She Will Be Loved - Chapter Eight

Christopher and Priscilla were high school students simply in love, no more and no less. However, the two were separated from a reason unknown to everybody. Now, back from United Kingdom where he resided for seven years, doctor Christopher Thomas had come to visit Denver for the first time since that fateful day. Will he be ready to face the truth behind the white lies that separated him from the woman he kept trying to forget all these years?
Chapter Eight - All those People

"Thank you Wilson. Have them send the papers here. Yes, I'll be staying here for a while so I leave that to you. Yes, alright."

Christopher hanged up the phone.
Wilson, his trusted secretary, had just given him news that a new contract was in place for Thomas Hotels. The business has been doing successful-

"Too successful," Christopher thought to himself. He scrunched his forehead. "It's because of the business that people wanted my head in a platter."

"Who was that? Your secretary or one of your mistresses?" A feminine voice asked from behind.

Christopher smiled. He looked back to see a very amused redhead. "I'm not surprised you know about that."

Aris laughed. "I did my homework." Christopher went back to their table after excusing himself to answer his phone. "I don't give my number to any woman I sleep with." He told her as he took a bite of the ravioli. It was already nine-thirty in the evening, and as Aris looked around she noticed the restaurant was filled with couples who decided to have a nice dinner themselves. This made her uncomfortable.

"Aris." Christopher called out. "How's the leg?" She noticed him look down. Under the trench coat she was earlier she had on a simple black dress. The dark color made her radiant skin stand out while its v-neck design elongated her already long neck. She had her hair down - her long red hair that almost reached her waist. She noticed the way Christopher watched her and mentally laughed as he stiffened when he saw the gun she had under her thigh.

"It's getting better." She said to him.
"Your gun... is it loaded?" He asked her.
"How many people have you shot?"

Aris looked at him. He looked at his expression - he looked scared and afraid. He was afraid of her.

She hated it.
"Enough people - think of this as assurance that you'll be safe." She faked a smile.
"I don't care about that." He said to her, and took another bite of his food. "All I'm saying is... I wish you were more careful with yourself."
This stunned Aris, but she shook her head. "If I wasn't careful enough then I'd be dead already."
"You're right."

Aris' phone started ringing. She picked it up.
"Code?" She asked formally.
"Cuckoo Bird."

"Gregory." Aris addressed her caller. " Why are you calling?"
The voice on the other line sucked his breath. The background was noisy, and Aris realized he was still in Bangkok for his latest mission. "Crimson," he said,

Immediately Aris stood up, and so did Christopher. "Someone's coming for you." She looked at the window. "Get him out of there," he ordered and then he hanged up. She put the phone down and grabbed Christopher.

"Let's go."
"What's wrong?"
"Someone's coming for us." She said. They've gotten out of the restaurant. The streets were dark so it gave them a chance. They ran to the opposite side of the road. "It's better to leave the car for now," she said to him, and he nodded. As they ran Aris took her pistol and reloaded it. She handed her extra one to him. "Do you know how to use a gun?" She asked quietly.

"Not quite."
"Good enough." She held his hand. "If someone looks suspicious shoot them - in the head." She turned around and finally felt the presence of people standing behind the trees. "They're here. Get behind me." She ordered him. They were in the middle of the park at pitch night, but the few street lights showed their culprits.

Standing in front was a middle-aged man. He was wearing a pair of gold leader pants which appeared to have lighting of it own. He was wearing an indigo colored shirt as well, but the weapon behind him showed he wasn't there to party. It was a katana - the same katana they encountered earlier.

"It was them," she thought to herself. And then as she looked to his right, a woman stood beside him. She was young, maybe the same age as Aris. She was taller though, and was holding a Deringer - a deadly weapon as well.

"Who are they?" Christopher asked. Before Aris could reply, the man has started moving. He lunged at full speed, and right at Christopher. Fortunately, Christopher was quick enough to back away. Before Aris could get to Christopher, the woman has moved in front of her.

"You're not going anywhere," she hissed. Aris glared at her. "I'll be fine!" Christopher yelled from the other side. "I'm not too sure, Doctor Thomas." The middle-aged man replied, and they ran off deeper in the park.

"Aren't you just so sad to see your boyfriend go away, Crimson?" The woman said in disgusting incredulity, and Aris couldn't help but feel anger running in her veins.

However, as strange it is sounds - Aris smiled.

