Serenity - Chapter 17

Maleki and Amon search for anything to help Serenity.
Maleki's POV

I couldn't keep my mind off Serenity, I've never had feelings for anyone before... I mean I've flirted with girls before but never cared for them. I hope she was OK, I hated that she went off with just Scar. What was she thinking. As I approached Mage, Training Prince Armon was waiting for me. Today he had a different look about him when he spoke, "Maleki, I was wondering if you could help me with something, but we don't have much time. My father will only be gone for the next two hours so we have to ditch our first couple of classes. Short story, I need your knowledge of languages." I knew he was only asking me because I was his last resort, but this was for Serenity so I followed him back to the banks of Trippentel.

The ivory sand sparkled in the early morning light as we approached the light green and yellow petals of the Magelon flower. Armon grabbed my arm and waved his hand over the lush flower. Shades of gray instantly appeared as we reached the Amegen castle, I followed his silent steps as he lead me down a dim lighted corridor. He slowly came to a stop and whispered, "OK now here's where it might get tricky and I don't know how well it's going to work. Now I know you can turn into the wind but how are you at doing a light breeze? Cause if not then I'm out of ideas because the guards already did there shift change." I couldn't believe he questioned that it's like me asking him if he could make a seedling instead of a tree. "Which room do we have to get into? Ohh wait, are there any spells on the room?" I said thinking logically about where we were at. "It's the last one at the end of the corridor, and I'm not sure but on the plus side I was in there earlier and nothing happened to me so... I have a good feeling, nothing will happen." He said with a cocky smirk on his face.

I wasn't going to even respond to that and quickly grabbed his arm, and turned into a soft breeze. I headed down the corridor, I got a little nervous as I passed the guards and went under the door. As we reached the middle of the room I gave us form again, I chanted a small light spell that would follow us where ever we went. I followed Armon over to a mahogany bookcase filled with books, he grabbed a couple of scrolls that were almost hidden on the side. "I figured the stuff on in this bookcase looked the oldest and we should start here." Armon said as he handed me the old scrolls. Nothing and then more nothing out then when it looked close pieces were missing, why is someone trying to cover this up, I just don't understand this. Then when all seemed lost a slight light of hope came with a small ripped parchment.

Old Parchment:

And the King of the Human's came to the unicorn but the unicorn would not prick his fingertip, "My gift for the Humans will not come now but at a time of great need and importance please let me finish." The King stormed off in a rampage ignoring the Unicorn's plea. The King of the Nagite's was next to approach the Unicorn, "Ahhh king you too have a choice and this is very important. I sense great darkness in your people a hunger for power at any cost, you can choose for me to give your people my gift or spare them the taste of magic and never know magic and hopefully in time that darkness will leave your people." The Unicorn said staring into his eyes. The King of the Nagite's didn't hesitate, "I too have noticed this darkness and if is for the benefit of our world, I choose to spare them of temptation. The Unicorn stared at the leaders and kings of the world. "Time will tell the fate of your people use the gifts I have given you wisely. Let all races help shape our world and live in harmony and peace together.

"I guess now has to be a time of great need and importance, if Serenity has the blood of all the races but was born a huma..," I heard Armon whisper under his breath and broke the silence as we both took in what I read and why it was so important that this was erased from history. Is this what Serenity was looking for, I figured it was good enough. "So how we going to find her? I figure we could do a tracking spell,I mean she does live in the castle and we just need some of her hair, the rest of the ingredients are easy to find." I said as I grabbed his arm and turned into the breeze and ended my light spell.

As we left the darkness I couldn't help but think about Serenity being a human, Armon has been known her all his life and wouldn’t say it unless it's true. I knew there something special about her, I know people think of Humans as slaves but there people had a King and King's mean Nobility how could they have been reduced down to slaves? As we reached Gladimer's wing I knew Serenity's room would be close; just then the smell of lilies and Orchids engulfed me as we passed an old wooded door. I knew that smell anywhere and I entered Serenity's room only to realize Glamier staring out the window. "Are you ready to leave, your lucky I waited know materialize and I'll tell you more when we find Serenity." Gladimer said quickly grabbing us and then we the room blackened till all we saw was a large red door.
Published: 1/10/2012
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