Female demon...
She chokes on her blood
As you slash her throat
You turn away and she cries
You turn away and she dies
Her lover for you was tainted
She never was true
She never was pure
An angel on the outside
A devil on the inside
How cruel can love be
When it sends it in the form of an angel
Yet the soul of a demon
She cries but the tears come out red
Not the pure white color that an angel should spill
She cared but she lied and had to die
She has to have her own way or everyone else dies
Yet she still tries
The beauty of an angel but the greed of a demon
The soul of a bitch but the heart of a demon
She's a demon seducing every male mortal that follows her way
Her voice is pure like an angel but she can lead any man to his death
That’s why you killed her before you she killed you
She loves to kill that is her joy, her pride her pure enjoyment innocent in every way but cruel in another
She had to die
She had to choke
She had to see how death was really played.
Published: 3/16/2007
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