Serenity - Ch 4

Serenity makes a new friend as well as an enemy in the hidden valley . In this chapter you learn the powers of the Moschu people and she gets ready for Mage training. Please comment and help me with some feedback...what you like what you don't like etc..
Sorry I know I changed the spelling of Serinity, when I did spell check in the beginning two chapters it changed the spelling. Hope you like this chapter!

Myla's POV:

I could see my father pointing me out to some girl; I called a time out and got off my mostel beetle and meet her half way. At first I thought she was a human because of her features but humans are not allowed in the Hidden valley; Motchu Root doesn't work on them. She must be an Amgen they look the most like human's only difference is most slaves don't have the muscle definition like Amgen's. She smiled at me as she got closer. "Hello, I'm Serinity! Your father told me to introduce myself and see if I could play madge ball." She said as she fidgeted a little. My father must know something I don't, because only the Moschu People can ride the mostel beetle. "Well, you can if the mostel beetle will let you," I said a little sarcastically, " You see only those born in this kingdom are selected to ride them; but if my father says you can play then he must have faith that they'll chose you. I guess there's only one way to find out. "Hey guys, we might have a new player! I just have to take her to the stables. I'll be back in like ten minutes!" I shouted out to my team. We began walking towards the stables that the beetles were held in. I'm not a quiet person at all; in fact I'm actually kind of a big mouth so the silent walk over was beginning to bug me. "Soooo... you must be an Amgen." I asked breaking the silence. "Ummm actually I don't know.

For the last thirteen years I've been living as a slave and I don't know who my parents were or are." She stated as she stared down. "What! Wait hold on let me get this straight, for thirteen years you've never talked to anyone and been lashed if you stepped out of line!" I said now understanding her silence. "Well the first seven yes; but then Gladimer bought me and I've never been lashed plus he taught me how to talk and read." She said perking up. "Wow, it must have taken you forever to pick up on that huh?" I asked studying her face. "No, actually the first day I picked it up. Gladimer was amazed too!" Serinity said proudly. "Wow, that is very amazing.

We reached the stable and I took her to the stall that Sensen was in. "Motsuen Sensen Motsuen," I whispered to Sensen calming her down. "This is Sensen, she is one of the older mostel beetles but she is very reliable." I said as I patted her hard blue skin. The light hit here torso and made the purple flicks pop out on her skin. "You see the horn that is popped out right before her neck, that is what you will hold on to. Now like I said only our people can ride them, so if she bucks you off you have to move fast or you will get trampled or slashed with the horns on her face." I said a little worried that my father was wrong about her.

Serenity POV:

I stared at Sensen for a bug she was quite cute; she had huge round eyes and two little horns on her head. She kept making a kind of chirping sound and clicking noises. "I thought animal from the Hidden Valley could speak?" I questioned. "Yes, but Sensen is an insect, silly!" Myla giggled. "Oh right!" I said laughing with her. "Well, here goes nothing," I said as I approached Sensen, "Motsuen Sensen Motsuen," I said copying what Myla had said earlier. I felt her shift a little as I climbed on to her back which was shaped like a saddle. It makes perfect sense for the Moschu people to ride them. She began clicking but stayed in the same spot. "Amazing," is all Myla could say, "Well let's go to the field and I'll explain the rules on the way." Myla said after her moment of silence. She opened the stall that we were behind and told me key words to say to Sensen. "Motsuen," just means calm down or easy, hesuen means faster; when you say that give her a nudge her with your feet. If you do it too hard though, she will buck you off. Lotsuen, means stop; and she will go in whichever direction you lean. Those are basic commands; as for the game it's ten on ten, there are three rings suspended on each end of the field. The two large one's are worth two points and the tiny one that's the highest in the air is worth five points. We play up to 100. We use a madge ball and magden sticks to pass between players.

Since, the mostel beetles are low to the ground if the ball goes on the ground you can scope it up with the magden sticks; that's why they are curved." Myla explained. When we reached the field Myla introduced me to everyone. I was having a blast playing this new game; I was dodging around the player's on the field and I scored twenty points on my own. Everyone was really nice to me except Ketsuen; she kept crashing into me with her mostel beetle and talking crap about me to her team. "Ketsuen, is a b****, don't play any attention to her we're five points away from wining and she's just a sore loser," Myla said with encouragement. Myla scoped the ball off the ground; she moved with ease around the field; but then Ketsuen crashed into her knocking her off her beetle and practically ripping the madge ball along with her stick out of her hand. "Hesuen," I whispered as I nudged Sensen. Sensen took off as we weaved around the other players trying to catch up to Ketsuen. She was just about to shot when we skidded in front of her and I reached my stick high into the air and Sensen jumped a little.

