Scary Stories

You can try to ignore them, but you won't be able to. They'll chill your spine, they'll curdle your blood. They'll make you want to crawl under the covers. That's what our section on scary stories will do to you. Beware!
The Suicidal Bathtub
Reader's discretion is advised.
Everything in One Hour: Love or Madness - A Short Story
Warning: This contains violence, mature language, and some very upsetting scenes. You need to be 18 or older to read this or have parental guidance.
A Shy Girl Lingers
Short horror fiction
The Tickle Me Pink Nails (5)
I know, I haven't been on here in a while, so this is the last one of this chapter. I will be starting a new one soon. Please forgive me for the long wait.
It was More Fun in Hell
Another creepy story.
Shadow Man - A Short Story
What would you do if a shadowy figure followed you everywhere?
Come Dance With Me - A Short Story
This is the first short story I've ever written. I hope you all enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Please comment your thoughts!
The Tickle Me Pink Nails (4)
Another chapter, please read, give me your feedback. I'm really playing around with this also read my other stories.
Willy Marble Eyes
Short horror.
The Tickle Me Pink Nails (3)
Tell me what you guys think, Part 4 coming soon.
The Peephole
A peephole is a small opening that one looks through to see what awaits on the other side. Always coming home late, Valerie begins to notice something strange about her neighbor. Looking through the peephole every night, she...
The Tickle Me Pink Nails (2)
Tell me guys what you think. I love writing and I'm trying to be creative, and sorry for the wait.
A Tragic Deja Vu
A haunting like so many others?
The Tickle Me Pink Nails (1)
Hi, I'm back. I'm 19 now, I haven't written any story in ages. Make sure to leave comments and I may continue writing if you like it. Please email me.
Hotel By The Cemetery
A Short Horror...
Your Death
Hey guys, so I wrote this story for English class and decided to share it! It's not a series. Just this one short story. I hope your imaginations don't freak you out too much.
The Penny
A skeptic receives a package which leads to him questioning his own sanity.
The Demon in the Jar
A short horror story.
How the Mind Grows Dark: Part 1
A story told by the man in the nurse's story and how his mind has turned. The creation of a serial killer.
The Red Melody
Short horror/dark fantasy.
A tale of a seductress, a ghost and the probing tendrils of madness.
A Horrific Night - Chapter 2
Today Bella will change her whole view about the Paranormal. Read it to Find out more !
A Horrific Night - Chapter 1
A horrific night that changed a thought of someone's mind.. Read it to know more!
A Beautiful Thing - Chapter 8
Catherine and Daniel speak of the house, and how Daniel came to inherit it.
Ground Chuck
Short Horror.
The Me in The Mirror - Part 3
Once again I must say sorry for the wait, just that I lost my will to write for some time. Hope you enjoy and look forward for the next story.
Friday the 13th (Black Friday)
Christine is haunted by spirits of her past encounter; she is the only one that can see them i.e. until one night when...
A Night I'll Never Forget
Please read and comment.
Short Story Basket (7)
Deleting the story
You Don't Wanna Mess With Me...
This is just a story I wrote for school. Enjoy! I'm different. Everyone looks at me with fear in their eyes, knowing that I can hurt them for the slightest mistake...
The Portal
The consequences of a ouija board session.
A Single Red Rose
A ghost story with a romantic twist.
Red Swamp
I wrote this a few months back. It's just a short story. I know it's not great, but I hope you guys like it.
A tale of the supernatural.
Haunted - Chapter 4
Enjoy. Comment if you so please, it's always appreciated.
Eyes In The Jar...
Short horror.
The Return of Bloody Mary - Part 4
Second last part to 'The Return Of Bloody Mary', Enjoy.
A Beautiful Thing - Chapters 6 and 7
What's in the water? Read and find out! Take a guess and comment on what you think! Sorry to those who have waited so long! I'll be continuing this story. Also comment if you want me to continue this story!
The Return of Bloody Mary - Part 3
Part three of the Bloody Mary story. Will Sylvie make it out alive? Or will Desdemona kill her too?
The Return of Bloody Mary - Part 2
Here's part 2 for you guys to see. If you haven't read the first part, then go read it now or this won't make no sense to you.
Dead Friends Forever
Short horror...
Haunted - Chapter 3
2580 read my first chapter of Haunted, my highest number of viewers yet. 761 read my second chapter of Haunted. Now only time will tell how many will read... Chapter 3.
The Return of Bloody Mary - Part 1
Warning - If you're easily frightening, Do Not Read. Or if you really want to read it, read it with your eyes closed.
Bloody Hands - Chapter 3
I'm sorry if it's not my best work, I had written the whole new chapter and was about to send it in when my session ended and I lost everything. I'm sorry.
