She Will Be Loved - Chapter Ten

If you think a love triangle between a human, a vampire and a werewolf is fascinating, think again. How about a love triangle between humans? Meet Christopher - the powerful and good-looking billionaire, Aris - the breathtakingly beautiful assassin and Derek - the handsome CIA agent in this epic love story. The battle continues.
Chapter Ten - And the Plot Thickens

Aris watched Christopher as his injured body rested on the bed.

She sat herself on the frame of his bedroom window, a hot cup coffee in hand. They've barely managed to get on with their fight this evening, but she was amazed that Christopher handled himself well enough to only get a sprain on his right foot and some scratches. "I'm glad he can manage himself somehow," she thought.

It took a while for Aris to convince Christopher to take a rest, but in the end he did just that. Besides, Aris doesn't want him to think she was a failure, she wouldn't stomach it.

"If I were stronger, he wouldn't need to fight." She said to herself. She knew she was hired for this reason, despite her hatred of the mission at first. Although she has no intention of ever admitting it, she was starting to get comfortable around the billionaire. She was never used to keeping personal relationships with other people except Zena, her first friend and Christopher's cousin - so everything was new to her. Somehow, the billionaire was starting to get to her too.

She shook her head. Aside from the things she doesn't know, what she does know was that she needed to become stronger. The fight this evening made her realize that she has to improve. Before, she managed to do alright being able to protect herself, but now she must learn how to protect herself and Christopher as well. After all, Christopher's enemies aren't the only ones seeking for their head; she had her own enemies to confront as well.

Aris looked outside and remembered the man who helped them out today. "He must have pitied us and decided to help instead."

She was confused to why an enemy of hers decided to be in her side today, but in the end disregarded the thought and figured she should start preparing instead. She retreated to the guest room and closed her eyes.

It was the same dream again - the same, exact dream she had been dreaming of every time she closes her eyes.

The familiar Cliffs appeared in her mind. It was at midnight, and the high tide could be seen from below as the rushing waves of waters threw themselves over and over again at the rocks under. And then Aris was waiting for something or someone to appear, just as it had been doing every day.

A woman.
A woman in a white knee-length dress was walking towards the cliff, her red hair being blown by the gusty wind. Aris could not see the face of the woman, but she could hear her sobs as she walked forward. Every single time she sees this dream her heart breaks in two.

"Who are you?" She said in a whisper, as if talking to herself. "Who are you, and what do you want from me?" She said again; feelings of all sort rushes to her body as if in a single whiff she was furious, angry, sad-
Tears escaped her eyes.

She opened her eyes to see a pair of the-all-too-comforting green eyes look at her with intense worry.

"Are you alright?"

Christopher placed his palm on her cheekbone, and then wiped the tears off her lovely face. Aris instantly removed his hand and stood up. "I'm fine." She looked around to see that it was already morning - seven o'clock to be exact.

"Where are you heading?" She asked as she noticed him wearing a suit. "I'm heading to work, tons of papers to be done while I was away," he replied as he tried to fix his necktie. "They couldn't wait so they decided to send it here, where I told them I'd be spending my vacation." Aris heard him whimper and decided to walk forward. She slapped his uneasy hands away from his collar and started fixing his tie.

"You suck at this." She said. Christopher laughed at her remark, but then he looked at her; up close her features became even more striking; he was amazed that his self-control hadn't lost him.
"Is this how it's going to be once we're married?" He said, smirking. Aris merely buttoned up his top collar, choking him instantly.

"Are your injuries better?" She asked him.
"Yeah. I can move now." He replied. What a hell of a night! All those men after them, it was amazing they were still alive.

"Let's forget about yesterday for now." They both agreed.

She asked him to wait. A couple of minutes later, she was fully armed and ready to go. The mission starts here.
The Denver Headquarters for the Thomas industries was busting with energy; people were coming in and out.

"Amazing," Aris said as she looked up at the skyscraper building. "My father's big on structures and the likes," he said to her and they started to enter the building. When they did, Christopher watched as eyes feasted on the redhead beside her. Shit.

"Welcome back, Doctor Thomas!" A man with bald head and a gray tuxedo walked forward to their party. "Mr. Petersmith, it has been a long time, hasn't it?" They shook hands. Aris could see that Christopher was feeling uncomfortable as he spoke to him, but she merely hid behind his broad back.

"Well, I apologize for not being here yesterday," the middle-aged man called Petersmith said in what sounded like a pretentious apology," After all, I was busy finishing a contract in San Francisco. I suppose you can forgive me for not welcoming you sooner?" He raised his eyebrow. "Of course. Well, we must be heading upstairs." Christopher turned around hoping to finish their conversation when Petersmith spoke again.

"Well, what a beautiful lady you have here," he gestured at Aris, who was awkwardly hiding behind Christopher's back. She was wearing a simple black knee-length office skirt and a beige blouse thinking she could fit in. In Christopher's mind, he would rather have her naked and in his bed.

"H-Hello..." Aris said shyly. She thought it would be better to put this kind of persona around Christopher's acquaintances in order for her to move around more.
"Well, who might you be?" Petersmith asked in curiosity.
Aris forgot to talk to Christopher about this. She sighed.

"I am actually Doctor Thomas' fri---"

"Fiancé. Petersmith, this is my fiancé - Aris Smtih."
Published: 11/19/2012
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