Shadows of My Past - Chapter 2

Bella encounters a little trouble. This is a twilight fan fiction. I only own the plot line; enjoy.
Chapter 2: The Encounter

Blood oozed from Bella’s side as Edward connected another kick to her leg. "You bitch! How could you cheat on me with your own father! Bitch!" Bella tossed in her bed, groaning and yelping in sheer anguish. She let out a terrifying scream, causing Jasper and his second in command, Peter, to rush into the room. Without hesitation, Jasper leaped unto the bed and shook his wife a bit vigorously, but not with ample force to hurt her any further.

"Bella honey, wake up sweetheart; it’s just a dream baby." His ocean blue eyes remained fixated on his wife’s distressed face as her eyes fluttered open. "Jasper?" He pecked her lips quickly before scooting off the bed and unto the floor.

"Sweet major," Peter commented as Jasper tumbled to the floor. Bella, discerning that she was in a silky and somewhat transparent nightgown, pulled the covers up to her chest, blushing furiously.

Peter whistled at her provocatively, Jasper tackling him to the floor in a death grip simultaneously. He pretended to glare at his cocky caption, who had the audacity to smirk all the while at his boss. Jasper growled at him, clearly having green eyes at Peter’s previous flirting. Jasper began sensing fear radiating off his wife and was distracted for a fraction of a second, allowing Peter to elbow him in the rib. He collapsed to the side as Peter heaved to his feet, offering a hand to his groaning major.

Jasper took it with a radiant grin slapped across his perfectly marveled face, pulling Peter to the floor with a thud. He proceeded to his feet and started for his wife who looked torn. He could sense her fear and discomfort, although he could feel her alleviation of perceiving the situation and discerning that his caption and himself were just man ramping.

"Goodnight major," Peter saluted sarcastically before disappearing through the bedroom door, shutting it soundly behind him. Jasper squandered no time in snuggling up with his wife and holding her in his arms. Bella relaxed into him and a stoical sensation washed over her. "Get some sleep baby, I love you." Jasper drawled before sending strong waves of fatigue over his wife, allowing her to fall into a peaceful slumber.

The following day, Isabella set out to the grocery store to collect supplies and goods for the house. As it was a Saturday, she had decided to pay her best friend, Angella, a visit later that day. As she made a left turn, pulling into a semi-abandoned back road, she suddenly began to feel antsy as her anxiety sky rocketed. Her sweaty palms clutched the steering wheel as if her life depended on it, as she entered the familiar town of Forks. A feeling of nausea ignited in her stomach as she approached a traffic light. While waiting for the light to turn green, Bella eased into her pocket and clung to the pen knife that Jasper had given her, in case of an emergency. As if on cue, her cell began going off. Simultaneously the lights turned green and Bella was forced to pull to the side, practically emptying her purse on the passenger’s seat, in order to locate her elusive, continuously ringing phone.

"Yes Jasper, is everything ok. Yeah, I’m good. I’ll be home around six. Love you too." She disconnected and restarted the engine, speeding off towards her best friend’s destination. Five minutes later, Bella pulled into the minute driveway of Angella’s boyfriend's apartment and alighted the car, as Angella and Ben came out to greet her.

"Hi Angee," Bella gushed as she was pulled into a stifling embrace by her best friend.
"Oh Bella, I’m glad you came! How is Jazzy and Allice? I haven’t seen Allice for a while now?"

Bella smiled in earnest at her agile and ecstatic friend as they ushered her into the house. She grinned to herself as she recalled the day when she had brought Angella over at the Cullens’ and had introduced her to Allice. They were like a mirror and a reflection and had connected almost instantly. Angella escorted Bella to the living area where her worse nightmare sat. Over on the love seat, sat a demonic creature, the one they call Edward Mason who winked at Bella flirtatiously, with a devilish grin slapped across his face.

"What’s he doing here Angee?" Bella blurted out without looking before she leaped.
"O’ silly Bells, this is Ben’s brother." Bile threatened to spill from her throat but she sat across from Edward on the one seater, her hands immediately searching her pockets for her phone.

Ben re-entered the living room with a bottle of Vodka and a mug of cranberry juice as Bella excused herself to the bathroom. Her breathing quickened as she headed down back towards the washroom area, kicking open the door as she sauntered towards the sink. After splashing her reddening face repeatedly with running water, she reached into her purse for her puffer. With puffer in one hand, she dialed her husband’s number with her phone, using her free hand. He picked up on the second ring.

"Jasper… need…. Come…. Please… I-I" Bella began wheezing uncontrollably as her knees buckled together. "Baby? Bella what’s going on?"

"Can’t…. talk… Need… Jasper…" The medication from her puffer was out and she hadn’t any spare.
"Baby, stay with me, I, Peter, and Sharlet are on our way. Try to steady your…" the line went dead as Bella’s phone battery met its demise. Her breaths became short and rugged as she made her way towards the washroom exit. Her eyes bulged out their sockets as Edward met her at the door, staring at her hidden breasts. A cold chill ran down Bella’s spine as she eased into her pocket, clutching her knife. Her breath hitched as Edward’s hand found her breasts and traced down her chest and between her thighs. Bella let out a scream and pulled out her knife, which Edward snatched from her, pushing her unto the floor.
"Angella! Ben!" She yelped, trashing wildly against Edward who began straddling her vigorously. "Shut it bitch!" He groaned, pulling her hair wildly. She was able to let out another gut - wrenching scream and footsteps and shouts were heard in the distance.

Bella would have thought this would have ceased Edward’s sick, masochistic haze, but instead he grinded harder against her.
"No!" Bella yelled in pain.
"Bella!" Bella froze at the sound of that voice which she grew to know so well.

She screamed with all she had and in a split second Edward was pulled off her and slammed into a nearby wall. Jasper punched his face, breaking his nose instantly. "You fucking ass!" He roared in beastly anger. He kicked Edward in his nuts before he could even muster up the strength to fight back, causing him to drop on his knees.

"You like it huh! Do you like it!" Jasper beat Edward to the pulp while Sharlet and Peter assisted Bella into taking her medication. Bella’s wails were muffled by Edward’s groans of excruciation and annihilation. Angella and Ben soon appeared on the scene and Ben tried to hold off Jasper while Angella headed towards Bella in a panic.

"Oh my gosh!" She croaked, "Bella, I’m so sorry!" Jasper was about to kick Ben in the shin, but Peter had managed to restrain him while Ben volunteered to escort an unconscious and bleeding Edward away from the area.

"Major, you need to calm the fuck down. Your wife needs you." Jasper’s expression soften as his anger dissipated and a hint of concern etched into his dark eyes, which slowly began regaining its sea blue color. He rushed over to Bella and reached out for her. She flinched in fear and Jasper’s heart broke in two.

"Bella, I’m not going to hurt you. Baby, it's ok, I swear, I’ll never let anybody hurt you again." His eyes soften at his shivering wife nodded to him slightly. He took her into his arms and signaled Peter to get the car started.

"Jasper, don’t leave me," Bella whimpered into his chest. He paused abruptly and positioned her in such a way, that their eyes met.
"I’ll never leave you Bella, I can’t. I love you so much. I will always be here." And with that, he leaned in and kissed her deeply.
Published: 8/12/2013
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