Serenity - Chapter 19

Serenity meets the Cloaked man again on her way to Lalandra. Sorry for such a short chapter.
Armon's POV

We followed Gladimer into the yellow door, I could feel the heat as we reached the other side. The Firen's land was hot and humid a desert wasteland next to Mt. Blaze, the only active volcano in all the land. The desert like valley was so vast and that endless, we could see nothing past the Mt. Blaze. As we followed Gladimer the sun glistened off Serenity's golden hair and the yellow flecks in her light blue eyes popped even more than ever. Scar quickly followed behind her looking in every direction; I could tell by the look on his face that something wasn't right. "Something wrong! Serenity not safe we have to hurry," before Scar could finish his sentence an invisible force sent him gliding through the air.

Gladimer quickly turned around deliriously searching the area. Just like before Gladimer was sent flying into the air, Maleki was the next to be tossed around like a rag doll. I quickly summoned a dust spell to give form the invisible force that was hunting us. As soon as I saw a figure form in the sand I sent a lighting bolt flying towards its head. "Serenity run as fast as you can! I'll try to hold him off!" I shouted pointing towards the valley. As she ran I saw the figure make his way towards her; I reached into my pocket and drank the Steel Potion I had learned to make in class. As the metallic taste hit my mouth, I could feel my body expand and get heavier. As I reached for the figure in the sand, I instantly saw it grow and turn to a silver color just like me. We struggled to grasp each other and as the silver man emerged from the sand, I noticed his blood-red eyes. It was then that I knew he was the same cloaked man who was on the Dragon the day I heard Serenity talk.

The cloaked silver man smiled at me as if we were playing some sort of game; then he let out a chuckle as he flung me into the air. As I landed, the breath in my lungs was forced out of me and dust clouded around me as I struggled to breathe. I looked back and couldn't see anyone anymore, he had to have tossed me fifty feet in the opposite direction. I was totally out of my element in the Firen land, I couldn't rely on my inherent ability with such scarce plant life. I would rely on the spells I knew and I quickly chanted a speed spell, as I finished my chant the silver that lined my body quickly chipped off me like paint.

My muscles felt like they were moving a mile a minute as I stared at my hands I could see a haze coming from them. I darted in the direction that Serenity had been heading. As I got closer I could see everyone fighting the cloaked man from every direction; it was as if he was mimicking their every movement. I couldn't help them now, my goal was to grab Serenity and get her to Lalandra! In an instant I was swooping her into my arms and I could hear her screaming back towards Gladimer, "We can't help them now! We have to get you to Lalandra!" I shouted over her screams. "Gladimer! No he's hurt we have to turn back!" Serenity pleaded. "Gladimer would have wanted it this way, they will catch up. He's the strongest Mage in all the land, and I know he's got some tricks up his sleeves." I replied trying to calm her down. "I won't leave him." Serenity said as she disappeared from my arms.

I stopped dead in my tracks and turned around as fast as I could. In a second I was back by Scar's side. Everyone was looking in amazement as Serenity countered blows from the cloaked man. I don't know where she got it, but she was holding the most beautiful sword I had ever seen. The handle was a cream color pearl with technicolor spirals and the blade seemed to be giving off a blue haze. As he jabbed and she effortlessly glided out-of-the-way and counted with a trust in his back.

The cloaked man shrieked out in pain and swiftly turned around throwing her off-balance. As I stepped forward it made sense why the others weren't trying to intervene; he must have cast a freezing spell around his perimeter. I was now frozen in place, forced to do nothing but watch and pray as Serenity did battle with the cloaked man. It went back and forth for what seemed like hours; they were each dripping blood from their open wounds. They were both pretty evenly matched in their movements but the cloaked man fought dirty, he threw sand into her eyes and kicked her sword to the side as she reached for her eyes. As he raised his sword into the air she looked up towards the sky and smiled as if she welcomed death. He sliced the sword down to her throat but before it reached a lava ball knocked it out of his hands.

The cloaked man turned to see thousands of Firen's staring him down and vanished into dust. "Thank the Creators they came!" Gladimer said as we were finally able to move our limbs. Scar rushed over to Serenity and helped her to her feet. Gladimer walked over to the Firen who seemed to be their leader and bowed obviously thanking them for their intervention. An elderly Firen walked over to Serenity and chanted over her wounds, the fire from the Firen's body danced on Serenity's skin closing up the wounds. The Firen instantly emerged into the lava hole from which they came.

We all circled Serenity and Maleki was the first to speak. "If it takes us a day to get to Lalandra it will only take the wind till dusk," as he finished we all held hands and were the wind. As the desert cleared in the distant, we could see a beautiful forest they began to glow blue as the sunset, lighting our way to Lalandra. As we reached the edge of the tree line and entered the fields of Lalandra Maleki slowed our pace and we emerged from the wind. "It's so empty. Where do we go from here?" Serenity stated as we gazed around the blank fields.
Published: 4/17/2012
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