I just blocked her shot and could see her face turn a crimson color; then she made her beetle practically take my head off. Before it did I passed the ball to Myla for the winning shot. "I brushed off the dirt on my dress as I regained my balance. "Roooaaarrrr," Ketsuen screamed as her body began shifting and growing hair and fangs. By the time she had reached me she completed the shape shifting process and was a fierce lion that had me pined to the ground. I could feel my face tingle and get hot. The sound of thunder rustled threw the hidden valley and the wind howled as it entered the hollowed out mountain. My body began to tingle and I felt as if my bones were ripping threw my skin. I kicked her off with my hind legs and flew into the air plummeting down towards her head." Are you done!," I roared out. " Yes," she whimpered as her body began shifting back.

I turned to see everyone staring at me. As I calmed down I felt my bones shift back into their normal spot. " Serinity, that was amazing, I've never even heard of a flying lion before. I thought only the Moschu people could shape shift into animals!" Myla said not taking her eyes off mine, " Your eyes were so trippy too! I swear they changed to an emerald green color, and the thunder did you do that too?" " Serinity, you have fifteen minutes to get out of the hidden valley before you grow," Shouted Suetwoe. Myla walked me to the entrance we laughed about the face Ketsuen made when I pounced on her we talked about what was in store for tomorrow. We reached the entrance and said our good byes; she gave me a huge hug and said she hoped we would have all the same classes. " Myla, I know we just meet but I'm really happy you're my friend! Thanks for showing me the ropes! See you tomorrow." I shouted as darkness covered me as I entered the cavern leading out. Onyx was waiting for me and not two minutes after I reached him my body began to contract as I shot back to my normal height. "Onyx before we head home I would like to stop off and buy a bag. Magdalene told me to stop into town and buy a bag from Moneta. Onyx teleported us to the town in Arlitico. Moneta was very nice just Like Magdalene said. I bought two bags for one red gem one was the same blue as my dress and the other was a charcoal gray.

When I was done I told Onyx all about my day and then we teleported back to the castle. I was really worn out when we got home. Gladimer was working on spells so I decided not to bother him and headed straight to bed. As soon as my head hit the pillow I was out. I awoke at first light; I was so excited about Mage training I could hardly contain myself. "So are you excited about your first day?" Gladimer belted out. "More than you know!" I said smiling then I told him everything that happened yesterday; with each word I told his eyes became wider and wider. "The Chimera has been extinct for centuries, and you were able to ride the mostel beetle! Powerful magic runs threw your veins, I've never know a wizard that didn't have to use spells for their magic." Gladimer said scratching his head. "Well in time I'm sure we will figure this riddle out. Until then you need breakfast," he said as he chanted and waived his hand over the other. Then out of nowhere a perfect green apple appeared. He quickly tossed it to me. In one swoop I snatched the apple and brought it to my mouth; the sweet yet sour juices poured in and I smiled. Gladimer knew green apples were my favorite breakfast because most the time I'm not really hungry in the mornings. Gladimer is huge on "Breakfast is the most important meal of the day" he's always tries to force me to eat at least an apple. I scar fed the apple down and went to my room to get ready. I brushed my hair and pulled it into a tight pony tail. I washed my face and put on my blue dress that was still a little dirty from yesterday. I grabbed the charcoal bag and brushed my teeth." Knock, Knock, Knock.... "Come in," I said clearing my throat. "So... you about ready!" Armon said in his rough sexy voice. "I guess..." I said staring at the grass stain on my semi-new dress. He must have noticed how that I was disappointed because he said, "The stains aren't that bad, you should've taken it to Magdalene last night." "Yeah, I don't know what I was thinking....I'm going to make quite the first impression huh..." I replied still not taking my eyes off the stain. "Can I try something?" Armon said in a soft sweet voice. "Sure..." I replied with hesitation. " Amelton, grameton, stain be gone!" he said with confidence while waiving his hands over the emerald stain. The stain slowly began to fade and he got a huge smirk on his face but then after it faded it slowly began to disintegrate. " Get out get out hurry get out!" I shouted hoping he would leave before my dress was no more.

My beautiful blue dress finally stopped disintegrating; there were holes everywhere that even a trace of dirt hit. "Serinity, Is everything alright," I heard Gladimer shout threw the door. "Well.... not exactly, my dress looks like Swiss cheese." I said laughing to my self. I couldn't make out what Gladimer was saying but within seconds my dress began weaving itself back together. I smiled and then ran through the doors and gave him the tightest hug I've ever given him. " Thanks!" I said then kissed him on his check, "Where's Armon?" I scanned the room and couldn't see him anywhere. "Well after you screamed he darted out of the room, I don't think I've ever seen him run so fast!" Gladimer said laughing to himself. I didn't mean to run him off, I just didn't want him to be in the room when I had half a dress left. I guess when I screamed he thought I was made at him.
Published: 5/26/2010
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