Shooting Stars

Love poem for my husband and what he means to me.
My world swirls, spins and turns,
You are the momentum I need,
The velocity keeping our world in orbit
time, It travels at light speed.

All the while we move in sync,
Everything, somehow, falls into its place,
You tell me to wait, be patient,
All my worries, time will erase.

Love life and family,
It's everlasting, strong and true,
Even in the rough times,
You and I, we breeze through.

All our problems, you make them dissipate,
You take it all and you set it free,
Making things better,
Letting me breathe again,
You will never know what that means to me.

You are the best of everything in my world,
I breathe better with you, near me,
Everything seems so small as long as I have you,
I cherish, adore and need this life before me.

Time is all we have,
It's our,
Let's take it, you and I,
A couple of shooting stars.
Published: 11/1/2011
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