"Well," Aris replied as she started walking forward, "It all works out for the best. After all..." As fast as lightning she ran up to the women with her gun at hand-

"I hate teamwork."

Christopher turned his head to where the deadly sound came from and realized it came from where Aris was.

"Aris..." He thought.
"Hey boy, I'm over here." A hoarse voice yelled from above, and Christopher was fast enough to move back, a pistol in hand.
"You're still here." Christopher addressed the man; sarcasm evident from his voice.

They were facing each other now. The man in front of him was huffing profusely his katana at hand. Christopher's eyes darkened.

"That weapon..." He said. The man laughed yet his laughter sounded like a throaty hoarse.

"Ah, you mean this!" He held his katana. "You're right! I used this on Crimson earlier. If you hadn't interrupted then she'd be done for by now."

"You bastard." Christopher tightened his hold on the pistol. He wanted this man dead. Now.

He held his pistol up. The man's throaty laugh was silenced. "What are you going to do, shoot me?" The man asked. "You can't even keep up with me!" He taunted Christopher, who stood silently on the ground.

"You're right." Christopher replied. "I guess that's why I have to do this." A second later he shot the electric line that was hanging loosely above the man and the whole park went pitch black.

"What-What was that!?" The man panicked as he could not see a thing. Birds flapped and mosquitoes buzzed yet nothing else was detectable. It was too late when the man noticed Christopher behind him.

"This one's for her."

Aris stared at the lifeless body of the feisty woman on the ground. Aris had gotten some scratches too, but it was nothing compared to what the woman has gotten.

"You talked too much," Aris whispered. Then the park went black.
She looked up and realizes the lights have been out. Coincidence? She thought to herself. It took five seconds before the generator brought light back into the park.


Her eyes lit up. She had almost forgotten about him. She ran inside the park, searching for him. That was when she noticed Christopher lying on the ground. Her insides screamed. She ran towards him.

"Christopher!" She shook him. His clothes were torn apart and he had blood, but then joy came to her as she saw his chest rise up, and his eyes flew open.

He was alive.

"Thank God."
Aris couldn't help but touch his face, and he smiled.

"Hey, beautiful."

"Stand up, idiot." She helped him get up, and he was limping. "What happened to you?"

"I fought a bastard who wouldn't know when to quit it." He answered as he laughed.

"They were after the both of us, huh." He told her and she nodded. "The bounty for your head had increased, and as your sidekick my head is on the line too."

"Wasn't your head always on the line though?" He asked her curiously.
Aris laughed.

"You're right."
When Christopher managed to get up, they started walking out of the park. Aris must have felt too relieved to see him alive that she didn't notice what was waiting for them.

Aris froze. "What's wrong?" Christopher looked at her. All of a sudden ruffled noises filled them and Christopher saw five, ten, maybe fifteen shadows appear out of nowhere. They all showed themselves and formed a circle, leaving the two in the middle. All of them were wearing black - their faces covered, and their hands with a weapon of choice.

"We're done for," Aris said quietly. They looked around, and unlike their former opponents none of them were talkers - just attackers.

As Aris took her pistol out she realized that with Christopher injured like this she can't protect him and attack them at the same time. This was all new to her. If she was alone she would have finished them easily, but now that she has somebody to protect, she couldn't move.

They lunged at them.
Miracles must have heard her silent wishes because suddenly someone who came from nowhere went to their rescue.

Her eyes widened at the speed of their protector. In a flash he stabbed some of the men in black with his left hand and shot the rest of them with his right. Their protector was wearing a gray hoodie, hiding his identity. She wanted to help him, but at the same time she did not want to leave Christopher's side.

"Who is he?" Christopher asked in amazement.
"I don't know."

They watched as the man in gray slashed the man in front of him, turned to his right to shoot the other. He was a robot - he had to be. Even Aris herself could not be as fast.

At a blink of an eye he was finished. All of them had been terminated - all except the two of them. As the man in gray moved forward, Aris felt Christopher push her behind him, so he would be standing in front of her.

"Thank you," Christopher said to the man in gray. He did not respond. He walked one step forward.

"Leave now for the cops are coming." The man spoke with a voice deep yet intriguingly soothing.

"What is your name?" Aris asked him, this time she moved beside Christopher.

"You don't need to know that, Crimson."
She was surprised to hear him call her that.

"However," he continued,
"The next time we meet, my enemy is you."

He walked away, leaving a smile on Aris' face.
"I look forward to it."



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