Shoring Towards and Away!

A voice that echoes in the mind of a young seafarer, who is set to take over the marine living! Here's wishing him good luck.
Anchored to a new vision
And decked for a fresh beginning,
Where thrill is the 'way of life'
Sea life is my chosen podium.

Here I am, very much close to the nature,
The sun, the moon, the stars.
The winds gushing to their tune!
All of them are my unfailing companions.

Switching between sea time,
And the much awaited shore time;
Am all set to encompass the beauty,
Of these two diverse worlds.

Here we're geared and poised,
Ready to embrace the sea.
Witness the turbulence, serenity,
So also the unseen fury.

Nesting us from uncertainties,
Shipping across is our second 'Home'.
Where we stay, knitted together.
Initially by design, later by choice!

It's only on shore,
That the berths matter.
Where one is a captain,
And another, a sailor.

As we sail into the waters,
We are all ONE!
Accompanying one another,
For the good, the best and the worst.

Our varied instincts make the journey
All the more interesting.
With a few common threads to bind us,
Into friends forever, both offshore and onshore!
By Dr. Maisie M
Published: 9/30/2009
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