Serenity - Ch 3

Gladimer the wizard recalls the day he bought Serenity from the Traders. Serenity goes to the Moschu People and visit's King Suetwoe.
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Gladimer's POV:

She gave me a kiss before she walked out the door. My mind kept racing back to the first time I saw her. Being a Wizard is very time-consuming, I constantly need to take time to collect herbs and other ingredients on top of that I need to keep records of all my spells. For as long as I can remember everyone has been trying to convince me to get a slave. I've never wanted to own a living creature; I mean the way some human's are treated is down right wrong. Then, I finally cracked after I spent a whole day trying to find Whispering Fly's Root. So I headed to the Trader's Pit at the edge of Witch's Peak.

Trader's aren't very friendly creatures; in fact they are down right evil. Trader's kind of look like a goblin of sorts; they have olive green skin covered with bumps; razor-sharp teeth and claws to match, they have little magic ability mostly hiding spells. That's how they trap most of the human's they can change their appearance to look like one or make a trap look like a beautiful pond. Tricky little creatures. I walked up the gloomy path that leads to the Tower Pit contemplating whether or not to turn back. "Gladimer, you're the last person I thought would come to the Tower," hissed Graveling the head Trader. "Well I guess I can't keep up and need a little help." I said reluctantly. "Well follow me to the Pit and well find you a strong human slave!" Graveling said with glee. I followed him threw the huge wooden doors down a dark corridor, the stench almost made me puke. We finally ended in a huge room with the Pit in the center of it. "Bring the slaves out!" he shouted. I could hear the rustling of footsteps as ten Trader's lead about fifty slaves into the pit. "Now take your time and choose carefully, I suggest the slaves in the front row.

They are the strongest and have been trained well." He said with a gurgle in his voice. I scanned the slaves and to my surprise on of the slaves was staring right into my eyes and then smiled. This was something I had never seen before. Humans don't show any emotion except pain when they are lashed and learn very early to never look into anyone's eyes. Her eyes almost seemed to change colors right in front of me from green to a light sky blue. She must have realized what she did because her eyes immediately darted to the floor. Just then two of the Trader's ran towards her and began lashing her. She didn't let out a sound. "Stop! Stop this instant," I shouted into the Pit, "Graveling, that is the slave I choose," "Gladimer, I have to protest. That slave has been nothing but problems since she's been here," he snarled. "Well then I would like to take the problem of your hands," I said condescendingly. "No, I can't let a slave like this go anywhere around the castle; I have to think of my reputation you understand," He said this time sternly. "Well you have to understand that when I go back with no slave and tell the king you would not give me the slave I wanted and why would you bring her out if you didn't intend on selling her?" I questioned. "I do intend to sell her just not to anyone in the castle; she's more of a commoners slave." Gaveling said laughing to himself. "Look, I will even give you double the cost, now before I get impatient have them stop beating her and get her ready to leave!"

I said in a commanding voice. "Very well, but if there is any problems I will let the king know you were warned!" He shouted as he had his men unchain the girl. That was nine years ago; how the time has passed. She is growing into a fine woman; still with no wizard's birthmark how does she have magic? This is something I need to find out. Human's are the only creatures in this world that do not have a form of magic. The Amgen's like King Alistico and everyone else in the kingdom have the magic ability to help plant life grow. One out of fifty Amgen's is born with the Wizard's Mark and is sent for training. This now would be Serinity's fate.

Serinity's POV:

I headed down the corridor that leads to Magdalene's room. I couldn't stop smiling; now that I was no longer considered a slave I was free to talk to anyone I pleased. I came to the tall wooden door and knocked. "Come in," shouted Magdalene. I opened the door to find her in the corner sewing a beautiful blue dress. She glanced up towards me and I saw tears in her eyes. She darted towards me and engulfed me in a hug. "I was so worried about you! I stayed up pacing back and forth yesterday. I am so glad they found out you were a wizard!" she said sweetly as she lightened up her grasp. "Well now that you are a wizard you must dress like one!" she said as she stared over towards the blue dress she had been working on. "It's beautiful!" I responded not taking my eyes off it. "So, have you been able to understand everything I've said the last nine years?" she said with amazement. "You must think my mouth never shuts," she said laughing to herself.

