Serenity - Chapter 20

After the Firen's save Serenity from the cloaked man, she reaches the Lalandra Fields hoping to find a clue to where the last Unicorn is, so she can get for answers to who she is and where her powers come from.
Serenity's POV

As I stared out across the desolate field, my heart began to sink deep into my chest; in the far distance I could see what had to be the Hovering Mountain's, shimmering in the dusk. "I'm sorry Serenity... The Great Leader's have already searched the Field's of Lalandra... down the tiniest fleck of dirt." Gladimer said slowly as we walked through the barren field. Armon waived his hands back and forth as we walked the vacant field but nothing happened. "This looks more like home." Scar said as he picked up a clump of dirt and caressing it between his hands and sighed.

"Well, we can't give up! There has to be something the Leader's missed. Something... there's got to be something." I said trying to convincing myself as well. As we reached the outskirts of the fields the Hovering Mountain's were in perfect view. Then the feeling of deja vu; it was the same feeling of being home, just like when I was with Rivera the Norlet.

"It's getting dark, we should make camp here; and start fresh in the morning." I said staring at Gladimer. Just then he pulled a tiny little castle from his cloak and began chanting softly as he threw it into the air. Then large charcoal stones began shooting out of the tiny model growing larger as they took their proper place to form the life-size castle.

"We'll be safe here, I'll secure the perimeter with a barrier potion and a lookout chant to keep watch throughout the night. Go inside and get some rest." He said as he reached into his endless pocket of surprises and pulled out an average orange bottle and began pouring it as he walked. As the sunset colored liquid hit the earth, it glimmered in the darkness; glowing almost as if the sun was setting into the ground entering the earth. As we entered the castle the torches throughout the castle lit up with flames guiding our way.

We headed to the almost empty room beyond the entrance. There was a large round wooden table surrounded by five chairs; I closed my eyes and envisioned a smorgasbord of food piling over the table. As I opened my eyes, Scar looked at me and smiled as he reached for a zurkey leg and took a sizable bite of the gold juicy meat, Armon reached for a plate that had luna fish and sat down finally relaxing. Maleki gazed through the selection in-front of him and picked up a pasta dish with large chezos mushrooms and ficken bird. I choose a mixed meat travioli with silver armeno sauce and engulfed it; smiling with each bite I took. Everyone was so hungry no one said a word, we just continued eating in "happy food" silence.

Gladimer came in and sat at the table just as we were all saying our good night's he kissed me on my forehead and told me how happy he was that I was safe. The rest of us headed up the winding staircase in the corner of room, leaving Gladimer in a happy silence as he ate his meal. We each picked a door as we winded further and further up the stairs. As soon as my head hit the pillow I was asleep; and I had another dream. Scar and I stood where the Castle once stood and fused together pulling the earth up with us revealing a hidden passageway beneath the earth. Scar and I unfused and we all headed dawn the dark corridor, in the distance we could see a soft purple light. The deeper we went the purple light became more visible and illuminating. Just as things were starting to take form I was awoken by the soft soothing voice of Armon, "Serenity... get up I want to show you something... Serenity." As I opened my eyes and shifted my head towards his voice I could see him clutching vines that were winding outside my window.

"Hurry," he pleaded with his blue eyed stare then climbed out of my sight, "Meet me up top!" I stretched my arms out above my head, then quickly jumped out of bed. I imagined a long blue cloak around me and climbed out the window following Armon up the vines to the roof of the castle. He grabbed my hand and led me to the east corner of the castle and sat down pulling me towards him; just as he did, my heart skipped a beat. We gazed to the east towards the glowing sphere that was rising slowly into the dull morning sky, it cast beams of shades yellows, reds, and purples in every direction.

It illuminated everything it touched and our world became more vivid with the passing time; making the sky more radiant as it climbed higher and higher. "I wish we had more time you know?" Armon said as the light hit him just right. "I know." I said staring at him still watching the beauty of the sun. "I mean in a matter of days you can speak, have magic, and are in mage training. I've told you a lot over these years, you are going to keep my secrets, right!" He said now looking at me, playfully smiling because he already knows the answer to his question." We really haven't had time to talk about everything since all this has happened and you must know so much about me and I still know so little about you. I was scared yesterday. I was scared I was going to lose you and never know what's been in your head all these years. Know what you were thinking those times you smiled and quickly looked away." Armon said staring deep into my eyes.
Published: 3/14/2014
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