's ripped out? Why does no one know why Human's have been slaves all these years? "When did the Uniflower show that there was only one Unicorn left?" I questioned. "Umm... I'm not sure the Uniflowers grow in the fields of Lalandra. It was written that as the Unicorn's began dying off so did the Uniflower. The last flower was moved here 1,000 years ago." Maleki replied. "When did it get down to one?" I asked inquisitively as I fidgeted with my hands. "No one really knows everyone's answer is different." He said as he studied my eyes. "I need more answers we need to find those pages; Armon please tell Gladimer I need to find out who I am, and I know it has something to do with the last Unicorn.

It is essential to find her and do it before the King of the Nagite does. She's the only one that can help me know. Tell him I'm sorry and I love him with all my heart but this is something I have to do!" I said as I pushed back the tears that were starting to form. "I can't I'm coming with you!" Armon protested and his blue eyes deepened. "Armon she's right, I mean you are the son of the King. Don't worry I will protect her." Maleki replied slyly as he turned to me for a reassuring look. "Actually I think it would be best if just Scar comes with me. Maleki, I need you and Armon to work together here and find as much information on the Nagite's as possible. I need to know what I'm up against, I will find a way to communicate with you but we don't have much time I just have this feeling that the Nagite's are getting closer. Please! Please! Please! Do this for me!" I begged. We stood arguing for a while but soon they understood. I said my good byes and then Scar and I headed north towards Lalandra. I had hope that the lands of the Unicorn's would yield some answers. The road would be long and treacherous but Scar was at my side and that made me feel at ease.

Armon's POV

It was a quiet walk back, not even a cricket would dare break the silence. I dreaded telling Gladimer, I kept going over and over again different things I could have said to Serenity that would have made her change her mind. The more I thought about what I would do if I were in her shoes and the more your plea made sense. It was the longest walk ever, as thoughts came in and out of my head, and Gladimer had just reached the gates of the castle. "Have you seen Serenity?" He said in a fatherly tone. I then began telling him everything that we had found out and the questions Serenity was searching for.

I had always thought Gladimer was always composed but he just lost it. He began rapidly shooting fire balls into the sky repeating over and over, "What was she thinking!" Then his anger redirected towards me, "How could you let her do this! She knows nothing of the outside world! She should have come to me!" He shouted, then quickly composed himself as he realized who he was talking to, "I'm sorry Prince Armon I never should have spoken to you that way." I told him I understood and that Serenity needed us to find out as much information as possible on the Nagite's and Human's. The faster we researched the faster we could be at her side. He finally agreed with me, and headed to his study to find as many books about the creation or blood stones, as possible.

I headed to my father's secret study hoping that some of the rare books he possessed had some answers. I carefully waited for the guards to change shifts and used my moment of opportunity to sneak in. I slowly pushed the heavy doors keeping as quiet as I could be, thousands of books lined the walls and the room smelled of rich mahogany. I never knew this many books could be held in one place, I quietly shut the door behind me and felt around the course walls for the torch I had just seen. "Rathane, ricticane, give off flame." I chanted over and over until this the flames materialized out of thin air and illuminated the room.

As I walked through I realized that I would need Maleki's help; I scanned each book and more and more I wished I would have learned more than English. Hours had gone by and before I knew it dawn was already upon the window sill and I had only found one book but same thing the last page was ripped out. Every time I found a book and it began talking about the creation there were always at least one page missing. I slowly crept towards the door I quietly opened the door and made my exit as the guards changed shifts. I would swallow my pride and ask for Maleki's help, for Serenity's sake, when I see him in Mage Training.
Published: 12/21/2011
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