Shadow's Puppet

Warning: Not an appropriate read for kids.
Eerie silhouettes have preoccupied her contemplation,
From the moment everyone passed away and left her alone,
She yearns for a normal life and hopes there will be salvation,
But it is exceedingly impossible, especially in her gloomy home.

Ear-pitching screams, conquest in the hours of darkness,
She surveys in apprehension as they dance audaciously,
They come more rapidly, fanatically pulling at her dress,
Their sinister grins, amused with her emergent misery.

Her heart shrieks, while her mouth is powerless to make a sound,
Blood roars to her face, her breathing accelerates, sweat trickles down,
After the callous, blazing sentiment, pleasure overtakes to her astound,
She feels diverse, eccentric, and completely immoral as she drowns.

Slowly, her life drains away, an unfamiliar interchange takes place,
It seems as if a mischievous sprite possessed her, demanding for more,
Through her mystifying eyes, a shadow of herself must come face-to-face,
That her life was ruled all this time, now it's over, she's over, and so close the door.
Did you understand the profound message?
Yes. Of course. I know everything.
I understood a bit.
Profound... what?
No. I didn't understand any of it.
I wish there were more options...
Published: 2/22/2013
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