Shallow Be Thy Grave

A little bit of Halloween scare....
Do you fear me?
Are you scared of me?
There's no need to be afraid of me,
I'm merely trying to blend in with the scenery,
I like your hair,
Do you like my stare?
It's meant just for you, my dear,
It helps me penetrate your mind's darkest mystery.

I know you're scared to die and that excites me,
I know you're not ready to meet your maker yet,
It don't matter if he's not called you, this one's on me!
So struggle baby, give me a thrill I'll never forget!

Till death do us part,
Can you remember that?
I simply can't leave, simple as that,
At least, not until I kill you and dispose of you,
Don't worry, my dear,
You have nothing to fear,
Not even my animal instinct stare,
And you won't even feel my blade as it opens you.

I wish you were alive to help me dump you in a hole,
It can be hard graft covering up the evidence,
Out of sight and out of mind in the ground so cold,
Shallow be thy grave, my love. Good riddance!

Published: 10/18/2019
Bouquets and Brickbats