"No, I've loved it, your voice has gotten me threw a lot of rough days!" I said not taking my eyes off her. "You would think that when you talked that should prove that you weren't human," Magdalene fumed. "Yeah..." I said thinking about my secret. "If I'm not a wizard and not a human then what am I?" I thought to myself. "Well dear I know they are sending you to training, but I figure the king will want to see you; and you are not quite ready to see him." She said as she looked around the room. She walked over to a small chest at the far end of the room. It was filled with beautiful blue shoes. "These look like your size," she said as she tosses the shoes towards me. I caught them in one quick motion. "Nice reflexes, you are going to be a great wizard. Now slip into the dress." She commanded.

I went to the corner and grabbed the blue dress; I made sure to face her while I was putting it on so she couldn't see my back. I don't think she would ever tell anyone that I did not have the mark of the wizard, but I wasn't taking any chances. The dress fit me perfect; it hugged all the right places. The shoes were still a little big but nowhere near as big as my sandals. "Magdalene, what will I do in mage training?" I asked softly. "I am a nurse I've never known what is done in mage training, why aren't you asking Gladimer?" She questioned. "I don't know I guess I just want to talk and that was the first thing that popped in my head?" I said thinking. "Prince Armon, will be in some of your classes, mostly anything related to defense and offensive classes." Magdalene said with a slight smile. The thought of that alone made my heart race. I went to hand her the five gems but she refused. "This one's on me; save it for a rainy day or go into town and get yourself something nice. You might want to think of a bag to keep your gems and other little things in. If you talk to Moneta, she has some beautiful bags that would go great with your new dress. Now hurry along and see Gladimer. I'm sure the King is giving him twenty-one questions." She said as she lead me to the door. I smiled and thanked her for all that she's done for me. She told me to come back anytime if I ever wanted to talk.

Alistico's POV:

" Garon, I would like you to have Gladimer and his.... and Serinity meet me in the thrown room." I said as I waive my hand to make the Deliria Flower's bloom. Its bright blue petals slowly fell in to place and the sweet smell engulfed the room. I headed towards the throne room and took my place upon the golden throne that has been here for centuries; it is decorated with golden swords intertwined with the Deliria Flower. I was beginning to get impatient when I heard footsteps getting closer. Gladimer entered looking quite pleased with himself. Serinity followed close behind, she looked like a completely different person.

Her new blue dress brought out her features perfectly; I have a feeling my son has already noticed this fact. "Sire," Gladimer said as he bowed almost instantly Serinity copied his movement. "Gladimer, old friend I have asked you both here because I do not wish to start Serinity in mage training," as I said this I could see Serinity's smile slowly fade, " Let me rephrase that...I don't want her to train with the younger mages; I want her to training with the level two mages. They are closer to her age and well her powers are unmatched by even you. Well not entirely unmatched by you, you know what I'm saying right?" I said studding his face. " Entirely, I'm still trying to figure out how she warded off the dragon." Gladimer stated. "Very well! Serinity, your training starts tomorrow. Class has been in session for one month now so you will be starting off with a disadvantage.

However, I see great things to come from you; the dragon attacks have been more frequent and your abilities will save many lives. I'm still curious as to what kingdom you came from?" I said studying here face. " Sire, the only memories I have are of the pit; I don't know anything of my family." Serinity said as her eyes shifted to the floor. Then I could see them watering up as she was fighting the tears from rolling down her face. "Well all that matters right now is your training so I suggest you get good nights sleep!"

