Shaving Sensitive Skin

Are you having problems shaving because of your skin? Shaving can be a really bad and recurring experience for people who have to shave their beards regularly.
Shaving is a daily necessity for some and a nightmare for others. Most people hate the fact that they have to shave every morning. But no one hates shaving more than those who have sensitive skin. While shaving is just a daily activity for most people, it is a painful necessity for those with sensitive skin.

Tips for Sensitive Skin

A sensitive skin is the skin which reacts poorly to being touched. Most people who have sensitive skin, probably get a bad burning sensation when they try shaving. Others may get a rash or feel some kind of itchiness or dryness. If you have sensitive skin, the painful, irritating ordeal will last not only while you shave, but also for the rest of the day. The other question people ask is why they have sensitive skin? What is sensitive skin really? People who have sensitive skin actually have a very thin and fine textured skin. This makes it very strongly responsive to touch. But a person has to shave and cannot use sensitive skin as an excuse to report to work in an uncouth way.

Well, for starters, you need really good tools. You're really going to have to, as they say in their ads, invest in the good stuff. So if your present shaving arsenal is irking you little bit, maybe it's time you permanently throw the old disposable razors into the bin. Cheap shaving creams too have got to go. Luckily, these days the shaving kit makers have realized the shaving problems that people with sensitive skin face. So they have developed products that are especially good for people who have sensitive skin. They come at a price, yes, but at least they spare you the daily pain. So make sure you get shaving apparatus specifically made for sensitive skin.

What apparatus am I talking about? Well let's start with the razor. As you must've seen, the disposable razors are not good for you at all. So start by getting a sharper razor. Why? I recommend the sharper razor as it will remove the hair in one swipe. So you will be spared from the agony of repeatedly shaving with something blunt.

The next step is to get a shaving cream specifically manufactured for sensitive skin. Shaving cream is supposed to dislodge the facial hair from the roots and hence make removing it very easy. Thus a good shaving cream makes the process of shaving relatively much simpler. So if you get a shaving cream for sensitive skin, the facial hair will come unstuck effectively and hence minimize the pain.

The last thing to keep in mind while shaving sensitive neck and skin, is to use the correct technique. First, you have to wet your face. Then, in a shaving dish, make a lather using the shaving brush and the cream. Apply the mix to the face slowly. Then start shaving one little bit at a time. Shave about a square inch at a time. Don't go by those fancy razor ads that claim that you can remove the beard in one shot. Because, if you do, it will only cause more pain when you shave it again. So it is best that you do it right the first time.

I understand shaving is a daily headache for people with sensitive skin. So now hopefully you will not have any problems related to shaving in the future!
By Arjun Kulkarni
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