Shaggy Hair

Thinking, how to get shaggy hair? Here are the various ideas that will help you style your hair into cool looking shaggy messy hairstyles. Read on...
Shaggy hair give a cool laid back look. If you want relaxed looking and full hair, then shag hairstyles are good styles to consider. There are certain things which are common in all shag styles. They are cut into deep layers, and all styles give a fuller and messy relaxed styles.

Shaggy Hairstyles for Men

Short Hairstyles: These hairstyles for boys have been made popular by Zack Efron. To get these styles get your hair cut into a bowl cut, with the back hair cut longer and into pieces, so that they look tapering. The front hair are cut into long side bangs, that fall on the eyes. The side hair are also cut tapering, and styled above the ears. The overall style is cut choppy, and to get the sleek look a razor is run to get rid of the bulk of the hair.

Curly Wavy Haircuts: These haircut styles and ideas are great for guys who have naturally curly wavy hair. However, guys with straight hair can also go for these styles. To get these styles get some layers cut in your hair, with some side bangs. People with curly hair need to cut their hair longer, as the wet hair after drying will shrink up. Then, on wet hair, apply a curling hair serum and tousle your hair. People with straight hair instead of tousling the hair, need to scrunch it to style.

Long Haircuts: If you like long hairstyles, then consider the Keith Urban look. Get your cut into deep layers with the hair ends flipped outwards. Then cut the front section of the hair into side long bangs. And cut the back hair tapering.

Shaggy Hairstyles for Women

Short Layered Styles: Women look great with choppy short hairstyles. To get these styles, cut your short hair very choppy with the hair ends flipped outwards. And style the front hair into long side bangs.

Short Bob Styles: These haircuts for women are very popular and suit women of all face shapes. Get your hair cut into graduated bob, and cut the front section of the hair into side bangs. Then run a razor to get the wispy ends look. Wet your hair, and apply a hair curling serum and scrunch your hair wavy to get the shaggy unkempt look.

Long Styles: If you have long hair, then go with these Bohemian shaggy layered hairstyle ideas. This style works on any hair texture. Get your hair cut trimmed an inch or two to get a blunt hair. Then cut the front hair into long Cleopatra style bangs. Cut the ends of the bangs a bit choppy for the shaggy effect. Then style the hair a bit wavy for the cool relaxed shaggy look.

Curly Styles:If you have curly or wavy hair then use these curly hairstyle ideas, to get cool looking shaggy styles. Get some layers near the crown to add volume, then cut the rest of the hair into layers, with the hair ends cut in such a way that they look tapering. Then, accompany this style with choppy side or straight bangs. People with straight hair can also go for these styles, but after cutting the hair they need to style the hair wavy with curling iron or curling hair serum.

These were the various shag layered haircuts for men and women. So, go to a stylist and tell the stylist what hairstyle you want, you can add some skinny hair highlights to your style to get more textured and shaggy hair.
By Pragya T
Published: 11/26/2010
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