She is a Shell…

She is hurting...
With silent tears,
Flowing from her closed eyes,
A hot trail down her once blushing cheeks,
With each teardrop,
Holds the deepest emotions,
The promises that are lost.

With each step she takes, she falls,
Wondering will there ever be someone,
To break her decent,
But met with the cold earth,
This is the truth,
With each stand,
Building her walls higher than before,
Putting on a strong face,
Yet she is crumbling beneath.

Every breath she takes is filled with anguish,
So much to hope for,
Yet, times lost,
If only she could go back to the past,
Change and mend her mistakes,
Unfortunately, it’s not possible.

Reality came crashing down,
Hurting her,
Shattering her heart…
She's just a shell of a once happy girl.
Published: 11/7/2016
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