The Ivory Flute
Short horror fiction.
A Beautiful Thing - Chapters 4 and 5
"Trying to get away again? Naughty girl."
A Beautiful Thing - Chapters 2 and 3
She was just full of delightful surprises.
A Beautiful Thing
Catherine needed a vacation and so she took one. It was in her plans to relax and enjoy the sun. He was absolutely not in her plans at all.
A Sacrifice
Argaline's grandma is doing something that could be really dangerous; not only for her, but for Argaline too. How would the story end for Argaline? Would it be a happy ending, like any other stories?
Death and Taxes
Short horror.
The Me in the Mirror - Part 2
Sorry for the wait hope you enjoy it.
Haunted - Chapter 2
I apologize that it took so long to come out, but here's the second chapter. I've become frightfully busy, so I can't promise anything about when my stories will continue. Thank you for your patience. If you would, please leave a...
The Me in The Mirror - Part 1
The same nightmare every night, that thing coverd in blood and that thing is ME.
Dark Visions: Coincidence
This chapter is quite sad but has some scary stuff. I have a lot to write about and terrifying things are coming soon... Sorry it's a bit slow now, but you won't regret it.
Dark Visions: The Beginning
These are true stories of how strange, weird, and scary things happen in my apartment. I have been telling these stories many times and people say I should write them... so here I go.
Messenger in a Nightmare - Chapter One
If you're a thrill seeker then this one is for you. It grabs you from the inside and turns you inside out. I hope you enjoy. Please comment. If I get enough comments then I'll try to write another chapter.
Hollow Sins - Chapter 3: The Crimson Boy
Please comment: This chapter has a little informative things that were going on in the past, unknown to John and a secret is revealed.
Surviving - Chapter 11
Here you go... It's been like three months..
Haunted - Chapter 1
A short story I'll continue later. Please leave a comment and tell me what you think :)
Bloody Hands - Chapter 2
The second chapter. Long awaited, now received.
Jermy and the Red Locket
This is a scary story speaking of a boy whose life turns to loneliness once he finds a red locket near a graveyard. In spite of throwing it away it returns back to him that scares him to death.
Short horror...
Hollow Sins - Chapter 2: Sweet Memories
Experiencing viscous visions.
Hollow Sins - Chapter 1: Vacant Thought
Here's Chapter 1 of this thrilling story, about a man reliving his haunting childhood.
Bloody Hands - Chapter 1
My second horror story. I hoped you enjoyed Rotten Bones, because here comes Bloody Hands.
The Voodoo Lady - Chapter 1
This story is my first one ever. It's about to kids and a scary curse put on them by the voodoo lady. The story is mainly set on Friday the 13th.
Surviving - Chapter 10
Sorry for the wait... I was caught up in my other stories
Waking The Demon: Chapter - 22
I'm sorry it took so long to upload.
The Night of the Haunting - Chapter 4
Cynthia ans Christa find out that there are many more mysteries than they could ever imagine in other places.
Surviving - Chapter 9
Blood pouring.... Gushing..... People screaming...... Hahaha chapter 9 :)
Surviving - Chapter 8
Sorry for not posting so soon... I've been working on my other story and I wanted to try making this story a little bit better.
The Night of the Haunting - Chapter 2
Cynthia and her friends start their journey...
The Night of the Haunting - Chapter 1
Cynthia and her friends experience a journey that will change their lives and the consequences are great. Will they get out alive? If they do, then are they willing to except what comes next?
Surviving - Chapter 7
Short chapter... Writers block -.-
The Night of the Haunting - Prologue
Cynthia and her friend go on a journey that will change their live and have great consequences. Will they make it out alive? If they do are they willing to except the consequences?
Surviving - Chapter 6
Omg... I love tacos :) and zombies... Sorry for not posting but I've been in track and when I get home all I want to do is sleep but I haven't forgotten about this story :)
Surviving - Chapter 5
I love scary stories... And movies:)
Surviving - Chapter 4
...I will make the next one longer.
Surviving - Chapter 3
I will try my best to make the story longer I promise.
Surviving - Chapter 1
Horror/Romance :)
Ghosts Don't Play Games
A girl gets freaked out by her own haunting thoughts which force her to re-live memories that aren't hers.
The Coffin Sliders...
Short horror, a little lighthearted.
Pachacuti's Curse
As a 15-year-old freshman in the American International School in Vienna, I had a nightmare one night about a skull that came rolling up toward me on a wheel. It was my father who suggested the name Pachacuti. This is my 2010...
Nightmares Turning into Reality - Chapter 10
It's the end of the story guys a farewell ........please tell me how was the story and was it mysterious enough?
