Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD)

As the name suggests, sexually transmitted diseases are contracted by having sexual relations with someone who already has the disease/infection. There are over 20 types of STDs, the details of some of which have been covered in our section below.
List of STDs
Sexually transmitted diseases are infections that spread through sexual contact. This iBuzzle article provides a list of STDs along with their symptoms.
Oral Sexually Transmitted Diseases
While indulging in unprotected vaginal/anal sex puts a person at a greater risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases, it would be incorrect to say that such diseases cannot be contracted through oral sex. Here are some of...
What is Trichomoniasis
Trichomoniasis is a sexually transmitted disease affecting mostly women. This write-up discusses the various aspects of this condition, including the symptoms and treatment options that are available.
Symptoms of STDs
There are a number of sexually transmitted diseases which may or may not exhibit STD symptoms. If you think you may have one, read about STD symptoms in this article and go get yourself tested.
STD Symptoms in Men
STD stands for sexually transmitted diseases, and account for the most common types of infections that affect people worldwide. This article gives you a quick insight into the various symptoms of some common STD.
Home Remedies for STDs
Sexually transmitted diseases, or STDs, can be a source of shame to most sufferers. Here, we describe some home remedies you can follow, along with prescribed medication, to reduce some of the symptoms associated with these diseases.
Does Blue Waffle Disease Really Exist?
You must have heard the term blue waffle disease doing rounds on the Internet. If you too are wondering what is it, the following article will help shed some light over this strange infection.
STD Symptoms in Women
Pathogens spreading from person to person, primarily through sexual contact cause diseases commonly known as sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). These diseases occur mainly in partners who are sexually active. This disease is...
List of Sexually Transmitted Diseases
Here is a list of sexually transmitted diseases that you need to familiarize yourself with, to take precautions for not just yourself, but others as well. Learn about the different ways of how you can get infected, symptoms you'll...
Pediculosis Pubis Symptoms
Pediculosis pubis is a sexually transmitted infection, caused by ectoparasites called crabs (pubic lice). Constant itching that exacerbates at night is one of the reported pediculosis pubis symptoms. This ectoparasitic infection is...
Can You Get an STD from Kissing?
Can you get an std from kissing? This iBuzzle article provides an answer to this question.
Pelvic Inflammatory Disease Treatment
Pelvic inflammatory disease is a condition that affects the reproductive organs of women. Here are some treatment options, which you may be asked to carry out by your doctor. Read this iBuzzle article to find out more about this...
Types of STDs
There are about 25 different types of sexually transmitted diseases affecting people around the world. The following article will cover some information related to the most common types of STDs infecting people.
Common STD Symptoms
People with high risk sexual behavior are more prone to contract STDs. This article tells you about the common STD symptoms, that will help you identify the disease at the earliest.
Affordable Options for STD Testing
STD treatment is only possible after there is a proper diagnosis of the type of STD that is affecting the individual. Continue reading to know more about the treatment options for this condition.
STD Testing for Men
STD testing for men is essential to rule out the possibility of STD infection. Here, in this article, I'll talk about male STD testing procedure.
STD Test at Home
OK, do you think you have contracted a sexually transmitted disease, there is no reason to panic. You can have an STD test at home to know the condition of this disease.
Oral STD Symptoms
This following Buzzle article will take us through the common symptoms of oral STD along with providing for some necessary information on oral STD transmission.
STD Testing Procedure
Based on the type of infection, procedure for STD testing is decided and then implemented to trace the cause behind the disease. Continue reading to know more about its details to determine your sexual health.
Signs of STDs
Knowing about several signs of STDs will help you to become more aware about STDs and will eventually be helpful in maintaining your sexual health...
Chancroid Diagnosis
Chancroid is a contagious STD (sexually transmitted disease), which is more prevalent in developing countries. Characterized by sores in the genital region, timely chancroid diagnosis will help in treating this disorder in an...
Symptoms of STDs in Men
The following iBuzzle article will cover some common and most probable symptoms of STDs in men along with some information regarding their causes and prevention.
Blue Waffle Infection
Want to know what is blue waffle infection and how it is caused? This iBuzzle article sheds light on the causes, symptoms, and other insights about this infection.
Where to Get Tested for STDs
There is not cure for HIV which comes under the category of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). In spite of much awareness, STD is spreading rapidly. As we say prevention is better than cure, let's find out where to get tested...
Venereal Disease Symptoms
Venereal diseases affect various organs of the body, and can cause serious complications if not treated in time. Hence, knowing about their common symptoms is important for every sexually active individual. Here are some common...
Mild Dysplasia
Mild dysplasia is the first stage of cervical dysplasia. Since, it is a precancerous disease, it tends to become a cause of concern. However, the fact is that it is completely curable. This article provides some information about...
Causes of Mild Cervical Dysplasia
Dysplasia refers to the enlargement of an organ or tissue due to the abnormal proliferation of cells. Read on to know more about the causes, symptoms, and treatment for this condition.
Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD)
Want to know more about Sexually transmitted diseases? Here is some information that you will find useful...
Know about STD Testing for Sexually Transmitted Diseases
Safe sex and regular testing can be a preventive measure against sexually transmitted diseases...
STD - Signs and Symptoms
There are over 20 types of diseases that can be transmitted by means of sex. This iBuzzle article lists out some of the most common sexually transmitted diseases (STD), their symptoms, and the course of treatment followed by doctors.