Shadows of My Past - Chapter 1

This is a Twilight fan fiction. The properties of the characters are behind the imagination of the author. The plot line, however, belongs to myself. No infringement intended.
Chapter 1 - Haunted Memories

Isabella Swan was a very attractive young woman, holding a Ph.D. in Music and English language. She was currently enrolled at Holy Faith High, a private, catholic school that was one of the highest performing schools in the continental of the U.S. After her triumphant departure from her haunted, rapacious past, though surreptitiously, she had a fortuitous destiny that awaited her. On that devastating, yet significant night, her true mate and future husband, Jasper Whitlock, had found her in a wrecked bar. They connected almost immediately and she had moved in with him temporarily. What started off as a kind-hearted gesture, turned into something more heated and passionate. Four years later they became Mr. and Mrs. Whitlock, though Isabella wanted to keep her birth parents’ surname in her teaching career.

Jasper Whitlock resided in the confederate army, his rank being that of a major. His initials were to train the newbies and whip them into shape. His father, Carlisle Cullen, was the base doctor and his wife, Esmay Cullen, was employed there as a nurse. Jasper had three siblings, Emmet Cullen, Rosalie Hail, and Allice Cullen. Emmet was a police officer and often visited the base to lecture Jasper’s children, while Rosalie was one of the top fashion designers that New York would ever behold. Allice on the other hand, was a pixie and Mad Scientist at that, with an insatiable, though vivacious personality. The Cullens were not as other families as all of their children were adopted and were well-diversed; each member having a versatile and unique gift. Although blood still pulsed through their veins and their hearts were alive, and well, they were always extraordinary and angelic beings.

While Jasper was an immaculate empath, having an infallible ability of manipulating people’s emotions, Emmet had the strength of a mountain lion. Carlisle had a unique ability of healing and this was the onset that led him into his medical profession today. Rosalie had the prowess of hypnotizing others and could easily dazzle men and persuade others into her snares. Allice was very perceptive and had an extraordinary gift of being able to decipher the future, according to the choices one decided. Isabella thought that she had fitted into the family exceptionally well and was merely bothered about her haunted past that had damaged her. Though no one, not even her husband knew of her atrocities, she had never felt more loved, safe and cared for in her entire existence.

It was a cool evening around the time of twilight. Jasper had just arrived home with his wife from an art exhibition. The couple’s chuckles ricocheted through the vacant mansion, as Jasper helped his wife out her coat. "I admired the painting of the mermaid by Mozzoskie, how beautiful, and I loved how he replenished it, translating it into program music." Bella mused as she rounded the corner to the kitchen. "Yes, isn’t that lovely darling?" Jasper retorted in a profound, sudden accent. Bella felt her heart skip a beat as Jasper’s breath was suddenly within close proximity of her neck. Her heartbeat expedited as Jasper snaked his strong, muscular arms around her petite waist. He suddenly detected fear mangled with love and desire from her and tightened his grip automatically. Bella on the other hand, was in a vapid stupor as she unwontedly reminisced about an unfathomably gruesome memory from her past.

The room was pitch black and reeked of death. Bella was tied to the toilet as her drunken father, Charlie laid on the floor passed out from over-intoxication. Tears gushed down her face as she effortlessly attempted to untie his police belt from around her wrists, so that she could locate her panties and trousers. How could he have done this to his own daughter and where was Edward when she needed him the most? A hurtful groan escaped her lips as Charlie opened his eyes, staring her up and down with immense scorn and copious lust that was dreadfully ominous. "Ready for round two bitch?" He spat, pushing himself on his feet.

"Baby, what’s wrong?" Jasper inquired in hysterics, "Bella, what is it hun?" Bella shook her head impassively, gently unwhelming her husband’s hands. "I n-need to bathe." She ranted out quickly, tripping over half her words. "Darling, you need to calm down or else you’ll act up your asthma. Bella, you shouldn’t hide things from me."

"I know Jaz but…" She trailed off, her eyes downcast. Jasper sighed knowingly and stepped toward her, tilting her chin upward so that their gaze locked. They looked at each other lovingly until Jasper leaned in and kissed her softly. Bella deepened the kiss, sliding her tongue along his bottom lip. With a manly groan, Jasper succumbed and welcomed the warmth of his wife’s breath. Their tongues battled for dominance as Jasper explored the back of Bella’s throat. He pushed her up against the wall, Bella knotting her feet around her husband’s waist. "I love you… so much," she moaned into him. She felt his erection pressing hard against her core and let out a strangling moan. "I know baby, I love you too... mmh Bella," he groaned, straddling her. A image of Edward hurting her insides flashed across her mind and she cried out for Jasper to stop. Jasper released her at once, keeping a hand around her waist. "Bella, your emotions are all over the place. What are you afraid of darling?" He eyed her suspiciously but she refused to return his gaze. "You should probably go set the bath while I umm… Take my medication." And with that, she hurried past Jasper and down the narrow passageway. Jasper stood baffled and flabbergasted. He grunted to himself while passing a hand through his hair tumultuously. After five minutes of contemplation, he headed upstairs to run his wife a bath.
Published: 8/5/2013
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