Nightmares Turning into Reality - Chapter 9
Wow, this chapter is really interesting, though it can be an extension of chapter 8. Still, I recommend it to be a separate one. Leave your comments.
Nightmares Turning into Reality - Chapter 8
Sharon sees a whole new aspect of the truth she found out.
Nightmares Turning into Reality - Chapter 7
You gotta read it. The mystery is unfolded in this chapter, and now what's gonna happen next?
Nightmares Turning into Reality - Chapter 6 Continues
It's a part of chapter 6, really good, leave your comments.
Nightmares Turning into Reality - Chapter 6
The mystery is just about to unfurl but here's a quiz....just try and guess the suspense.
Nightmares Turning into Reality - Chapter 5
Things are calling up Claire. The mystery is about to unveil.
Replies to Comments of Nightmares Turning into Reality
Here are replies to all the comments I received till now from Maya, vely, dipti and tia.
Nightmares Turning into Reality - Chapter 3
Things getting worse for Claire.
Nightmares Turning into Reality - Chapter 2
Another nightmare things are getting worse now.
Nighmares Turning to Reality Chpt 1 (Birthday Party)
A story of a girl named Claire and her strange nightmares. Leave your comments guys.
Tick Tock - Part 5
Enjoy this is the last series :)
Tick Tock - Part 4
Enjoy guys..........
Tick Tock - Part 3
Now it's gettin to its scary part :)
Tick Tock - Part 2
I hope you enjoyed Part one :)
Tick Tock - Part 1
Hey :) This is the 2nd story I've posted! enjoy. The Genre is; - horror - adventure - mystery <3
Waking the Demon Chapter 21
Sorry guys. I've been really busy. But this is as much as I can write right now. Hope you guys enjoy!
Japanese Demons 16 - The End
Last chance for Momoko and Katsuya. Man oh man, so glad to be done with this finally! Now I can focus on finishing up Sold Away.
Japanese Demons 15
Momoko's two loves.
Waking the Demon Chapter 20
"I didn't mean to do it. I didn't mean to do it." I had to say over and over.
Author Note From "Waking the Demon"
A little question I wanted to ask my readers.
Japanese Demons 14
Momoko's father.
Waking the Demon Chapter 19
A twist has occurred when Yaz finds her yet again.
Waking the Demon Chapter 18
I'm sitting here, doing nothing. Why?
Demons That Tempt Those I Tempt With (Chapter Six: The Real Me)
Hey haven't posted in a while. Been really busy. This chapter is kinda short should be posting another soon. Happy Reading!! :)
Waking the Demon Chapter 17
This is when you find out what Asya and Gehenna really are. Enjoy.
Waking the Demon Chapter 16
Asya: "LET ME GO!" I continually yelled and hit at the creature holding me.
Japanese Demons 13
I like to play 'I will not die' by 3 Days Grace on youtube whenever I read the back half of the story, when Touya and Momoko are alone after the fight with Katsuya.
Japanese Demons 12
Jesus Christ...and the bad things that sometimes happen to good people. Yes they do.
Waking the Demon Chapter 15
I closed my eyes and lifted my head to the sky. My voice started to fade. I was still crying.
Japanese Demons 11
What happens when you fall in 'love' with the wrong girl. Yakuza=organized mafia.
Japanese Demons 10
The Dead Village.
Japanese Demons 8
A strange mix of humans and demons.
Note From "Waking the Demon"
Here is a short note.
Japanese Demons 7
Katsuya's violent nature displayed again.
Waking the Demon Chapter 14
I had a lot on my mind. Gehenna took my curse, I had a horrible feeling Yaz was going to break things off with me, and Luna has something to do with this situation.
Japanese Demons 6
The wolf demon's wedding.
Demons That Tempt Those I Tempt With (Chapter Five)
Fran is left to get over the death of her girlfriend, with the added pressure of her mum, 3 week school trip, Millie & her school crush on her teacher Simone. Thanks for reading *hugs*.
Demons That Tempt Those I Tempt With (Chapter Four: Friends?)
Chapter Four...Please read, thanks for all the comments. *Hugs* don't forget to take the poll and comment. =]
Japanese Demons 5
Kitsune=fox demon, Gome=I'm sorry, Mononoke=shape shifter.
Japanese Demons 3
Azuka the Demoness.
Choir Girls and French Fries
A quirky, introspective LA teen faces his demons during a choir performance.
Demons That Tempt Those I Tempt With (Chapter Three: One Foot Wrong)
Please comment & take the poll so I know how I'm doing :)
Japanese Demons 1
A Human Weakness.
Waking the Demon Chapter 13
Yaz tries to get Asya to leave the club, but she don't. Then she gets into a fight. Then Gehenna finds them kissing, and then she gets into another fight.