Serinity's POV:
We just left the thrown room and I was so excited about tomorrow; for once I was going to be able to hold conversations. I wanted to go see the Moschu People and King Suetwoe; besides Gladimer they were to only other people that knew our secret. I don't get to see them as much as I want to because Gladimer is so busy most of the time. There is always another spell to come up with and that means a whole day of collecting ingredients. "

Gladimer, since I start class tomorrow could we go see King Suetwoe?" I pleaded, will giving him a little pout. "Serinity, I have a lot of work to get done today, but I tell you what, Onyx can teleport you there are that would save you three hours of travel. Just make sure to be back by the time the sunset." Gladimer said in his fatherly tone as he opened his cloak. Onyx Jumped out and walked over to me, "Don't worry I'll have her back in no time," as she said that she began purring and circling my legs; my stomach dropped and all the colors of the room began to mix together and spin. The spinning colors began to change slightly and slow down revealing the Hidden Valley. To the untrained eye all you see is a huge mountain; Onyx lead the way to a small opening just big enough to fit. " I'll be rrrright back," She purred as she squeezed threw the tiny hole surrounded by a beautiful barbet bush; its purple leaves were complemented by the light gray stones of the mountain. I was scrapping at the dirt with my shoes when I heard King Suetwoe. "Serinity! How you have grown, you are becoming a fine little lady." He shouted so I could hear him. " Eat this," he said handing me a small root. "It's Motchu Root, it will last three hours."

As I ate the bittersweet root, I started to get light headed; my body started to contract as I shrank down to the size of the Moschu People. "That's better I was straining my voice yelling that loud." Suetwoe said with a slight laugh. I followed him threw the now huge entrance to the hidden valley. This was my first time entering it; usually Gladimer and I hang out around the entrance. As we reached the end of the long tunnel I could see beams of light entering from the top of the mountain. The Motchu People harnessed the light with mirrors; each mirror would send light to another mirror and another, lighting up the Hidden Valley. Onyx was waiting in the valley that leads to the Moschu Kingdom. "You two want a lift," Onyx questioned as she laid on the soft grass wait for us to climb on. The king headed towards her and I followed; her ebony fur felt like silk in my tiny hands.

I secured my self behind the King, as Onyx took off the wind felt as if it would blow me away so I tightened my grip. Onyx slowed as we approached the Kingdom. There were hundreds of huge mushrooms hollowed out, we headed to the largest one. Onyx laid down letting us off. " I believe you will be safe herrrre; I am going to visit some old frrrrreinds if that's ok with you," she purred pleading with her golden eyes. "I'll be fine! Have fun, I will meet you at the entrance in three hours." I said as I pet her soft fur. She gave me a small smile and darted back the way we had come. "Come," Suetwoe said in his husky voice. I followed him into the large mushroom. " Are you hungry," he asked as he grabbed a mitsue berry and tossed it to me. "Staving!" I replied as I sunk my teeth into the juicy blue fruit; the sweet and tangy taste filled my mouth. Suetwoe sat upon his wooden thrown that was intertwined with vines. As he clapped his hands a young Moschuen brought in a vine chair for me to sit in. I sat down and felt the vines brace my weight. " Tomorrow is a big day for you!," Suetwoe said as he studied my face; "I saw this day coming years ago.

Great power flows threw your blood. I still haven't figured it out though... how a human can have so much power." My heart sank, how did he know. "I can see in your face you are worried. Don't be I would never revile this information to anyone. Mage Training is the best place for you to be and without it your ability's would go to waste." He said not taking his eyes of mine. "How did you know? Did Onyx tell you?" I asked. "No, the Royal Moschu bloodline has the gift of the Eye. I can read a persons true feelings and things they don't even know about themselves." He said as he arose from his throne. " What else can you tell me?" I pleaded. " All in good time, now I want you to have some fun today. My daughter Myla is out playing madge ball, she is going to mage training tomorrow as well. Go have some fun with her and maybe you two will end up having some classes together." Suetwoe said as he motioned me outside.
Published: 5/25/2010
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