Shadow of the Forgotten

Lured and seduced by darkness.
These chains that have kept me alive these past years are slowly starting to fade
I can feel the bond between us dissolve into nothing
As pain walks in hand with sorrow as it slowly leads you down this forgotten path
Love no longer keeps me bond as my spirit starts to fade
I can feel you move on
I beg you not to walk into the light
But to turn and embrace me
To stop and hear my soul cry out as I fade into the forgotten
As these chains that you once bound me in start to fade away taking my soul
As I slowly start to fade I remember when you kissed me and asked me to trust you
I trusted you and your love bounded me in chains
You asked me to wait for you
I waited a eternity but you never came
I waited in the shadows of the forgotten ones
I hear their cries as I fade into them
You walk into the light but you have no shadow
As I close my eyes for the last time I see you have no soul
Published: 5/3/2011
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