Demons That Tempt Those I Tempt With (Chapter Two: Sleepless Night)
Chapter 2: Sleepless night (Fran's diary entry from chapter 1). Please comment, all would be appreciated....and play nice :) *HUGS*
Waking the Demon Chapter 12
Asya and Gehenna go to a mysterious club. She meets a new friend. Then she sees Yaz.
Waking the Demon Chapter 11
Yama and Sullen pop up at Asya's house unannounced, and they spend the night. They find out that she is engaged, but doesn't care. Then she runs from Yaz when he falls asleep, and goes to Gehenna.
Demons That Temp Those I Tempt With (Chapter One: Relief Next To Me)
Chapter 1: Relief Next To Me. I wrote this as part of a project about a girl who loses her girlfriend and tries to overcome the events that follow. I was thinking about finishing it but not to sure I've written 7 chapters so...
Waking the Demon Chapter 10
Yaz and Gehenna fight. Then Gehenna tells Asya her past with him and why she's like what she is. Then they exchange blood so they can make a bond. But even though she is madly in love with Yaz, Gehenna is the only one who can save...
Waking the Demon Chapter 9
Yaz and Asya get into it because she needs to go to Gehenna, but Yaz asked Asya to marry him, and she says yes or course. But after Yaz and Asya drinking, they went up to her room for some privacy, but then Gehenna intruded in her...
Waking the Demon Chapter 8
Asya encounters the creature from her dreams, and she finds out her shocking destiny, which Gehenna must save her from. But what happens to Yaz? Got to read the next chapter to find out.
Waking the Demon Chapter 7
Yaz and Asya go to the same beach her and Gehenna went to. But then Yaz and Gehenna met for the first time. Not to mention, Asya slips up and says she engaged, then Gehenna tells her some of her past. But Asya is too scared to know...
Waking the Demon Chapter 6
She has a dream and it relates to the memory when Gehenna first kissed her. But Asya has her mind-set on one thing, and that's loving Yaz. [Sorry it's short. I'm tired, and I want to make the next chapter more interesting. Thanks...
Waking the Demon Chapter 5
Asya and Gehenna have there first out. Then Yaz is there to help her. Although she gets horribly sick, and Yaz is there to help her in any way he can.
Waking the Demon Chapter 4
She almost losing control near Gehenna again, and you get to hear more from Yaz. Although, they leave each other crying.
Auother's Note From Waking the Demon
Just read. Here's the picture of Luna...sorry you guys.
Waking the Demon Chapter 3
Asya is meeting Gehenna's friends, and she's nervous. But when she met a rude girl she quickly jumps into a rebellious stage. The mysterious girl's name is Luna. Which is the girl in the picture.
Waking the Demon Chapter 2
She almost shows her death dealer form in front of Gehenna, after he kisses her, plus, she gets a memory from the past, that she was made to forget. She longs to find the shocking truth about the memory.......And there's a picture...
Waking the Demon
It's about a girl who is a demon, but most importantly the death dealer, in other words, she determines your faith. And she reunites with an unexpected person from her past. Although, she can't remember, why? And what was he trying...
The Right Choice: Chapter 1
What happens when a half demon and a demon hunter trying to live normal lives end up falling in love? Even worse their teenagers and have to see each other each day in school, what will happen when secrets unveil and havoc begins?
The Right Choice: Prologue
What happens when a half demon and a demon hunter trying to live normal lives end up falling in love? Even worse their teenagers and have to see each other each day in school, what will happen when secrets unveil and havoc begins?
Cecilia's Demon - Chapter One: The Visitor - Part B
Cecilia Carson is incarcerated in a High Security Mental Hospital for killing 3 people. During her sessions with her psychologist, she slowly reveals how and why a Demon is responsible.
Cecilia's Demon - Chapter One: The Visitor - Part A
Cecilia Carson is incarcerated in a High Security Mental Hospital for killing 3 people. During her sessions with her psychologist, she slowly reveals how and why a Demon is responsible.
Moonlight Vow - Chapter 3
This chapter end's with the preface!! Finally Tristan speaks. But it's nothing of what brooklyn wanted to hear. She is torn up inside, wondering what she did to lose her best friend to begin with. She accidentally falls asleep...
Moonlight Vow - Preface
Brooklyn and Tristan have been best friends for years. But when they enter high school Tristan seems to be keeping his distance from Brooklyn. She sets her anger and grief aside, knowing nothing good ever comes out of being weak....
His Destiny
A lonely teacher confronts his demons. Reluctant, short of breath, he opened the trunk, slowly, and shined the flashlight inside. The dark-haired woman's crumpled body was there amid broken glass, as he'd feared.